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Battle of Britain Trailer (1969)

15 September 1969

In 1940, the Royal Air Force fights a desperate battle against the might of the Luftwaffe for control of the skies over Britain, thus preventing the Nazi invasion of Britain.

Girls and the Love Games Trailer (1972)

11 March 1972

Five vignettes around the theme of what can happen when teenagers' parents are away from home ... and then return unexpectedly.

Jerry Cotton: Murderclub Of Brooklyn Trailer (1967)

17 March 1967

Fifth Jerry Cotton Movie. A rich capitalist is blackmailed and threatened with the murder of his daughter.

Transatlantis Trailer (1995)

28 May 1995

In this German drama a middle-aged physicist experiences a vision at a class reunion and with the help of a young female student, sets out across the Himalayas to find the lost island of Atlantis.

Cat and Mouse Trailer (1967)

07 February 1967

Beim Bund Trailer (1982)

21 January 1982

Ein Wochenende des Alfred Berger Trailer (1972)

13 December 1972