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Popular trailers for movies released in July 1969

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El profesor hippie Trailer (1969)

31 July 1969

Luis Sandrini plays a college professor who, because of his freethinking attitudes and concerns for moral questions over matters of business, has more in common with his students than his colleagues.

Guns of the Magnificent Seven Trailer (1969)

14 July 1969

In this third remake of legendary Japanese director Akira Kurosawa's hugely influential The Seven Samurai, the seven gunslingers (George Kennedy, Michael Ansara, Joe Don Baker, Bernie Casey, Monte Markham, Fernando Rey and Reni Santoni) liberate Mexican political prisoners, train them as fighters and assist them in a desperate attack on a Mexican fortress in an attempt to free a revolutionary leader.

The Valley of Gwangi Trailer (1969)

24 July 1969

A turn of the century wild west show struggling to make a living in Mexico comes into the possession of a tiny prehistoric horse.

Stiletto Trailer (1969)

30 July 1969

A rich, jet-setting playboy has a secret life: he's also a professional Mafia hitman. When he decides it's time to retire from that life, he finds that his former employers don't like the idea that someone who knows so much about them won't be under their control anymore, and decide to send their own hitmen to eliminate him.

Boy Trailer (1969)

26 July 1969

A family of four lives off of scams in which they pretend to be injured by automobiles. After suffering an injury during the war, the father believes he is an invalid.

Double Face Trailer (1969)

04 July 1969

A millionare is unwittingly led into murder by his lesbian wife.

Carola de día, Carola de noche Trailer (1969)

29 July 1969

Carola is a princess in a land far far away that had to run away after revolution in her country. She goes to Spain and has to disguise herself to save her life, because the revolution wants her to die.

Latitude Zero Trailer (1969)

26 July 1969

A massive underwater volcano erupts and puts a group of investigative scientists in danger. They are rescued by an atomic super submarine named The Alpha under the command of Captain McKenzie.

The Haunted House Of Horror Trailer (1969)

15 July 1969

Teenagers gathered in an old mansion are being murdered one by one. The survivors must discover who among them is the killer before he finishes off everybody.

Putney Swope Trailer (1969)

10 July 1969

Swope is the only black man on the executive board of an advertising firm, and is accidentally put in charge after the death of the chairman of the board.

Flying Phantom Ship Trailer (1969)

20 July 1969

Hayato's home city is under attack from a gigantic robot. His parents are lying dead in the rubble and the only remaining friend is his dog.

Fangs of the Living Dead Trailer (1969)

23 July 1969

A beautiful virgin inherits a castle, but when she arrives at it, she finds that the inhabitants include a strange nobleman and a bevy of beautiful women she suspects may be vampires.

Camille 2000 Trailer (1969)

15 July 1969

This story from Alexander Dumas is updated to modern times and tinged with graphic nudity and eroticism.

Slogan Trailer (1969)

27 July 1969

Commercial director Serge Faberge (Serge Gainsbourg) is having an affair with Evelyne (Jane Birkin), the 18 year old fiancee of friend Hugh (James Mitchell).

All My Good Countrymen Trailer (1969)

04 July 1969

The title "All My Good Countrymen" is not without irony as this epic tale of Czech village life from shortly after the end of the Second World War concentrates on the activities of a group of friends who are not beyond reproach in siding with a politically corrupt regime for material advancement.

Honeycomb Trailer (1969)

14 July 1969

Teresa (Geraldine Chaplin) and Peter (Per Oscarsson) settle down in their new home after their marriage.

Phantom India Trailer (1969)

25 July 1969

Louis Malle called his gorgeous and groundbreaking Phantom India the most personal film of his career.

Land Raiders Trailer (1969)

27 July 1969

An outlaw committing a string of robberies and murders manages to blame the crimes on Apaches, bringing about an Indian war.

Die jungen Tiger von Hongkong Trailer (1969)

25 July 1969

A U.S. Vietnam vet comes to Hong Kong to look for his wife who seemingly has disappeared whilst modeling.

The Stewardesses Trailer (1969)

25 July 1969

The Stewardesses is a 1969 Softcore 3-D film. Produced on a budget of just over $100,000, the film grossed over $27,000,000 (USD) in 1970 dollars, becoming the most profitable 3-D film ever released.

The Book of Stone Trailer (1969)

18 July 1969

This classic film tells the story about a little girl Silvya (Lucy Buj) that because of her behaviour is required to be nursed by a special teacher Julia (Marga López) at home.

Zhivoy Trup Trailer (1969)

11 July 1969

По мнению Федора Протасова, окружающая жизнь пронизана грязью и фальшью.

How to Commit Marriage Trailer (1969)

07 July 1969

A young couple decide to live together and they wind up having a baby. They decide they should give the baby up for adoption.

Turistas y bribones Trailer (1969)

17 July 1969

An antique hustler, a couple of thieves, one pickpocket, a seductive man ... These are the elements of the criminal gang led by "the Brain".

Rodeo Trailer (1969)

10 July 1969

Shot in four days during the 1968 National Rodeo Finals in Oklahoma City, this lyrical documentary takes you inside the arena atop a 2800 lb bull.

Bloody Territories Trailer (1969)

26 July 1969

A once-powerful yakuza clan disbands as a result of a police crackdown, but one small group refuses to bow to police pressure, and launches a campaign to take over Tokyo's drug, prostitution, and gambling rackets.

Joy of Learning Trailer (1969)

12 July 1969

Night after night, not long before dawn, two young adults, Patricia and Emile, meet on a sound stage to discuss learning, discourse, and the path to revolution.

