Movie Trailers - February 1988

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Popular trailers for movies released in February 1988

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Beetlejuice Trailer (1988)

29 February 1988

Thanks to an untimely demise via drowning, a young couple end up as poltergeists in their New England farmhouse, where they fail to meet the challenge of scaring away the insufferable new owners, who want to make drastic changes.

Bloodsport Trailer (1988)

26 February 1988

Frank Dux has entered the "kumite", an illegal underground martial-arts competition where serious injury and even death are not unknown.

Frantic Trailer (1988)

16 February 1988

Ford plays an American doctor whose wife suddenly vanishes in Paris. To find her, he navigates a puzzling web of language, locale, laissez-faire cops, triplicate-form filling bureaucrats and a defiant, mysterious waif who knows more than she tells.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes: My Conquest Is the Sea of Stars Trailer (1988)

06 February 1988

For the past 150 years, humanity’s two greatest nations have been deadlocked in a meaningless war. In what is hoped to be a miraculous victory, the Alliance embarks on a battle to break through the Empire’s frontline.

The Serpent and the Rainbow Trailer (1988)

05 February 1988

A Harvard anthropologist is sent to Haiti to retrieve a strange powder that is said to have the power to bring human beings back from the dead.

Action Jackson Trailer (1988)

12 February 1988

Vengence drives a tough Detroit cop to stay on the trail of a power hungry auto magnate who's systematically eliminating his competition.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Trailer (1988)

05 February 1988

Tomas is a doctor and a lady-killer in 1960s Czechoslovakia, an apolitical man who is struck with love for the bookish country girl Tereza; his more sophisticated sometime lover Sabina eventually accepts their relationship and the two women form an electric friendship.

Dragons Forever Trailer (1988)

11 February 1988

Jackie Chan stars as a hot-shot lawyer hired by a Hong Kong chemical plant to dispose of opposition to their polluting ways.

Bernadette Trailer (1988)

17 February 1988

Evocation of the life of Bernadette Soubirous, the eldest of four children, who, at the age of fifteen, experiences the Virgin Mary appearing to her at the Massabielle grotto near Lourdes.

Taffin Trailer (1988)

26 February 1988

When a small Irish town is terrorized by a corrupt business syndicate, a lone hero (Brosnan) wages an all out war.

School Daze Trailer (1988)

12 February 1988

In the South of the United States are taking place confrontations between two groups of students who have different ideas and are not able to accept the one of the oponent.

Life Is a Long Quiet River Trailer (1988)

03 February 1988

Two babies are switched at birth. When the mistake is discovered 12 years later, it leads to complications in the lives of both families.

Captain of the Forest Trailer (1988)

18 February 1988

This entertaining film highlights the importance of integrity, justice, and appreciation for the environment.

Shoot to Kill Trailer (1988)

12 February 1988

Sidney Poitier makes his long-overdue return to films in this 1988 thriller, playing an FBI agent on the trail of an elusive killer.

Hairspray Trailer (1988)

16 February 1988

Ample teen Tracy Turnblad wants nothing more than to be on the hip local TV dance program, "The Corny Collins Show" -- and when her dream comes true, her lively moves and bubbly personality meet with unexpected popularity.

Amsterdamned Trailer (1988)

11 February 1988

A mysterious diver hiding in Amsterdam's canal system embarks on a rampage of gruesome murders, terrifying city officials and leaving few clues for the city's best detective, who doesn't suspect that both his new girlfriend and twelve-year-old daughter may be closer than he is to finding the killer.

The Incredible Hulk Returns Trailer (1988)

21 February 1988

Dr. David Banner meets a former student, who has a magical hammer that summons Thor, a Norse god who is prevented from entering Valhalla.

Windmills of the Gods Trailer (1988)

07 February 1988

When Mary Ashley is approached to become ambassador of the United States of America in Romania she does not take the offer because her husband does not want to give up his well-going doctor's office.

She's Having a Baby Trailer (1988)

05 February 1988

Jake and Kristy Briggs are newlyweds. Being young, they are perhaps a bit unprepared for the full reality of marriage and all that it (and their parents) expect from them.

Shame Trailer (1988)

26 February 1988

Asta Cadell, a lawyer traveling through the Australian Outback on holiday, stops in a small Western Australian town after her motorcycle breaks down and shacks up with Tim Curtis, the local mechanic, while fixing it.

Framed Trailer (1988)

25 February 1988

Conny is a chemistry teacher who is framed for drug possession. Unable to prove his innocence he ends up in prison.

Slugs Trailer (1988)

05 February 1988

People are dying mysteriously and gruesomely, and nobody has a clue what the cause is. Only health worker Mike Brady has a possible solution, but his theory of killer slugs is laughed at by the authorities.

Welcome to the Ogenki Clinic: Feel Good All Over Again Trailer (1988)

27 February 1988

plot revolves around the quirky (and perpetually horny) Doctor Sawaru Ogenki and his nurse Ruko Tatase, who help patients through their problems, and the cure almost always involves sex.

Satisfaction Trailer (1988)

12 February 1988

When a young rock group called The Mystery gets its first gig at a club, it's an opportunity to see what life is all about! Fresh out of high school, the rockers are hired by an exclusive beach resort thanks to a faded '60s songwriter.

Noble House Trailer (1988)

21 February 1988

Ian Struan Dunross is chairman of Struan & Co, the oldest and largest of the British-East Asia trading companies.

Vice Versa Trailer (1988)

25 February 1988

A mysterious oriental skull transforms a father into his son, and vice versa.

