Movie Trailers - July 1961

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Popular trailers for movies released in July 1961

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Mothra Trailer (1961)

30 July 1961

Shipwreck survivors are found on Beiru, an island previously used for atomic tests. Amazingly free of radiation effects, they believe they were protected by a special juice given to them by the natives.

Two Rode Together Trailer (1961)

26 July 1961

Two tough westerners bring home a group of settlers who have spent years as Comanche hostages.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Trailer (1961)

12 July 1961

The crew of an atomic submarine battle to save the world from global destruction.

Whistle Down the Wind Trailer (1961)

25 July 1961

When an injured wife murderer takes refuge on a remote Lancashire farm, the owner’s three children mistakenly believe him to be the Second Coming of Christ.

Francis of Assisi Trailer (1961)

12 July 1961

The story of a lusty, fighting young adventurer who exchanged his sword for a cross

Revolt of the Mercenaries Trailer (1961)

27 July 1961

In this drama, a widowed duchess finds herself drawn to leader of a mercenary band. The cavalier leader offers to save her from her avaricious, land-grabbing neighbor, but then suddenly goes to work for him when the neighbor pays a hire price.

Homicidal Trailer (1961)

26 July 1961

The story centers around a murderous scheme to collect a rich inheritance. The object of murder is Miriam Webster, who is to share in the inheritance with her half brother Warren, who lives with his childhood guardian Helga in the mansion where Warren and Mariam grew up.

Tammy Tell Me True Trailer (1961)

26 July 1961

Tammy leaves the river in Mississippi to attend college, developing a relationship with Tom Freeman (John Gavin).

Nikki, Wild Dog of the North Trailer (1961)

12 July 1961

A family film about Nikki, a half-wolf, half-dog raised in the Yukon during the gold rush era. After being separated from her master, Nikki must fend for herself amidst bears, the harsh Yukon weather, and a trapper who wants her skin.

Greyfriars Bobby: The True Story of a Dog Trailer (1961)

17 July 1961

In Scotland 1865, An old shepherd and his little Skye terrier go to Edinburgh. But when the shepherd dies of pneumonia, the dog remains faithful to his master, refuses to be adopted by anyone, and takes to sleeping on his master's grave in the Greyfriars kirkyard, despite a caretaker with a "no dogs" rule.

The Festival Girls Trailer (1961)

06 July 1961

Hollywood stars go wild at the Riviera film festivals.

Frontier Uprising Trailer (1961)

24 July 1961

Not having heard that war has erupted between the U.S. and Mexico, a wagon train heads west, only to find itself threatened by the Mexicans who have teamed up with hostile Indians.

The Littlest Warrior Trailer (1961)

19 July 1961

The Adventures of Lucky Pierre Trailer (1961)

01 July 1961

A man imagines that everybody he sees is naked. That's... that's really about it.

Boom Town Trailer (1961)

19 July 1961

Farmers and their families, engineers, technicians, criminals and prostitutes were acquired on the construction of industrial facilities in Zenica.

Enclosure Trailer (1961)

01 July 1961

Gatti focuses on two men in a German concentration camp who have been cruelly penned inside an enclosure.

By Love Possessed Trailer (1961)

19 July 1961

An unhappily married woman has an affair with her husband's law partner. Director John Sturges' lush 1961 melodrama stars Lana Turner, Jason Robards Jr.

The Exiles Trailer (1961)

13 July 1961

Native Americans in Los Angeles. For 12 hours one Friday night, from late afternoon until dawn, we follow a handful of urban Indians.

Alba Regia Trailer (1961)

20 July 1961

Alba Regia is the true, poetic story of a love affair between a Hungarian doctor and a Russian girl during World War II.

Armored Command Trailer (1961)

09 July 1961

An American army unit is trapped in a small town during a German counterattack and discovers that a spy in the town is providing the Germans with information about them.

The Big Gamble Trailer (1961)

25 July 1961

Irish seaman Vic Brennan persuades his Dublin family to finance a truck-hauling business in the remote African town of Jebanda.

The Devil's Daffodil Trailer (1961)

20 July 1961

An unknown murderer who wears a black stocking to disguise his face, leaves a bunch of daffodils at his crime scenes.

Seniman Bujang Lapok (Worn Out Bachelor Actors) Trailer (1961)

04 July 1961

The film tells the story of the happy-go-crazy trio Ramli, Aziz and Sudin, and their daily problems living in a crowded boarding house.

The Inquisit Visit Trailer (1961)

08 July 1961

A Modern Madcap animated short from Famous Studios.

Peter's baby Trailer (1961)

28 July 1961

Peters baby is a 1961 Danish comedy film directed by Annelise Reenberg and starring Ebbe Langberg.

Adventure at the Door Trailer (1961)

10 July 1961

Story of the dream of a lonely woman lying mentally ill in a sanatorium.

