Movie Trailers - January 1963

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Murder at the Gallop Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

Miss Marple and Mr Stringer are witness to the death of the very old and rich Mr. Enderby by heart attack.

Le Doulos Trailer (1963)

18 January 1963

A stone-faced Jean-Paul Belmondo stars as enigmatic gangster Silien, who may or may not be responsible for squealing on Faugel (Serge Reggiani), just released from the slammer and already involved in what should have been a simple heist.

The House Is Black Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

Set in a leper colony in the north of Iran, The House Is Black juxtaposes "ugliness," of which there is much in the world as stated in the opening scenes, with religion and gratitude.

Snow Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

Comprising train and track footage quickly shot just before a heavy winter's snowfall was melting, the multi-award-winning classic that emerged from the cutting-room compresses British Rail's dedication to blizzard-battling into a thrilling eight-minute montage cut to music.

Son of Flubber Trailer (1963)

16 January 1963

Medfield's lovable but hopelessly absent-minded professor -- Ned Brainard (Fred MacMurray) -- bounces back in this classic Disney film with hilarious new mishaps when he experiments with the amazing by-products of his startling anti-gravity substance, "flubber.

The Raven Trailer (1963)

25 January 1963

A magician who has been turned into a raven turns to a former sorcerer for help in this film loosely based on the Edgar Allen Poe poem.

This Sporting Life Trailer (1963)

15 January 1963

In Northern England in the early 1960s, Frank Machin is mean, tough and ambitious enough to become an immediate star in the rugby league team run by local employer Weaver.

Fun in Acapulco Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

Mike works on a boat in Acapulco. When the bratty daughter of the boat owner gets him fired, Mike must find new work.

Walking the Streets of Moscow Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

"I Am Walking Along Moscow" aka "Ya Shagayu Po Moskve" (1963) is a charming lyrical comedy directed by Georgi Daneliya in 1963 that was nominated for Golden Palm at Cannes Film Festival.

Banana Peel Trailer (1963)

18 January 1963

The French comedy-drama of Marcel Ophuls, which came to the Paris yesterday.

The Wheeler Dealers Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

Henry J. Tyroone leaves Texas, where his oil wells are drying up, and arrives in New York with a lot of oil money to play with in the stock market.

Totò Diabolicus Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

Bluebeard Trailer (1963)

25 January 1963

France, WWI. Landru, the father of four Children, contacts Parisian women through newspapers, seduces and eventually kills them in order to feed his little family.

Diamond Head Trailer (1963)

30 January 1963

Rich Hawaiian pineapple grower and US Senatorial candidate Richard Howland tries to control everything and everyone around him, including his headstrong sister, Slone.

Salladin the Victorious Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

Saladin, ruler of the kingdoms surrounding the Latin state of Jerusalem, is brought to attack the Crusaders in the Holy Land by the sacking of a convoy of Muslim pilgrims, a group which included his sister.

The Bakery Girl of Monceau Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

Early new wave effort from Rohmer which was the first of his six moral tales. It concerns a young man who approaches a girl in the street, but after several days without seeing her again, he becomes involved with the girl in the local bakery.

Sleep Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

Footage of John Giorno sleeping for five hours.

Suzanne's Career Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

In the second of Rohmer's moral tales, he examines the relationship between two friends and a girl who at first appears easily exploited.

Raven's End Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

In the middle of this film, about the working class in pre-world war II Sweden, is Anders who wishes to become an author.

Le Petit Soldat Trailer (1963)

25 January 1963

During the Algerian war for independence from France, a young Frenchman living in Geneva who belongs to a right-wing terrorist group and a young woman who belongs to a left-wing terrorist group meet and fall in love.

Dr. Mabuse vs. Scotland Yard Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

The spirit of the evil Dr. Mabuse takes over the body of a famous professor. The professor/Dr. Mabuse then begins a new crime wave that terrorizes the city.

How To Be Loved Trailer (1963)

11 January 1963

An actress travels from Warsaw to Paris and during the trip reflects on the last few years of her life.

Dragées au poivre Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

Pretty But Wicked Trailer (1963)

02 January 1963

A young man must choose between two women. The one brings him the money, but the other he loves. Directed by Billy Davis (as J.

Blind Corner Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

Paul Gregory (William Sylvester) is an accomplished composer despite his blindness, and his beautiful wife Anne (Barbara Shelley) seems to be the perfect supporting wife.

Take Her, She's Mine Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

Frank Michaelson, well respected President of the Pacific Pallisades Board of Education, is appearing in front of a Board hearing addressing the issue of the widespread public outcry asking for either his dismissal or resignation because of a series of salacious front page newspaper stories, complete with photographs, on his recent goings-on.

The Reunion Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

Mothlight Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

Seemingly at random, the wings and other bits of moths and insects move rapidly across the screen. Most are brown or sepia; up close, we can see patterns within wings, similar to the veins in a leaf.

Closed Vagina Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

Adachi's follow-up to Bowl using the figure of a woman suffering from an unusual sexual aliment has often been taken as a controversial allegory for the political stalemate of the Leftist student movement after their impressive wave of massive fiery protests failed to defeat the neo-imperialist Japan-US Security Treaty.

