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The Face You Deserve Trailer (2005)

23 March 2005

Francisco, behave! I Know it's your birthday, you are thirty now, it's carnival, you've dressed as a cowboy for the school party and you are surrounded by kids you hate.

Happy Times Will Come Soon Trailer (2016)

14 May 2016

Tommaso and Arturo are on the run in a remote forest. They hunt for food, trying to survive and find their way through the lush nature.

John From Trailer (2015)

26 November 2015

Rita is fifteen and spends the summer between warm afternoons of teenage love and party nights with her friend Sara.

The Gift of Tears Trailer (2012)

26 November 2012

A princess and a hunter. An iconographic journey immersed in Lusitanian fantasy.

Wild Haggis Trailer (2013)

17 October 2013

A ten year-old boy faces up to the struggles of life in a summer camp. It’s not easy to be ignored by the girl of his heart or seeing his dormitory vandalised by adolescent thugs.

The Sword and the Rose Trailer (2010)

09 September 2010

Manuel bids farewell to his routine and boards a 15th century vessel under pirate law. Treason on board triggers a series of terrible events our protagonist overcomes while keeping his moral principles intact.

31 Trailer (2002)

01 January 2002

This is the way you hold the racket to play a forehand. Just move your arm back, the left shoulder facing the ball, step forward with your left foot, hitting the ball.

Canticle of All Creatures Trailer (2006)

01 January 2006

An interpretation of the life of Francis of Assisi.

Rapace Trailer (2006)

13 March 2006

Canção de Amor e Saúde Trailer (2009)

13 March 2009

Kalkitos Trailer (2002)

01 January 2002

A 20 year old young man asks some kids if he can play football with them. They think it’s weird and ask him how old is he.

Calado Não Dá Trailer (1999)

30 May 1999

"Cape Verde is an archipelago situated 500km off the West Coast of Africa. On the island of Santiago lives Mano Mendi, the last player of the cimboa, a one-string violin used to accompany the traditional batuque music.