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The Maias: Story of a Portuguese Family Trailer (2014)

11 September 2014

The tragedy and comedy in Carlo's life begins, grows and ends like the tragedy and comedy of Portugal.

O Cinema, Manoel de Oliveira e Eu Trailer (2016)

11 August 2016

“An old photograph taken 36 years ago. His hand rests on my shoulder. A blessing, a gift. Then a history of over four decades of friendship, admiration and apprenticeship.

Disquiet Trailer (2010)

28 September 2010

Lisbon today. In a room of a house at Douradores Street, a man invents dreams and theorizes about them.

Corruption Trailer (2007)

01 November 2007

A crime drama based on the life of a woman who lived for years with a man that was the head of a corruption network in the Portuguese football world.

The Fatalist Trailer (2005)

26 June 2005

The complex relationship between master and servant is explored in director João Botelho's adaptation of Denis Diderot's popular novel Jacques le Fataliste et Son Maître.

True and Tender is the North Trailer (2008)

30 September 2008

Adaptation of a 1987 novel by Agustina Bessa Luis, a multi-generation exploration of a wealthy family with a mysterious past and a house on the island of Madeira.

La Valse Trailer (2012)

24 May 2012

A musical short film.

The Conversation Is Over Trailer (1982)

13 May 1982

The film was to be a documentary, but evolved during production to a fictional film. It nevertheless adheres strictly to the poems and letters exchanged by two of the most outstanding names of the Modernist Movement, Fernando Pessoa (in Lisbon) and Mário de Sá-Carneiro (in Paris).

Enquanto Esta Língua For Cantada Trailer (2012)

05 March 2012

A documentary about the singings of a Portuguese Village that has their own dialect

No Dia dos Meus Anos Trailer (1992)

21 August 1992

No Dia dos Meus Anos(1992), a Portuguese movie directed by João Botelho, is part of the "Os Quatro Elementos" (The Four Elements)series.

Para Que Este Mundo Não Acabe! Trailer (2009)

01 August 2009

"Come and see this world end!" - wrote the the priest António Fontes, father of folk medicine and "burning witches" in Vilar de Perdizes, a desperate plea in his precious monograph of the Barroso region.

Um Adeus Português Trailer (1986)

16 April 1986

A Mulher que Acreditava Ser Presidente dos EUA Trailer (2003)

21 March 2003

Traffic Trailer (1998)

31 December 1998

Young Jesus (Joaquim Oliviera) is taken on a vacation by his parents (Rita Blanco, Adriano Luz) to a deserted beach resort.

Who Are You? Trailer (2001)

26 June 2001

A historical classic drama in three acts, retold after an original prologue about dreams and nightmares of the thirteen-year-old noble heroine, Maria de Noronha.

Here on Earth Trailer (1993)

09 September 1993

Miguel (Luis Miguel Cintra) is lucky that his income will only level off if he neglects his business as a financier, and his wife and family will be well supported.

Three Palm Trees Trailer (1994)

16 September 1994

Portugal's submission for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 1994

Hard Times Trailer (1988)

29 August 1988

Portugese adaptation of the Charles Dickens novel.