Shotgun Wedding Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

There a'coming in one big blush

The Cool World Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

Filmmaker Shirley Clarke ("The Connection") directs this powerful, stark semi-documentary look at the horrors of Harlem ghetto slum life filled with drugs, violence, human misery, and a sense of despair due to the racial prejudices of American society.

La rabbia Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

Documentary footage (from the 1950's) and accompanying commentary to attempt to answer the existential question, Why are our lives characterized by discontent, anguish, and fear? The film is in two completely separate parts, and the directors of these respective sections, left-wing Pier Paolo Pasolini and conservative Giovanni Guareschi, offer the viewer contrasting analyses of and prescriptions for modern society.

The Demon Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

Purif, a young peasant from South Italy, is suspected of being a witch possessed by a demon. All of the village is hostile to her sorcerous activity.

That Kind of Girl Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

That Kind of Girl is a British cult film and the directorial debut of Gerry O'Hara. Produced by Robert Hartford-Davis with a script by Jan Read, it was released in 1963.

What's a Nice Girl Like You Doing in a Place Like This? Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

A writer named Algernon (but called Harry by his friends) buys a picture of a boat on a lake, and his obsession with it renders normal life impossible.

Robert Frost: A Lover's Quarrel with the World Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

The acclaimed poet is examined in this film completed just prior to his death at age 88, with his speaking engagements at Amherst and Sarah Lawrence Colleges intercut with studies of his work, as well as with scenes of his life in rural Vermont and personal reminiscences about his career.

Mister Twister Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

Adaptation of the satirical poem by Samuil Marshak, ridiculed racism. Mister Twister with his family went to the USSR on the boat, previously agreed with the Cook Travel Company to any boat or in the hotel was not "blacks, Malays and other riff-raff.

Ingmar Bergman Makes a Movie Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

Vilgot Sjöman (I Am Curious -- Yellow 1967) and a crew from Swedish Television followed Ingmar Bergman during the filming of Winter Light and came away with a five-part documentary, including set construction, rehearsals, editing, and behind-the-camera conversations with Bergman and the cast and crew, and audience reactions to the film.

Tarzan's Three Challenges Trailer (1963)

29 January 1963

The spiritual leader of an oriental country is dying. The leader's evil brother Khan is plotting to prevent Kashi, the youthful heir, from assuming his rightful position.

Please Don't Touch Me! Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

A woman who is unable to have sex with her husband goes to a psychiatrist for help. He sends her to a hypnotist, who finds out she has a deep, dark secret.

I giorni contati Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

The Ladies Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

The Human Dutch Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

How do the Dutch people live? Hidden cameras filmed the crowds on the beach, during carnival time, skating on the ice plains.

Over There, 1914-18 Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

French documentary film directed by Jean Aurel

The Punch and Judy Man Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

Walter Pinner (Tony Hancock) is the titular Punch And Judy Man plying his trade in the seaside town of Piltdown.

Bushido Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

Master director Imai Tadashi teams up with Nakamura Kinnosuke in this controversial epic based on the novel by Nanjo Norio.

Paula cautiva Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

An Argentine who emigrated to the United States finds himself by chance in Argentina for business. There he hires a woman, Paula, who is from a traditional but poor family, and he finds himself falling in love with her.

Duel of Blood and Sand Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

Frustrated with the bad behavior of his lord, Inaba Yajuro (Otomo) declares that he is leaving the clan and sets off on a journey that leads him into a small town besieged by a violent group of brigands.

The Conjugal Bed Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

A 40 years old man, Alfonso, finally succeeds to marry a virgin, educate, beautiful and very catholic woman.

Bicycling to the Moon Trailer (1963)

24 January 1963

A gentle comedy about three brothers, each of whom inherited something of their deceased father’s personality.

Men Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

An office clerk, father of four, takes all responsibilities around the house when his busy wife takes up her job specialization.

Love Parade Trailer (1963)

21 January 1963

The winning couple of Linda Lin Dai and Peter Chen Hu light up the screen in the delightful Shaw Brothers musical Love Parade!

The Hours of Love Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

Gianni and Marietta get along wonderfully as lovers, but not as a couple. Despite being married, they agree to become lovers again.

Women of the World Trailer (1963)

30 January 1963

A mondo doc detailing the wild and weird world of women... around the world.

Follow the Boys Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

Bonnie (Connie Francis), Toni (Paula Prentiss), Michele (Dany Robin) and Liz follow the course of their Navy mates along the Riviera.

Eves on Skis Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

Nudists go skiing.

The Commandant Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

The retired general Antonio Cavalli is a nuisance to his family: to his wife Francesca who still works, to his son and to his daughter-in-law.

The City Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

Three stories (Love, Heart, The Hoop) set in the urban, alienated world of a big city. It tells how thin is the line between melancholy and depression.

Survival Trailer (1963)

20 January 1963

Altman's final, famous contribution to the television series 'Combat!'. In enemy territory, his hands badly burned, Sgt.

Darah Ku Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

A Cathay-Keris films produced in 1963. Maria Menado ... Publisher by Maria Menado Production ... Film Production.