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Eye of the Cat Trailer (1969)

18 June 1969

A man and his girlfriend plan to rob the mansion of the man's eccentric but wealthy aunt. However, the aunt keeps dozens of cats in her home, and the man is deathly afraid of cats.

Heads or Tails Trailer (1969)

04 June 1969

Shanda is charged with the murder of the banker, Burton and to save her from being lynched, the sheriff sends her off to Phoenix.

Mil máscaras Trailer (1969)

06 June 1969

Wrestling superhero Mil Máscaras battles bad guys.

Hiden: Haragei 18-ban Trailer (1969)

01 June 1969

Pinku from 1969.

The First Time Trailer (1969)

11 June 1969

With the coming of summer, three high school buddies--Kenny Leeds, Mike Decker, and Tommy Kingsley--anticipate their initiation into the pleasures of manhood.

Popelka Trailer (1969)

11 June 1969

The Deadwood Thunderball Trailer (1969)

06 June 1969

A stagecoach owner is going out of business if the train (rode by Roland) makes it to the other side, so they hire Rattfink to stop the train, but doesn't work.

Strange People Trailer (1969)

06 June 1969

A comedy based on three short novels by Vasiliy Shukshin.

Der Porno-Graf von Schweden Trailer (1969)

12 June 1969

German version of Pete Walker's "For Men Only" with extra footage directed by Günter Hendel.

Kulavilakku Trailer (1969)

14 June 1969

Roughneck Trailer (1969)

13 June 1969

Yasuharu Hasebe directed this fiercely kinetic tale of wannabe yakuza youths (Akira Kobayashi, Tatsuya Fuji, et al.

Arthur Rubinstein - The Love of Life Trailer (1969)

17 June 1969

Documentary about Polish-American pianist, Arthur Rubinstein.

Ohnsorg Theater - Landleben Trailer (1969)

27 June 1969

Closed Pages Trailer (1969)

21 June 1969

Luciano is forced to enter a religious boarding school after his parents' split-up. He faces hard time in the new environment under strict Catholic education.

Hunting Flies Trailer (1969)

07 June 1969

Nominated for the Golden Palm at the 1969 Cannes Film Festival, this comedy from Polish director Andrzej Wajda stars Zygmunt Malanowicz as Wlodek, a young man stuck in a dead-end job at the local library who lives with his harridan wife and critical in-laws in a small apartment.

Ahnenerbe Trailer (1969)

23 June 1969

Raped On The Beach Trailer (1969)

06 June 1969

A young girl witnesses a violent and ultimately fatal act between her mother and another man and it emotionally scars her for years to come.

Quinto: Fighting Proud Trailer (1969)

14 June 1969

A gang of outlaws gather at a desert saloon after robbing a bank. However, the loot is missing and f

The Eyes Trailer (1969)

28 June 1969

A teenage girl begins a career as a prostitute.

Der Mann mit dem goldenen Pinsel Trailer (1969)

20 June 1969

Aus dem Alltag in der DDR Trailer (1969)

15 June 1969

Spain Again Trailer (1969)

07 June 1969

David (Mark Stevens) is a physician who returns to Spain 30 years after his involvement in the Spanish Civil War.

17th of May - A film regarding rituals Trailer (1969)

16 June 1969

Norway's National Day on 17 May has over the years evolved to be a day marked by rituals and phrases which may no longer have as much content for most people.

Permian Strata Trailer (1969)

05 June 1969

A film he made in 1969 that rarely gets discussed, and is only barely mentioned even in the monograph 2000 BC: The Bruce Conner Story Part II.

Die Kleine Hexe Trailer (1969)

01 June 1969

De Vier jaargetijden van Pieter Brueghel Trailer (1969)

13 June 1969

C'era una volta un gangster Trailer (1969)

07 June 1969

Eurocrime/Poliziotteschi from 1969

Bitte recht freundlich, es wird geschossen Trailer (1969)

13 June 1969

Don Segundo Sombra Trailer (1969)

07 June 1969

This film version of the classic Argentine novel by Ricardo Guiraldes features Don Segundo Sombra as the heroic gaucho who rides the treeless pampas of his native land.

Time to Live Trailer (1969)

11 June 1969

Mary and Louis have been married for 10 years and have 2 children. Louis is a construction worker who, to support his wife and children in a comfort, works more and more.

