Movie Trailers - January 1937

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Popular trailers for movies released in January 1937

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The Worm Turns Trailer (1937)

02 January 1937

Mad scientist Mickey has just brewed up a potion; to test it out, he squirts it on a fly that's been trapped by a spider, a (regular) mouse being harassed by a cat, then the cat when Pluto goes after it, and Pluto when dogcatcher Pegleg Pete goes after him.

Don Donald Trailer (1937)

09 January 1937

Donald is courting Daisy (called Donna, here in her first appearance) Duck in Mexico. He arrives on a burro, which doesn't get along at all well with her; she convinces him to buy a car.

Street Angel Trailer (1937)

01 January 1937

In old Shanghai, two sisters, a prostitute and a singer, tried to escape from the local scoundrels with the help of a trumpet player and a newspaper seller.

Black Legion Trailer (1937)

30 January 1937

When a hard-working machinist loses a promotion to a Polish-born worker, he is seduced into joining the secretive Black Legion, which intimidates foreigners through violence.

The Awful Truth Trailer (1937)

01 January 1937

Unfounded suspicions lead a married couple to begin divorce proceedings, whereupon they start undermining each other's attempts to find new romance.

Pépé le Moko Trailer (1937)

28 January 1937

Pepe Le Moko is a gangster from Paris that hides in Algier's Casbah. In the Casbah, he is safe and is able to elude the police's attempts to capture him.

You Only Live Once Trailer (1937)

29 January 1937

Based partially on the story of Bonnie and Clyde, Eddie Taylor (Henry Fonda) is an ex-convict who cannot get a break after being released from prison.

The Pearls of the Crown Trailer (1937)

01 January 1937

Three narrators (French writer Jean Martin, an English royal equerry, and a papal chamberlain) tell the story of seven matched pearls, four of them now in the British Crown.

Cinema Circus Trailer (1937)

27 January 1937

Actor Lee Tracy presides as ringmaster over a show that combines the best elements of cinema with the circus, what he calls a Cinema Circus.

Pigs Is Pigs Trailer (1937)

08 January 1937

A hungry little pig eats a couple of pies off the windowsill. When it's time for dinner, he ties together the spaghetti of all the other little pigs and eats it all.

An Optical Poem Trailer (1937)

01 January 1937

A dance of shapes.

Racing Lady Trailer (1937)

29 January 1937

A shrewd millionaire who owns races horses for publicity for his automobile business, claims ownership of a female horse trainer's thoroughbred in order to get the trainer.

A Ride for Cinderella Trailer (1937)

23 January 1937

Cinderella must arrive home in her new coach by midnight, or else she will lose her coach, her new dress, and the prince.

King Solomon's Mines Trailer (1937)

01 January 1937

Adventurer Allan Quartermain leads an expedition into uncharted African territory in an attempt to locate an explorer who went missing during his search for the fabled diamond mines of King Solomon.

The Hound of the Baskervilles Trailer (1937)

11 January 1937

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson look into reports that a huge, vicious hound has killed Lord Charles Baskerville and that Lord Henry Baskerville is the next to be killed.

When Thief Meets Thief Trailer (1937)

01 January 1937

A gentleman thief attempts to redeem himself to win the love of a woman.

High, Wide, and Handsome Trailer (1937)

21 January 1937

The setting is a small town in 1870s Pennsylvania. Sally Waterson and her father have stopped in town with their traveling medicine show, but when their wagon catches fire, they find themselves stranded.

Battle of Greed Trailer (1937)

04 January 1937

When silver is found in Virginia City, Lawyer John Storm leads a group from Indiana west. He soon has to defend them all in court against a company that is after their claims.

Please Teacher Trailer (1937)

01 January 1937

Tommy Deacon learns that a gift bequeathed by his aunt is hidden in her house inside a bust of Napoleon.

Grips Grunts and Groans Trailer (1937)

13 January 1937

The stooges become trainers of "Bustoff", a champion wrestler. The big boss has a lot of money bet on Bustoff and orders the boys to take good care of him.

Truxa Trailer (1937)

19 January 1937

A Circus film based on a novel by Heinrich Seiler

He Was Her Man Trailer (1937)

02 January 1937

A Depression-era female mouse has to sell apples in the miserable cold, and then bring them home to her abusive husband.

Take a Chance Trailer (1937)

01 January 1937

Comedy about Bookmakers and punters and their interest in the horse Take A Chance

Song at Midnight Trailer (1937)

01 January 1937

In this Chinese version of The Phantom of the Opera, the mysterious Song Danping terrorizes the newly rebuilt opera house and its young star.

Pani minister tańczy Trailer (1937)

21 January 1937

The action takes place in a fictional country. One day the head of the Ministry of Public Morality is Susan, whose greatest misfortune is to have a twin sister.

Double crime on the Maginot line Trailer (1937)

02 January 1937

Navy melodrama directed by Félix Gandéra.

We Who Are About to Die Trailer (1937)

08 January 1937

Its title notwithstanding, We Who Are About to Die has nothing to do with Roman Gladiators. Rather, the film is based on the true story of San Quentin inmate David Lamson, who spent 13 agonizing months on Death Row before the Supreme Court reversed his conviction.

