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Rasputin - Orgien am Zarenhof Trailer (1984)

06 January 1984

The monk Rasputin is summoned by the Russian nobility to use his healing powers to heal the dying heir to the Russian Empire.

Vanessa Trailer (1977)

10 March 1977

Olivia Pascal stars as Vanessa who was raised in a convent after the death of her parents. Due to ans

Joy of Flying Trailer (1977)

09 September 1977

The young wife Silvia is neglected by her husband Kurt. She dreams during the flight to a psychoanalyst Congress similarly Jong's heroine Isadora while reading a novel called emancipatory joy of flying in a world of its own.

Cola, Candy, Chocolate Trailer (1979)

16 May 1979

After a nasty argument with her boyfriend Carl, young Gaby spontaneously accepts her girlfriend invitation to join her on a vacation to Manila.

Three Swedish Girls in Upper Bavaria Trailer (1977)

07 October 1977

Otto runs a hotel for tourists in Tyrol but has troubles both with the economy and with his wife Olga.

The Fountain of Love Trailer (1966)

21 January 1966

In this comedy, set in an Austrian mountain village, the town leaders conspire to attract tourists by touting a mythical "fountain of love" that runs nearby the village.

Succubus Trailer (1968)

19 April 1968

Janine Reynaud stars as a nightclub stripper who free-floats through a spectral 60's landscape littered with dream-figures, dancing midgets and bizarre S&M games.

Die Kompanie der Knallköppe Trailer (1971)

03 December 1971

Pepe, der Paukerschreck Trailer (1969)

26 June 1969

No overview found.

Island of 1000 Delights Trailer (1978)

27 April 1978

Bea Fiedler and Olivia Pascal star in this erotic tale set against the backdrop of the sun soaked Seychelles, and detailing the situation that arises when an incurable gambling addict loses his wife in a wager with a casino owner who runs a secret white slave trade ring.

Jerry Cotton: Murderclub Of Brooklyn Trailer (1967)

17 March 1967

Fifth Jerry Cotton Movie. A rich capitalist is blackmailed and threatened with the murder of his daughter.

A Cold Day Trailer (2017)

28 April 2017

A documentary about the making of Rolf Olsen's "Blutiger Freitag" aka "Violenza contro la violenza" aka "Bloody Friday".

Ekstase - Der Prozeß gegen die Satansmädchen Trailer (1979)

13 April 1979

Mondo Cane and the Schoolgirl Report series stand as obvious influences on this occasionally amusing but generally rather tedious exploitation film that alternates between documentary, fake documentary and docudrama.

The Story of the dolls Trailer (1984)

14 October 1984

A fast-lane fashion photographer comes to a remote tropical isle for a glamour shoot.He recruits one of the local girls for one of his photo spreads.

Jerry Cotton: Tip Not Included Trailer (1966)

24 August 1966

Fourth Jerry Cotton movie. Here's another good entry into Nader's "G-man Jerry Cotton" series. A delivery truck from the U.

Starke Zeiten Trailer (1988)

12 May 1988

The film consists of several small episodes that take place in and around Munich.

Zwei Nasen tanken Super Trailer (1984)

14 September 1984

No overview found.

Bei Anruf Liebe Trailer (1984)

06 January 1984

A movie directed by Otto W. Retzer.

The Puzzle of the Red Orchid Trailer (1962)

01 March 1962

Rival gangsters from Chicago move to London and attempt to extort money from rich Britons.

Nackt und heiß auf Mykonos Trailer (1978)

05 May 1978

Bloody Friday Trailer (1972)

28 April 1972

Womansing thug Klett is sprung from the courthouse by two accomplices, then sets about planning the big heist of a local bank, equipped with a cache of high-powered weapons he's acquired from an American army outpost.

Schulmädchen '84 Trailer (1984)

06 April 1984

A comedy directed by Nikolai Müllerschön.

Melody in Love Trailer (1978)

26 October 1978

The story is about a young woman (Melody) who goes to Mauritius to stay with friends. It is the story of her sexual awaking and finding true love.

Rudi benimm dich! Trailer (1971)

18 November 1971

Jerry Cotton: Death In The Red Jaguar Trailer (1968)

14 August 1968

Part Seven in Jerry Cotton Series.The FBI agent tackles an organisation of assassins who kill to order.

Alter Kahn und junge Liebe Trailer (1973)

19 September 1973

A comedy directed by Werner Jacobs.

Jerry Cotton: Dynamite In Green Silk Trailer (1968)

23 February 1968

Sixth part of Jerry Cotton movies. Agent Jerry Cotton infiltrates a big crime syndicate that is planning a major diamond heist.

Nurses For Sale Trailer (1971)

25 August 1971

No overview found.

Patricia Trailer (1981)

27 March 1981

A young heiress leads a life of excess and wants to marry a man her rich father despises. When her father suspiciously dies, and someone tries to kill her, she surrounds herself with her cousins, friends and lovers, all possible suspects.

Das kann doch unsren Willi nicht erschüttern Trailer (1970)

01 January 1970

Jetzt dreht die Welt sich nur um dich Trailer (1964)

10 September 1964

Paradies der flotten Sünder Trailer (1968)

18 April 1968

Der Arzt von St. Pauli Trailer (1968)

20 September 1968

No overview found.

Marke Lohengrin Trailer (1962)

22 March 1962

a tv-movie by Rainer Erler

Hochwürden erbt das Paradies Trailer (1993)

14 November 1993

Hochwürden erbt das Paradies is a 1993 German comedy made for television. It is based around the village life and a priest in a rural Austrian village.

When Sweet Moonlight Is Sleeping in the Hills Trailer (1969)

03 October 1969

Der Pfarrer von St. Pauli Trailer (1970)

01 January 1970

No overview found.

Mama Mia - Nur keine Panik Trailer (1984)

07 December 1984

No overview found.

Deadly Jaws Trailer (1974)

15 March 1974

Two divers find a treasure map, which apparently points to a sunken treasure below the ocean. They hire a professional to help them get the gold but this guy turns out to have a few secrets of his own.

Unsere Tante ist das Letzte Trailer (1973)

28 November 1973

A crime comedy directed by Rolf Olsen.

Babystrich im Sperrbezirk Trailer (1983)

06 May 1983

A drama directed by Otto W. Retzer.

Austern mit Senf Trailer (1979)

10 August 1979

A comedy directed by Franz Antel.

Bohr weiter, Kumpel! Trailer (1974)

09 May 1974

German Sex Comedy