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SCAR[F] Trailer (2017)

17 February 2017

Koko Flanel Trailer (1990)

23 February 1990

Placide's dad tells him on his deathbed he'll haunt Placide if he doesn't find a wife soon. Placide cautiously agrees, but he only wants to settle for a very beautiful woman.

Priest Daens Trailer (1992)

01 September 1992

In 1890 werkte de bevolking van Aalst onder erbarmelijke omstandigheden in de textielfabrieken. Misbruikt en uitgebuit door de rijke fabrieksdirecteuren omwille van winst.

Mega Mindy Versus ROX Trailer (2015)

09 December 2015

Mega Mindy en het Zwarte Kristal Trailer (2010)

16 December 2010

Mega Mindy saves the day by stopping criminals from creating an evil version of Mega Mindy: Black Mey

Mega Mindy en de Snoepbaron Trailer (2011)

21 November 2011

Another movie in the series about superhero Mega Mindy, who together with her grandma and grandpa Fonkel and friend and colleague Toby rescue the world from evil.

Mega Mindy's Secret Trailer (2009)

07 August 2009

Now MegaMindy years crooks plaguing and downs, for them the last straw! The world's best gangsters join hands to MegaMindy for once and for all off.

Mega Mindy en de Poppenmeester Trailer (2010)

07 June 2010

Plop en de Toverstaf Trailer (2003)

24 October 2003

Kabouter Plop verwacht, net als alle andere jaren, een bezoekje van de Kerstkabouter. Alleen loopt het dit jaar een beetje mis.

Mega Toby Trailer (2010)

06 February 2010

Intensive Care Trailer (1991)

31 October 1991

A deranged doctor gets in to a car accident and burns beyond recognition. Years later he awakes from his coma and stalks a young male nurse and his girlfriend, killing everyone along the way.

25 Degrees in Winter Trailer (2004)

21 July 2004

An Ukranian woman enters Belgium illegally and hides in the van of a driver abandoned by his wife. He ends up helping her to find her husband who had emigrated long before.

Everything Must Go Trailer (1996)

04 December 1996

Tony is a homosexual law student who quits his studies. With a van and a handful of cash, he hits the road hoping to become a salesman.