Bidyapati Trailer (1937)

01 January 1937

Classic celebration of Mithila's King Shiva Singha's (Bannerjee/Kapoor) love for his wife while chronicling the influence of the pacifist court poet Bidyapati (Sanyal).

Voyage to the Sky Trailer (1937)

01 January 1937

We begin on planet Earth, with a demonstration of measuring distances using triangulation. Then, an imaginary voyage begins from earth to the moon, on to Mars, Saturn, the closest star (besides the sun), and beyond to the edge of our universe.

Once a Doctor Trailer (1937)

23 January 1937

Two foster brothers studying medicine fall for the same woman.

The Singing Buckaroo Trailer (1937)

15 January 1937

Barbara Evans has $25,000 and Gifford is after it. When his henchman fail to get it he refuses to pay them.

God's Country and the Woman Trailer (1937)

16 January 1937

Jefferson Russett runs a logging company; his brother, Steve, is the prodigal son. Jeff cuts off his allowance and puts him to work, but on his first day, he is tricked into signing a contract allowing arch-rivals Barton Logging to use Russett railways.

The Vow Trailer (1937)

02 January 1937

Two friends make a sacred pact pledging their newborn children, Rachel and Mendel, in marriage. Based on the same legend as S.

Aren't Men Beasts! Trailer (1937)

19 January 1937

Two businessmen have the shock of their lives when a woman appears out of their past bearing a 23 year old son - and one of them may be the father!

O.H.M.S. Trailer (1937)

01 January 1937

American racketeer Jimmie Dean travels to England, where he assumes the identity of a Canadian whom he has been falsely accused of murdering.

Ranger Courage Trailer (1937)

10 January 1937

The Harper wagon train is carrying money and Bull and his gang are after it. When their first attack is foiled by the rangers, Allen trails them.

Guns of the Pecos Trailer (1937)

02 January 1937

A singing cowboy (Dick Foran) thwarts a thieving judge and courts a woman (Anne Nagel) in Texas.

Bugs Beetle and His Orchestra Trailer (1937)

21 January 1937

A fly and his girl go to an insect nightclub, but a spider crashes the scene to kidnap the girl.

Moon Over the Ruins Trailer (1937)

05 January 1937

Episode in the life of a composer of a popular Japanese song.

Riders of the Whistling Skull Trailer (1937)

04 January 1937

After Professor Marsh disappears whilst searching for the lost city of Lukachukai, the Three Mesquiteers lead an expedition to find him.

The World Today: The Black Legion - Shadow of Fascism Over America Trailer (1937)

01 January 1937

Propaganda Film.

The Struggle for Survival Trailer (1937)

01 January 1937

Jean Painlevé short film examining population explosion and decline.

Seine Tochter ist der Peter Trailer (1937)

22 January 1937

The Tocher Trailer (1937)

23 January 1937

Silhouette fairy tale film about a man who wins his true love with the help of the "wee folk".

Children in the Wind Trailer (1937)

01 January 1937

On vacation's eve, a boy is sent to the countryside to live with his uncle after his father is imprisoned and accused of embezzlement.

Jail Bait Trailer (1937)

08 January 1937

Buster agrees to pose as a murderer to throw off the police while his room mate, a reporter, searches for the real killer.

The Mill on the Floss Trailer (1937)

09 January 1937

Romeo and Juliet in 1930s England. The owner of the mill and the local lord are in conflict over water rights.

Weiße Sklaven Trailer (1937)

05 January 1937

Bezhin Lug Trailer (1937)

01 January 1937

Bezhin Lug is a Soviet film famous for having been suppressed and believed destroyed before its completion.

Marriage of Children Trailer (1937)

07 January 1937

Venice Film Festival 1938

Festliches Nürnberg Trailer (1937)

24 January 1937

Said to pick up where "Triumph of the Will" left off, this film showcases highlights of the Nazi Party rallies in Nüremberg in 1936 and 1937.

Unter Ausschluß der Öffentlichkeit Trailer (1937)

01 January 1937

The Tale of the Fisherman and the Golden Fish Trailer (1937)

24 January 1937

Adaptation of Pushkin's fairy tales. The tale is about a fisherman who manages to catch a Golden Fish which promises to fulfill any wish of his in exchange for its freedom.

Smart Blonde Trailer (1937)

02 January 1937

Ambitious reporter Torchy Blane guides her policeman boyfriend to correctly pinpoint who shot the man she was interviewing.

Woman of Malacca Trailer (1937)

01 January 1937

Unhappy with her humdrum life as a provincial schoolteacher, Audrey Greenwood marries Major Carter, an officer in the British Army whom she does not love.

His Best Friend Trailer (1937)

01 January 1937

Remake of a 1929 German film by the same title about a man and a police dog.

Jalisco nunca pierde Trailer (1937)

09 January 1937

Arranged marriages vs romance down on the hacienda.

Farewell Again Trailer (1937)

05 January 1937

Farewell Again is a multiplotted British comedy/drama about soldiers on leave and the people they've left.

Dangerous Number Trailer (1937)

22 January 1937

Marital comedy, from 1937, starring Robert Young and Ann Sothern

We Live in Two Worlds Trailer (1937)

02 January 1937

The author J.B. Priestley delivers a talk about cross-border trade and communications as a benign force, which he contrasts with the military preoccupations of individual nations.