Tropicana Interlude Trailer (1969)

09 July 1969

Lily Ho and Jimmy Lin Chong operate a travel agency specializing in Southeast Asian holidays, Tropicana Interlude.

Secret World Trailer (1969)

09 July 1969

Wendy (Jacqueline Bisset) is the British guest of a French couple and the daughter of the man who saved the host's life during World War II.

Career Bed Trailer (1969)

01 July 1969

A mother is determined that her daughter will be a movie star, and will do anything--and have her daughter do anything--to make it happen.

Tarzana, the Wild Woman Trailer (1969)

11 July 1969

The daughter of Sir Donovan is believed dead with her mother and other relatives in a plane crash in the African jungle.

Guns in the Heather Trailer (1969)

07 July 1969

Walt Disney's 3-part made-for-TV feature, The Secret of Boyne Castle (1969), originally shown on "Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color" (the new title for "Disneyland"), re-edited into feature film form for European theatrical release.

Run Wild, Run Free Trailer (1969)

23 July 1969

Directed by Richard C. Sarafian, this 1969 British children's film stars Mark Lester as a young boy, unable to speak, who befriends both a wild colt with blue eyes and a falcon named "Lady".

The Great Adventure Trailer (1969)

24 July 1969

A humorous adventure story about two boys chasing after their dog who was kicked out of the church, and facing all kinds of, some real and some imagined, trouble, both for them and the dog.

Slaves Trailer (1969)

02 July 1969

A Kentucky slave fights for his freedom from cruel overseer whose mistress eventually joins Davis and the other slaves in their revolt.

The Archangel Trailer (1969)

02 July 1969

Comedy about a lawyer who is suspected of murder

Me, Natalie Trailer (1969)

13 July 1969

Since she was a child, Natalie Miller has always thought she was an ugly ducking. Despite her mother's encouragement that she will grow up to be pretty, Natalie has never believed it will happen.

How, When, and with Whom Trailer (1969)

31 July 1969

Italian romantic drama

Dark Story of a Sex Crime: Phantom Killer Trailer (1969)

01 July 1969

Pinku from 1969.

Peligro...! Mujeres en acción Trailer (1969)

17 July 1969

A new adventure of secret agent Alex Dynamo on land, in the air, and in the treacherous swamps. Alex Dynamo goes up against the S.

Storm Over the Yangtse River Trailer (1969)

18 July 1969

Storm over the Yangtze River tells the true story of undercover intelligence agent "Yangtze Number One" and his colleagues in Jianli County of Hubei Province, who risk their lives to carry out the "Dead Bridge Plan" to secure the "Yangtze 180 Blockade".

Der Vetter Basilio Trailer (1969)

02 July 1969

The Inextinguishable Fire Trailer (1969)

26 July 1969

An austere treatise on the military-industrial complex that produces napalm.

The Thousand Plane Raid Trailer (1969)

15 July 1969

In 1943, Colonel Greg Brandon, stationed at an United States Army Air Forces 8th Air Force, 103rd Bomb Group base in England, repeatedly attempts to persuade superiors that massive daylight bombing will hasten the end of World War II.

Thunder from the West Trailer (1969)

10 July 1969

During World War II an Italian secret agent is sent undercover to kill the head of the resistance in Budapest.

Līvsalas zēni Trailer (1969)

13 July 1969

Her Odd Tastes Trailer (1969)

23 July 1969

A woman embarks on a worldwide quest for sexual fulfillment, experimenting in the exotic jungles of Africa to the swinging beaches of California, no desire left unfulfilled.

The Gay Deceivers Trailer (1969)

30 July 1969

Danny and Elliot avoid military service by pretending to be gay, but they have to act the part when the recruiting officer doesn't buy it.

Vengeance Is A Golden Blade Trailer (1969)

19 July 1969

Li Zhishan is a rich man, but wealth cannot keep the loyalties of his wife, who has been visiting the bed of a rival.

Three into Two Won't Go Trailer (1969)

02 July 1969

Steve Howard, a British sales executive living in Manchester, England, begins an affair with a young hitchhiker, Elle Patterson, to emotionally get away from his marriage to his wife Francis.

Das Rätsel von Piskov Trailer (1969)

07 July 1969

Marcy Trailer (1969)

16 July 1969

Marcy is forced to change her sexual orientation because of town rumors.

The Lost Man Trailer (1969)

11 July 1969

A gang of black militants plots to rob a factory to finance their "revolutionary struggle."

Childish Things Trailer (1969)

01 July 1969

An alcoholic former serviceman goes to work collecting debts for gangsters and committing various other crimes, then has a religious conversion and helps other alcoholics.

The Great Battle Trailer (1969)

01 July 1969

Two great armies duel to the death with a million guns and ten thousand tanks - THE GREAT BATTLE.

An Event Trailer (1969)

14 July 1969

A grandfather and his grandson go to a fair to sell a horse. A ranger and his vicious partner, Matijevic, follow them as they return home in order to rob them.

Las Fieras Trailer (1969)

17 July 1969

Historia de un grupo de estafadores internacionales y sus artimañas.

Chico, chica, ¡boom! Trailer (1969)

03 July 1969

Andres and Luis are two young taxi drivers eager to succeed. The first one sings and the other composes songs, and together they intend to record an album to finally jump to fame.

Sadistic Hallucinations Trailer (1969)

29 July 1969

In a mysterious French castle dark meetings and apparitions happen, seasoned by nauseating erotic menages.

Sunday Trailer (1969)

21 July 1969

A group of young men rampage all day through the streets of an Adriatic port make love, wrangle over lunch, drink, finally steal a bus and is a burst of destructiveness drive it over the cliffs into the sea from which in surrealist fashion they are resurrected.