Rabbit Stew and Rabbits Too! Trailer (1969)

06 June 1969

Quick Brown Fox tries to catch speedy fast Rapid Rabbit (who is silent, except for a bicycle horn which he uses).

Don't Let the Angels Fall Trailer (1969)

07 June 1969

The lives of a businessman and his family begin to spiral downward after he has an affair at an insurance convention.

One Pair of Eyes - No, But Seriously Trailer (1969)

07 June 1969

Documentary film in which Marty Feldman looks at humour through the people who create it.

The Tree Trailer (1969)

09 June 1969

A directionless and emotionally scarred young man kidnaps his niece, the daughter of his sister with whom he has a difficult past.

Sweet and Sourdough Trailer (1969)

25 June 1969

Roland is assigned to capture Rattfink in Yukon, but Rattfink have Roland hostage.

Die Kleinbürger Trailer (1969)

03 June 1969

Technology, Phooey Trailer (1969)

25 June 1969

Aardvark's computer contraption that he consults for advice on how to catch the Ant only guides the Aardvark through an exercise of painful futility.

Extinct Pink Trailer (1969)

20 June 1969

Pink fights over a bone with a caveman and two dinosaurs.

Works and Days Trailer (1969)

01 June 1969

"I bought this film in a Canal Street junk shop for $1.00 and found myself in complete agreement with it.

Law and Order Trailer (1969)

09 June 1969

Also known as The Greater Good, this series of vignettes focuses on the day-to-day work of Kansas City, Missouri police covers the range of circumstances they encounter and the variety of social roles they are asked to play.

Nindu Hrudayalu Trailer (1969)

20 June 1969

When Gopi (NTR) was a child, he witnesses his father's murder by Veeraraju. He grows up with a vengeance to take revenge on him.

The Heir Trailer (1969)

05 June 1969

Drapp Tamás, metro-driver inherits an American salami-factory worth a hundred thousand dollars from an unknown relative abroad.

The Doors on PBS Critique Trailer (1969)

25 June 1969

The Doors film a six-song set and interview for a PBS television series called Critique in April 1969.

Tumble Weed Greed Trailer (1969)

01 June 1969

Woody wins a cash prize and goes on a vacation with it. Buzz Buzzard stops at nothing to get the cash away from Woody.

Los recuerdos del porvenir Trailer (1969)

25 June 1969

Memories of the Future

Trilogy Trailer (1969)

08 June 1969

Trilogy is an anthology film of three adaptations of Truman Capote short stories: Miriam, Among the Paths to Eden and A Christmas Memory.

Lesbo Trailer (1969)

20 June 1969

Erotic comedy

A beszélő köntös Trailer (1969)

09 June 1969

Times without War Trailer (1969)

29 June 1969

Drama of the life of a young man of today torn between his desires and the opportunities of his environment.

Les gauloises bleues Trailer (1969)

07 June 1969

The harsh life of a troubled young man provides the basis of this grim French tragedy that begins when the fellow stops into a shop to buy a pack of the title cigarettes.

Little Skeeter Trailer (1969)

19 June 1969

Woody Woodpecker is pestered by a mosquito, and the idiotic exterminator he hires does not improve things.

Dr. med. Fabian - Lachen ist die beste Medizin Trailer (1969)

15 June 1969

The Young Avengers Trailer (1969)

05 June 1969

A scholar taking money to bail out his falsely accused father is rescued from bandits by a swordswoman in red, who is looking to avenge her parents death.

Kellerassel Trailer (1969)

07 June 1969

Tibetana Trailer (1969)

13 June 1969

One step ahead of Chinese communists, a couple of friends hook up with an American adventurer who promises to lead them safely out of Tibet through the Himalayas.

The Cleaners Trailer (1969)

01 June 1969

Opening with views of the city of Melbourne in the early morning, we see the crowds of workers arriving by train and tram.

Gurudhatchanai Trailer (1969)

14 June 1969

Robbery in Athens Trailer (1969)

12 June 1969

Three young people have decided to rob the safe of the estate agent Thomas Christidis, whose office is in the center of Athens.

Sturm im Wasserglas Trailer (1969)

06 June 1969

Ride a Wild Stud Trailer (1969)

05 June 1969

During the Civil War, Confederate bandit William Quantrill and his raiders kidnap women, rape them and imprison them in a brothel.