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Zwei Bauern und kein Land Trailer (2017)

03 March 2017

The Pasta Detectives Trailer (2014)

10 July 2014

The child-duo Rico and Oskar, one of them is quite more sluggish, but precisely because of fantasy and own world view; the other one is a smart whiz, but scared for life.

I'm Off Then Trailer (2015)

24 December 2015

Based on the book "Ich bin dann mal weg" by Hape Kerkeling where the author describes his journey on the Way of St.

Weather House Trailer (2017)

22 January 2017

Set in an unspecific time of extreme climate change, an isolated group of disoriented characters develop their own strange belief systems and engage in absurd activities to process their dilemma.

Exodos Trailer (2011)

28 April 2011

The successful photographer and pantyhose-fetishist Boris Eichenbaum has had enough of everything: the Western-spoiled world makes him sick and induces erectile disfunctions.

In Face of the Crime Trailer (2010)

19 February 2010

Im Angesicht des Verbrechens is a German television series about the Russian mafia in Berlin. It received high critical acclaim, but the viewer figures were disappointing.