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Torremolinos 73 Trailer (2003)

29 April 2003

Set in 1973 Spain, a struggling encyclopedia salesman and his wife take advantage of an offer to make adult films.

Jamon Jamon Trailer (1992)

03 September 1992

Jose Luis is an executive at his parents underwear factory where his girlfriend Sylvia works on the shop floor.

Nightfall In India Trailer (2014)

11 April 2014

Ricardo, an amusing grumpy middle-aged man, decides to travel overland to India, as he used to do, shipping hippies in the sixties.

Lope Trailer (2010)

03 September 2010

A chronicle of the life of Spanish playwright and poet Lope de Vega, who dominated Spain’s early Golden Age of Theatre in the 16th Century.

No se decir adiós Trailer (2017)

07 April 2017

Cabeza de Vaca Trailer (1991)

11 October 1991

An international award winning saga of old Mexico. In 1528, a Spanish expedition founders off the coast of Florida with 600 lives lost.

Between Your Legs Trailer (1999)

22 January 1999

Miranda, a sex addict, works for a radio station and is married to a cop. She signs up for therapy in order to deal with her sex addiction.

Rose & Noir Trailer (2009)

04 November 2009

En 1577, Pic Saint Loup, grand couturier sur le déclin, se voit confier par le roi Henri III, une mission diplomatique : il doit confectionner sa plus belle robe de cérémonie pour le mariage arrangé d'un de ses neveux avec la fille d'un Grand d'Espagne.

La virgen de la lujuria Trailer (2002)

30 August 2002

In Vera Cruz in the 1940s, Nacho, an Indian, waits tables at Don Lázaro's café at Hotel Ofélia. He falls for Lola, an opium-addicted, alcoholic whore who's hopelessly in love with Gardenia Wilson, a masked wrestler who slept with her once but knows she's unbalanced.

The 7th Day Trailer (2004)

23 April 2004

Isabel Jimenez is a teenager witnessing a horrible feud between her own family and the Fuentes family, a fued involving broken hearts, property disputes and a mysterious fire that destroyed the Fuentes house.

Todo es silencio Trailer (2012)

26 October 2012

In Brétema, on the Atlantic coast, there was a time when networks of smuggling, drug trafficking converted, achieved so much influence that they were close to control everything: social power, institutions, the lives of its people.

Voyage to Nowhere Trailer (1986)

15 October 1986

The Iniesta-Galván family is a theatre company that goes from town to town offering its performances.

To Hell With The Ugly Trailer (2010)

23 April 2010

Eliseo is ugly, lame and single. He hasn't met the woman of his life and has never known love. Nati is ugly, missing a breast and separated.

23-F: la película Trailer (2011)

23 February 2011

The failed coup d'état of February 23, 1981, which began with the capture of the Congress of Deputies and ended with the release of parliamentarians, put at serious risk the Spanish democracy.

Your Next Live Trailer (2004)

30 January 2004

A fight over the calf of a prize milk cow in the close-knit and traditional Pas Valley of Cantabria leaves a cantankerous dairy farmer dead and another fearful of arrest.

Remake Trailer (2006)

12 April 2006

Friends get together in a country house and reminisce about the "good old times." Some now have grown-up children who accompany them and life is different.

Vete de mí Trailer (2006)

26 September 2006

Oro Trailer (2017)

27 October 2017

How Good the Whites Are Trailer (1988)

20 January 1988

Ya bon les blancs depicts a fiercely farcical fable-like vision from Ferreri’s typically ruthless perspective where naïve white liberals attempt to give starving African spaghetti and tomato sauce as aid, ugly Italians attempt boning bloated black native broads, a Catholic priest is gang-raped while he eats Russian chicken and stares at the starved corpse of a preteen negro boy, a deranged jigaboo wearing a white mask claims to whites that he is a real white man and that they are imposters that must leave, and a group of cannibalistic negroid nomads who eat two crackers that dare to sully their magical waterhole.

Jordi Dauder, la revolució pendent Trailer (2012)

05 December 2012

This documentary looks at the life of Jordi Dauder through an interview with the actor a few weeks before his death.

Fuerte Apache Trailer (2007)

26 January 2007

Toni Darder works as an educator in a juvenile reformatory. He will retire in a few years and feels on his shoulders the heavy burden of failure.

30 years of darkness Trailer (2012)

04 May 2012

When the Spanish Civil War came to an end, Manuel Cortes was unable to flee the country. After a long journey, he managed to get back home in the dark without being discovered.

Cebra Trailer (2014)

25 March 2014

Casual Day Trailer (2007)

01 January 2007

Casual Day is a company practice imported from the USA. Every Friday the workers are asked to exchange their suits for more informal attire.