Collision at the Paralels Trailer (1961)

16 July 1961

Suspicious husband follows his wife and her male boss on their business trip.

Trick or Tree Trailer (1961)

08 July 1961

A man is given orders by his boss to move a big redwood tree so that a new superhighway can go through.

Franken-Stymied Trailer (1961)

04 July 1961

In a thunderstorm, the tree in which Woody Woodpecker makes his home is struck by lightning and utterly destroyed.

The Policeman on Horseback Trailer (1961)

29 July 1961

Nagsasalitang kalansay Trailer (1961)

24 July 1961

Serialized in Aliwan Komiks.

And Love Has Vanished Trailer (1961)

31 July 1961

A young man falls in love with the girl who he met by accident.

You Have to Run Fast Trailer (1961)

01 July 1961

Dr. Frank Harlow is in the process of trying to save a man badly beaten by two gangsters whom he identifies to the police.

Paalum Pazhamum Trailer (1961)

01 July 1961

Paalum Pazhamum is a 1961 Tamil-language film directed by A. Bhimsingh and featuring Sivaji Ganesan, B.

Erotica Trailer (1961)

14 July 1961

Exploitation auteur and mammary-enthusiast Russ Meyer directs this lurid journey into female sexualis

Compressed Hare Trailer (1961)

28 July 1961

Bugs battles Wile E. Coyote. A ten trillion volt electric magnet draws everything imaginable.

The Brigand Trailer (1961)

31 July 1961

Inspired by a real-life event that took place in Calabria at the end of World War 2, the film is the story of a young farmer who led peasants to revolt, after being falsely accused of murder.

The Cat Burglar Trailer (1961)

01 July 1961

Unwitting pickup artist Jack Coley (Jack Hogan) nabs a briefcase holding a costly scientific formula, turning himself into a moving target for owner Alan Sheridan (John Baer), foreign agents and the fuzz -- all bent on a blistering game of finders, keepers.

Froher Herbst des Lebens Trailer (1961)

06 July 1961

Ghost Story of Kakui Street Trailer (1961)

05 July 1961

Features a haunted well with yet another blind masseur's vengeful ghost.

… und du mein Schatz bleibst hier Trailer (1961)

05 July 1961

Most Dangerous Man Alive Trailer (1961)

04 July 1961

An escaped, but framed, prisoner escapes prison during a cobalt explosion and soon discovers he has grown a special power that makes his body impervious to everything.

Just a Joke Trailer (1961)

08 July 1961

The grey hero of grey workdays, the divorced cashier of a cinema who is always willing to sacrifice herself for others, Etelka, is awarded a two-week-holiday at Lake Balaton.

Der Orgelbauer von St. Marien Trailer (1961)

27 July 1961

While on vacation, the young, Benedictine monk Markus runs into temptation in the form of his childhood sweetheart, Linda.

Destination Fury Trailer (1961)

23 July 1961

Lemmy Caution has been assigned by Interpol to work as a double agent. Little does he know how many spies are on to this deception and how dangerous his assignment has become.

Bankraub in der Rue Latour Trailer (1961)

20 July 1961

Die ewige Flamme Trailer (1961)

03 July 1961

The Man at the Carlton Tower Trailer (1961)

01 July 1961

The police investigate the murder of an officer, killed during a jewel robbery.

The Rebel Without Claws Trailer (1961)

15 July 1961

The Confederate Army wants to get an "important message" through to Gen. Lee, but all the carrier pigeons have been shot down.

Zahlungsaufschub Trailer (1961)

09 July 1961

1913 Trailer (1961)

09 July 1961

Rosa Blanca Trailer (1961)

19 July 1961

An international oil company comes into conflict with a Mexican ranch owner who refuses to sell his land, resorting to a devious scheme to try to take over the property.

Love In A Goldfish Bowl Trailer (1961)

12 July 1961

Two platonic college friends spend a weekend away together. One is romanced by a member of the coast guard.

Pagan Island Trailer (1961)

01 July 1961

The survivor of a shipwreck finds himself on an island populated only by women.

The Komarov Brothers Trailer (1961)

01 July 1961

Three Komarov brothers experience a lot of adventures while discovering the nature.

Das Wunder des Malachias Trailer (1961)

02 July 1961

"Wunderbar" takes on a new meaning in this routine satire by Bernhard Wicki about a bar that is miraculously transported by God Himself to a nearby, new location on an island.

Die goldene Jurte Trailer (1961)

13 July 1961

No overview found.

Tres tristes tigres Trailer (1961)

27 July 1961

Three childhood friends are reunited after twenty years to receive an inheritance.

La joven mancornadora Trailer (1961)

06 July 1961

Young woman disguised as a man sets out to kill two brothers that she believes cheated her father out of his property.

Saint-Tropez Blues Trailer (1961)

21 July 1961

With her parents away, Anne-Marie drops her studies to spend eight days in Saint-Tropez with her friend Jean-Paul.