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Joan Woodbury (December 17, 1915 – February 22, 1989) was an American actress beginning in the 1930s and continuing well into the 1960s.

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The Ten Commandments Trailer (1956)

05 October 1956

Escaping death, a Hebrew infant is raised in a royal household to become a prince. Upon discovery of his true heritage, Moses embarks on a personal quest to reclaim his destiny as the leader and liberator of the Hebrew people.

Bride of Frankenstein Trailer (1935)

21 April 1935

Bride of Frankenstein begins where James Whale's Frankenstein from 1931 ended. Dr. Frankenstein has not been killed as previously portrayed and now he wants to get away from the mad experiments.

Go West Trailer (1940)

06 December 1940

Embezzler, shill, all around confidence man S. Quentin Quale is heading west to find his fortune; he meets the crafty but simple brothers Joseph and Rusty Panello in a train station, where they steal all his money.

While New York Sleeps Trailer (1938)

16 December 1938

Newspaperman (Whalen) looks into the deaths of bond-carriers while romancing a show girl (Rogers).

Blue Skies Trailer (1946)

15 October 1946

Jed Potter looks back on a love triangle conducted over the course of years and between musical numbers.

Algiers Trailer (1938)

28 June 1938

Pepe Le Moko is a notorious thief, who escaped from France. Since his escape, Moko became a resident and leader of the immense Casbah of Algiers.

The Time Travelers Trailer (1964)

29 October 1964

A time travel experiment that was supposed to produce a window into time turns out to be a portal instead.

They Gave Him a Gun Trailer (1937)

07 May 1937

With no other prospects, a World War I veteran turns to crime.

The Whistler Trailer (1944)

30 March 1944

The first in a series of movies based on the popular radio drama.

The Call of the Wild Trailer (1935)

09 August 1935

Jack Thornton has trouble winning enough at cards for the stake he needs to get to the Alaska gold fields.

Charlie Chan at the Opera Trailer (1936)

05 December 1936

A dangerous amnesiac escapes from an asylum, hides in the opera house, and is suspected of getting revenge on those who tried to murder him 13 years ago.

Charlie Chan in Shanghai Trailer (1935)

14 October 1935

When a prominent official is murdered at a banquet honoring Charle Chan, the detective and son Lee team up to expose an opium-smuggling ring.

The Living Ghost Trailer (1942)

11 August 1942

A detective investigating kidnapping case discovers the victim, who may be a zombie.

Crashing Hollywood Trailer (1938)

07 January 1938

Two gangsters provide details of an actual bank robbery when helping a neophite screenwriter create a hit Hollywood film.

King of the Zombies Trailer (1941)

14 May 1941

During World War II, a small plane somewhere over the Caribbean runs low on fuel and is blown off course by a storm.

Charlie Chan on Broadway Trailer (1937)

22 September 1937

Returning from European exile where she avoided testifying against her criminal associates, a former singer with a tell-all diary is murdered to insure her silence.

The Desperadoes Trailer (1943)

25 May 1943

Popular mailcoach driver Uncle Willie is in fact in league with the town's crooked banker. They plan to have the bank robbed after emptying it, and when Willie's choice for this doesn't show in time, he gets some local boys to do it.

A Yank In Libya Trailer (1942)

24 July 1942

American correspondent Mike Malone uncovers a Nazi plot for an uprising of the Arab tribes in Lybia. Pursued by Sheik David and his men, Mike takes refuge in the suite of Nancy Brooks, who is in the British Intelligence.

Super-Sleuth Trailer (1937)

16 July 1937

A movie actor playing a detective gets carried away with his role and starts trying to solve real-life crimes.

Passport Husband Trailer (1938)

15 July 1938

At the Club Habana, Henry Cabot, a bumbling busboy, is infatuated with the club's dancer, Conchita Montez.

There Goes My Girl Trailer (1937)

21 May 1937

Jerry (Gene Raymond) and Connie (Ann Sothern) are engaged to be married, but they're also rival newspaper reporters, and when they're both assigned to cover the same murder case, the temptation to out-scoop the other threatens their relationship.

The Eagle's Brood Trailer (1935)

25 October 1935

When the outlaw El Toro saves Hoppy's life, Hoppy agrees to find his missing grandson.

Confessions of Boston Blackie Trailer (1941)

08 December 1941

A murder is committed during the auction of a valuable statue. The prime suspect is Boston Blackie, whose reputation for living on the edge of the law makes him an easy target for the police.

Paper Bullets Trailer (1941)

13 June 1941

Circumstances force naive Rita Adams into serving an unjust prison term, but she emerges from it a cynical criminal who rises to power in the local crime organization.

The Rogues Tavern Trailer (1936)

04 June 1936

A mad killer is on the loose in a hotel on a dark, gloomy night.

Song of the Gringo Trailer (1936)

22 November 1936

In his film debut Ritter is sent to investigate miners being killed and their mines confiscated. The culprit is Evans and after Tex joins the gang, he is sent to kill two more miners.

The Hard Way Trailer (1943)

20 February 1943

An ambitious woman doesn"t care who she hurts in her drive to make her sister a star.

The Luck of Roaring Camp Trailer (1937)

17 November 1937

When the miners of Roaring Camp become Godfathers to a motherless baby, they name the boy Luck and promise to set aside money for him from their diggings.