Torapia Trailer (2004)

06 August 2004

Basilio a pickpocket with no luck, enters a mental institution to retrieve a valuable diamond necklace that briefly passed through his hands and whose value was unable to recognize.

Arcibel´s Game Trailer (2003)

29 May 2003

When a game can change history.

De tripas corazón Trailer (1985)

28 February 1985

In Madrid, a Lawyer gets the freedom for "El Chirlo" a usual 20 years old crook. Chirlo wants to thank Jaime, his lawyer, the defense and treat him for a meal with Rocio, Jaime's girlfriend.

París-Tombuctú Trailer (1999)

10 September 1999

The story of an old surgeon and with impotence problems that believes he's near to death. But before throwing in the towel and take the bike goes from Paris to Timbuktu African French.

Tirano Banderas Trailer (1993)

04 November 1993

The story of a dictator of an imaginary country.

Smoking Room Trailer (2002)

27 April 2002

The Spanish branch of an American company is obliged to enforce the ban on smoking in their offices. From now on, those who want to smoke during working hours must do so in the street.

¿Dónde está? Trailer (2002)

01 January 2002

Peter Nueda murdered his pregnant wife, descuartizándola below. A few hours later decide to report the disappearance of his wife, agreeing with cold blood perplexing to be helped by their neighbors to find.

El taxi de los conflictos Trailer (1973)

31 May 1973

Musical. Thaddeus (Juanjo Menéndez) is a taxi driver who is about to experience a busy work day. Throughout the day you climb into his cab heteogéneos the more characters, which give rise to the most varied situations.

Padre Coraje Trailer (2002)

13 March 2002

El invierno de las anjanas Trailer (2000)

01 May 2000

A young worker enjoying an affair with an upper class beauty, Adelaida, is drafted by the Spanish Army to fight in the Cuban War of Independence.

You're the One Trailer (2000)

13 October 2000

Julia, an only child of an affluent, bank owning family living in Madrid, escapes from her family to get over her grief that her boyfriend has been imprisoned.

Laura, del cielo llega la noche Trailer (1987)

14 September 1987

A young woman marries a rich man and begins a new life in a little town in the Spain of the 20s. Feeling trapped and bored, she begins a relationship with her husband's stepbrother.

Fantasía... 3 Trailer (1966)

01 January 1966

The film is an adaptation of three fairy tales classics of children literature. "The Maiden of the Sea" tells the story of Coraline, a mermaid who wants to be human afte she falls in love with a Sailor Prince.

Algo amargo en la boca Trailer (1969)

10 November 1969

A young man goes to a relative's house to celebrate Christmas, and finds that three female family members of different ages seek to advance their romantic attention.

La novia de medianoche Trailer (1997)

01 January 1997

A wealthy woman twice widowed, lives with his family and two servants in a shady country house in Galicia in the late nineteenth century isolated from the world to hide a serious incident occurred in the family ten years earlier.

Erotic Stories Trailer (1980)

13 March 1980

The Dumbfounded King Trailer (1991)

01 November 1991

Spain, under Philip IV (1621-1665). The film is based on a novel by Gonzalo Torrente Ballester. The King (Gabino Diego) is stunned to see the naked body of Marfisa (Laura del Sol), the most beautiful prostitute of the town and Court.

The Creature Trailer (1977)

30 November 1977

Tender and erotic love story of a respectable bourgeois housewife and a large black Alsatian dog.

Dragon Rapide Trailer (1986)

10 July 1986

The two weeks leading up to the Spanish Civil War in 1936 are dramatized from many different locations in Spain, Morocco and London.

The Holy Innocents Trailer (1984)

04 April 1984

Somewhere in the spanish country, in the 60s. Paco and his wife Régula are very poor. They work as tenant farmers for a very wealthy landowner.

The Lost Paradise Trailer (1985)

13 January 1985

This literary film is imbued with the disenchantment of Spanish exiles who left their homes to protest Franco's fascist regime and then returned after its demise to find that democracy had not instilled either ethics or deep motivation in government leaders.

The dark night of the soul Trailer (1989)

23 February 1989

Life of San Juan de la Cruz.

El enfermo imaginario Trailer (1979)

14 October 1979

La muerte de un viajante Trailer (1972)

10 November 1972

Pasodoble Trailer (1988)

01 January 1988

Jarrapellejos Trailer (1988)

11 September 1988

Pedro Jarrapellejos (Antonio Ferrandis) is a ladies man who cannot turn the heads of Isabel (Aitana Sanchez-Gijon) or her beautiful daughter.

El buscón Trailer (1979)

01 January 1979

XVII century Spain. Don Pablo tries to climb position and falls into the hands of students, rogues, whores, fake skilled, executioners, jailers and comedians.