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Framed Trailer (1988)

25 February 1988

Conny is a chemistry teacher who is framed for drug possession. Unable to prove his innocence he ends up in prison.

My Future Love Trailer (2016)

11 November 2016

In 1973, the 20-year-old Svante has a heart condition that the doctors cannot fix. When he has a breakdown on a subway platform, a strange train suddenly appears.

Joker Trailer (1991)

01 November 1991

Yrrol Trailer (1994)

28 October 1994

Yrrol: An Enormously Well Thought Out Movie. Sketch comedy

Drömkåken Trailer (1993)

29 October 1993

Göran buys a house in a suburb. It is in need of some repairs but Göran believes himself capable of repairing it himself and with the help of some cheap craftsmen.

For Better and Worse Trailer (2015)

06 March 2015

A couple on the brink of divorce attempts to hide their crisis at a grand wedding, but it turns out they are not the only ones with false appearances.

Glasblåsarns barn Trailer (1998)

27 February 1998

Based on the novel by Maria Gripe, this is the story of two children, Klas and Klara, growing up in the poor Swedish countryside of the mid-19th century.

1939 Trailer (1989)

23 December 1989

When the war breaks out, Annika lives with her parents in Värmland, close to the border to Norway. Her cousin Harald is a dealer in the black market but has to escape from the police to Norway.

Once in a Lifetime Trailer (2000)

10 November 2000

Mona Bergström is a sweet eurovision-obsessed woman in her 30's. She is married to a lazy husband and have 4 children, all named after her favorite Swedish eurovision popstars.

Jönssonligan spelar högt Trailer (2000)

25 December 2000

Hör och häpna! De gamla kumpanerna Ragnar Vanheden och Dynamit Harry har bestämt sig för att bli...hederliga. Därför har de startat AB Alltjänst. Doris arbetar naturligtvis som firmans sekreterare. En dag blir Ragnar och Harry kontaktade av en äldre dam som erbjuder dem ett aningen originellt uppdrag: att bevaka Kungliga Operan i Stockholm.Den gamla damen har emellertid ett kriminellt förflutet. Och inte nog med det - hon är ocksp Sickans mormor!

Rika barn leka bäst Trailer (1997)

10 October 1997

Six women get fired from a bank while the director gets a huge raise.

Unmarried Couples: A Comedy That Will Break You Up Trailer (1997)

29 October 1997

Marie and David are always arguing while their friends Sara and Samuel always seem to be happy together.

Good Luck. And Take Care of Each Other Trailer (2012)

19 October 2012

Alvar is a pensioner who hides his guilt by "constructing" fictitious memoirs. By chance he meets Miriam, a socially tone deaf and obstinate teenager, and they become friends.

Loranga, Masarin & Dartanjang Trailer (2005)

14 October 2005

The movie is based on Barbro Lindgrens popular and absurd comical books Loranga, Masarin & Dartanjang (1969) and Loranga, Loranga (1970).

T. Sventon och fallet Isabella Trailer (1991)

07 February 1991

Mamma Mu och Kråkan Trailer (2008)

19 September 2008

Mamma Moo is a typical cow, besides that she wants to do so many uncowly things. Her idea of fun is biking and dancing, and when she meets Crow her happiness is complete - the fun is so much bigger when you have a friend.

Riktiga män Trailer (2012)

17 October 2012

Ture Sventon Trailer (1989)

01 December 1989

Gröna Hissen Trailer (2011)

01 June 2011

Alice har tröttnat på sin pålitlige men förut­sägbare Bosse. Hon håller så smått på att kasta sig i armarna på en annan man.

Cheek to Cheek Trailer (1997)

03 December 1997

The faded dragshow entertainer Ragnar Rönn is both broke and lonely. He is becoming extremely unpopular.

The bäst of Lorry Trailer (2001)

05 December 2001