The Possessed Trailer (1988)

24 February 1988

French-polish movie adaptation of the novel by Dostoievski (also known as Demons), directed by Andrzej Wajda.

The Nature of the Beast Trailer (1988)

20 February 1988

A boy reads about the attacks of a unknown animal on livestock in the town. He plans to run his own investigation.

Perry Mason: The Case of the Avenging Ace Trailer (1988)

28 February 1988

Mason defends a man he had sentenced to prison when he was an appellate-court judge. Now, 18 months after the sentencing, a new witness turns up to prove the man's innocence.

Extemporal la dirigenție Trailer (1988)

08 February 1988

Romanian Romance movie. It is the third one from the "Liceenii" series

Mirza Ghalib Trailer (1988)

02 February 1988

This is the about the most admired poet in the History of Urdu and Persian writings, Mirza Ghalib

Time Out Trailer (1988)

12 February 1988

John is a Danish-born son who sets out to locate his father in this comedy thriller.

Aloha Summer Trailer (1988)

26 February 1988

It's the 60s and a bunch of crazy teenagers meet in the beautiful island of Hawaii during their summer holidays.

Intimacy Trailer (1988)

11 February 1988

Tells the story of a beautiful fashion model / waitress (Eva Grimaldi) who gets sucked into a strange, sadomasochistic relationship with a mysterious man and starts to ignore her loving but “square” boyfriend.

Picasso Trigger Trailer (1988)

01 February 1988

Double agent Picasso Trigger is assassinated in Paris by double-crossing bad guy Miguel Ortiz. Then Ortiz begins eliminating agents of The Agency who were involved in his brother's death.

Baja Oklahoma Trailer (1988)

20 February 1988

Television drama about the love life of a Texas barmaid aspiring to be a songwriter. Great musical guest stars and Roberts' screen debut!

Guns N' Roses: Live at the Ritz Trailer (1988)

02 February 1988

MTV was there, and this was huge, but eventually the MTV guys were like, “We gotta go, we gotta get this going, guys.

Fukashigi monogatari: Fantastic Collection Trailer (1988)

26 February 1988

Horror and Science fiction anthology from Japan

Spätes Glück nicht ausgeschlossen Trailer (1988)

14 February 1988

The Exile and Death of Andrei Tarkovsky Trailer (1988)

14 February 1988

A documentary about the life of Andrei Tarkovsky in exile in Western Europe including Italy, Sweden, Germany and France until his sad demise to a fatal cancer.

Mia moglie è una bestia Trailer (1988)

09 February 1988

The Dirty Dozen: The Fatal Mission Trailer (1988)

14 February 1988

A renegade team of World War II soldiers. This time, one of the 12 is a woman and, with a Nazi spy within their midst, they're up against German wartime geniuses out to establish a Fourth Reich.

Maigret Trailer (1988)

22 February 1988

Jules Maigret, a meticulous Parisian police detective, is a famous literary character. In this film adaptation of his stories, he's trying to solve a murder of a friend, a P.

High School Agent Trailer (1988)

12 February 1988

Teenager Kanemori Kousuke is a secret agent for the international VN spy network. Using his computer hacking skills, he tracks international criminals.

SFX Retaliator Trailer (1988)

01 February 1988

Special effects producer Steve Baker will help a woman being chased by the Mafia, but then they followed him and his wife.

The Documentator Trailer (1988)

05 February 1988

Via the New York Times: "...the film has the free form of the agitprop movies made by Jean-Luc Godard in the late 1960's and early 1970's.

Skeleton Trailer (1988)

06 February 1988

A hypochondriac feels there is something wrong with his bones so he consults a creepy "bone specialist" who promises to help him; sometimes the cure really is worse than the disease.

Mercenary Fighters Trailer (1988)

01 February 1988

The president of an African country wants to boost his economy with a new dam. He ignores the protests of the tribes in the flooded region, so they declare rebellion.

Communion In Room 410 Trailer (1988)

05 February 1988

A short film by Joe Christ

Unser Mann im All Trailer (1988)

02 February 1988

Yuri Gagarin's son leads a slacker life.

Carrie: The Musical Trailer (1988)

13 February 1988

Carrie: The Musical is a musical with a book by Lawrence D. Cohen, lyrics by Dean Pitchford, and music by Michael Gore.

Watt Poe to Bokura no Ohanashi Trailer (1988)

12 February 1988

Diary of Yeonsan Trailer (1988)

18 February 1988

A historical drama about the life of Prince Yeonsan of Joseon,.

Travelling Circus Trailer (1988)

17 February 1988

Viet Linh tells the bittersweet story of a small traveling circus from Hanoi stopping in an impoverished ethnic minority village in Vietnam’s central highlands.

Puravrutham Trailer (1988)

11 February 1988

Puravrutham is a 1988 Indian Malayalam film, directed by Lenin Rajendran and produced by MK Aniyan. The film stars Revathy, Om Puri, Innocent and KPAC Lalitha in lead roles.

I morgen er det slut Trailer (1988)

12 February 1988

South Of The Border Trailer (1988)

01 February 1988

Music and revolution in South America

Três Menos Eu Trailer (1988)

19 February 1988

Hungry Swamp Trailer (1988)

19 February 1988

This film, similarly to other amateur films by the authors, portrays the different forms of Hungarian subculture, investigating them and playing with them and the possibilities of their visual expression on film.

Tien hsia yi ta le Trailer (1988)

17 February 1988