Movie Trailers - June 1921

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Popular trailers for movies released in June 1921

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The Automobile Ride Trailer (1921)

19 June 1921

Max draws Koko on the drawing board. He then receives a call and leaves. Koko leaves after but not before taking some money from Max's wallet that he left behind.

Corinthian Jack Trailer (1921)

01 June 1921

A boxer saves a girl from a noble kidnapper.

The Bachelor's Club Trailer (1921)

01 June 1921

A henpeck man inherits a fortune and starts a club for women-haters.

Nearly Spliced Trailer (1921)

11 June 1921

Leon Errol comedy produced by George Kleine

Quatre-vingt-treize Trailer (1921)

23 June 1921

In Britain, during the revolution, the nephew of the Marquis de Lantenac, Gawain (P. Capellani) befriends Cimourdain (H.

Traveling Salesman Trailer (1921)

05 June 1921

A practical joke makes a man get off before his intended stop, leading to all sorts of trouble.

One a minute Trailer (1921)

19 June 1921

An excellent silent comedy starring unjustly forgotten star Douglas MacLean. Its indictment of pharmaceutical entrepreneurs is far sharper than Side Effects'.

Stuck Up Trailer (1921)

11 June 1921

Bud Duncan comedy produced by Schiller and distributed by Reelcraft.

The Foolish Matrons Trailer (1921)

19 June 1921

Three women, each living in a separate social sphere, work out their destinies in New York.

A Private Scandal Trailer (1921)

11 June 1921

A French orphan girl is adopted into the home of wealthy Americans. There she becomes romantically involved with a farm worker and at the same time entangled in the deteriorating marriage of the American couple who rescued her.

The Plumber Trailer (1921)

21 June 1921

A delivery man is mistaken for a plumber; violence ensues!

The Bakery Trailer (1921)

19 June 1921

Well-meaning but accident-prone bakery employee Larry is involved in numerous slapstick mishaps on the job.

The Jest Trailer (1921)

30 June 1921

A fantastic British entry from the ‘Grand Guignol’ series. After his wife leaves him, an old man suffers for 40 years, longing for her to return, until one day his fellow lodgers decide to play a vicious prank… (chapter.

By Right of Birth Trailer (1921)

22 June 1921

Based on a story told by George Johnson, featuring Booker T. Washington. Only four minutes survive.