Phantom Killer Trailer (1942)

02 October 1942

Well-known philanthropist and deaf-mute John G. Harrison is identified leaving the scene of several murders but evades successful prosecution as there are hundreds of witnesses who have also seen him emceeing benefits at the exact same time as the murders.

Chasing Danger Trailer (1939)

05 May 1939

When American newsreel cameraman stationed in Paris is sent to cover an Arab rebellion he finds a financier presumed dead but actually fomenting desert warfare.

Bring on the Girls Trailer (1945)

30 March 1945

A millionaire joins the Navy hoping to find a girl who'll marry him for himself, not for his money. A beautiful gold-digger who works at a resort hotel sets out to get him.

The Arnelo Affair Trailer (1947)

13 February 1947

A neglected wife gets mixed up with an hypnotic charmer and murder.

In Old Cheyenne Trailer (1941)

04 April 1941

Roy is a newspaper reporter. He goes to Cheyenne to cover the activities of supposed bad guy Arapahoe Brown.

Man From Headquarters Trailer (1942)

23 January 1942

A police reporter solves a murder case in Chicago, then moves on to St. Louis-but not voluntarily, since he has been kidnapped by the minions of the Windy City gang leader (Max Hoffman Jr.

The Chinese Cat Trailer (1944)

20 May 1944

To solve the murder of a man shot in a locked room, Chan must wade through a Fun House, the writings of an unscrupulous author, and chess pieces.

The Lion's Den Trailer (1936)

07 July 1936

Merwin hires Barton to fight Welsh, but when Barton arrives in town, Welsh mistakes him for the hired killer Single-Shot Smith.

Dr. Broadway Trailer (1942)

09 May 1942

A New York doctor (Macdonald Carey) saves a chorus girl (Jean Phillips) from a window ledge, twice, and rounds up racketeers.

Lodge Night Trailer (1937)

11 June 1937

Andy gets into hot water because of his frequent lodge meetings.

One Exciting Adventure Trailer (1934)

01 September 1934

One Exciting Adventure is a 1934 American comedy film directed by Ernst L. Frank. It is a remake of the 1933 German film What Women Dream.

Boston Blackie's Chinese Venture Trailer (1949)

02 March 1949

Blackie is seen leaving a Chinese laundry where the proprietor has been murdered, and must track down the real killer in Chinatown.

Here Comes Kelly Trailer (1943)

19 September 1943

Cocky Kelly's (Eddie Quillan) girlfriend (Joan Woodbury) helps him straighten up enough to get a job as a process server.

Northwest Trail Trailer (1945)

30 November 1945

Mountie Matt O'Brien is assigned to escort Miss Owens to a remote outpost. But when he finds an illegal mining operation there that is smuggling gold across the border, his superior Sgt.

Always in Trouble Trailer (1938)

28 October 1938

Jane's dad (Tombes) is an oil field worker who comes into a fortune and is then pushed into society by his wife.

Yankee Fakir Trailer (1947)

01 April 1947

A medicine show pitchman investigates a small town murder in Arizona.

Living on Love Trailer (1937)

12 November 1937

A man and woman, who've never met, are forced by circumstances to share the same apartment. A remake of the 1933 film "Rafter Romance".

I Killed That Man Trailer (1941)

28 November 1941

A condemned inmate's premature death places officials under suspicion.

You Can't Beat the Law Trailer (1943)

29 January 1943

A wild playboy is framed by crooks for a robbery he didn't commit and eventually lands in prison. There he becomes pals with the prison's most hardened criminal, who plans a daring escape.

I'll Sell My Life Trailer (1941)

12 September 1941

A woman hoping to raise cash to pay for an operation to restore her blind brother's eyesight finds herself implicated in a nightclub murder.

Here Comes Trouble Trailer (1948)

15 March 1948

A blundering rookie reporter runs into some unexpected difficulty when he is assigned to cover the police beat.

Mystery of the White Room Trailer (1939)

17 March 1939

A doctor (Bruce Cabot) and a nurse (Helen Mack) solve an operating-room murder.

Sunset Serenade Trailer (1942)

14 September 1942

Bad guys plot to trick a newly arrived Eastern girl out of a ranch which belongs to her infant ward. Roy, of course, saves the ranch for the girl.

Cipher Bureau Trailer (1938)

25 October 1938

The younger brother of an officer in a secret government code-breaking unit gets involved with a gang of spies and a beautiful double agent.

Night Spot Trailer (1938)

25 February 1938

A young singer, Marge Dexter, becomes involved in trouble when she works in a nightclub in which two of the band-members are in reality undercover-police officers who believe that the club is the headquarters of a dangerous gang of crooks.

Midnight Court Trailer (1937)

06 March 1937

After losing his bid for district attorney, an aspiring young lawyer agrees to defend a ring of car thieves.

Forty Naughty Girls Trailer (1937)

24 September 1937

Hildegarde Withers (ZaSu Pitts) and Inspector Piper (James Gleason) try to solve a murder while attending the opening-night performance of a Broadway show.

Bulldog Courage Trailer (1935)

30 December 1935

A miner who was swindled out of his mine by a banker turns to robbing stagecoaches. Several years after he is tracked down and killed, his son comes to town to tangle with the banker.

Shut My Big Mouth Trailer (1942)

19 February 1942

A shy horticulturist becomes involved with a local criminal in the old west.

Okay, José Trailer (1935)

07 December 1935

A Salesman tries to locate a notorious Mexican bandit.