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The Goonies Trailer (1985)

07 June 1985

A young teenager named Mikey Walsh finds an old treasure map in his father's attic. Hoping to save their homes from demolition, Mikey and his friends Data Wang, Chunk Cohen, and Mouth Devereaux run off on a big quest to find the secret stash of Pirate One-Eyed Willie.

Cocoon Trailer (1985)

21 June 1985

A group of aliens return to earth to take back some cocoons of their people they left behind from an earlier trip.

Ran Trailer (1985)

01 June 1985

In Medieval Japan, an elderly warlord retires, handing over his empire to his three sons. However, he vastly underestimates how their new-found power will corrupt them.

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome Trailer (1985)

29 June 1985

Mad Max becomes a pawn in a decadent oasis of a technological society, and when exiled, becomes the deliverer of a colony of children.

The Emerald Forest Trailer (1985)

26 June 1985

For ten years, engineer Bill Markham has searched tirelessly for his son Tommy who disappeared from the edge of the Brazilian rainforest.

Prizzi's Honor Trailer (1985)

14 June 1985

A professional hit man and hit woman fall in love, only to discover that they have each been hired to kill the other.

Lifeforce Trailer (1985)

20 June 1985

A space shuttle mission investigating Halley's Comet brings back a malevolent race of space vampires who transform most of London's population into zombies.

No End Trailer (1985)

17 June 1985

Taking place in a 1982 Poland a translator loses her husband and becomes a victim of her own sorrow. She looks to sex, to her son, to law, and to hypnotism when she has nothing else in this time of martial law when Solidarity was banned.

St. Elmo's Fire Trailer (1985)

28 June 1985

Seven friends - Alec, Billy, Jules, Kevin, Kirby, Leslie and Wendy - are trying to navigate through life and their friendships following college graduation.

Pale Rider Trailer (1985)

28 June 1985

A small gold mining camp is terrorised by a ruthless land owner wanting to take their land. Clint Eastwood arrives riding a pale horse just as a young girl is praying to God to help the miners.

14 numara Trailer (1985)

01 June 1985

Secret Admirer Trailer (1985)

14 June 1985

When high-school heartthrob Michael receives an unsigned love letter, he assumes it's from knock-out prom queen Deborah Anne instead of pretty honor student Toni.

The Dark Power Trailer (1985)

01 June 1985

The spirits of dead Indians are haunting a couple's house, and they call in an exorcist, whose trademark is a black whip, to get rid of them.

Return to Oz Trailer (1985)

21 June 1985

Dorothy, saved from a psychiatric experiment by a mysterious girl, finds herself back in the land of her dreams, and makes delightful new friends, and dangerous new enemies.

D.A.R.Y.L. Trailer (1985)

14 June 1985

Daryl is a normal 10-year-old boy in many ways. However, unbeknown to his foster parents and friends, Daryl is actually a government-created robot with superhuman reflexes and mental abilities.

The Stuff Trailer (1985)

14 June 1985

Weird yummy goo erupts from the earth and is discovered by a couple of miners. They taste it and decide to market it because it tastes so good.

Perfect Trailer (1985)

07 June 1985

A female aerobics instructor meets a male reporter doing a story on health clubs, but it isn't love at first sight.

What Comes Around Trailer (1985)

25 June 1985

Country singer Joe Hawkins must fight both drug addiction and his unscrupulous manager to get back on his feet.

Head Office Trailer (1985)

06 June 1985

In this comic take on big-business wheelings and dealings, an ambitious senator's son (Judge Reinhold) moves up the corporate ladder through undeserved promotions.

Scorpio Nights Trailer (1985)

17 June 1985

In a crowded, multi-appartment house, a young student peeps on his neighbours making love and subsequently develops a steamy affair with the neighbour's wife.

The Two Lives of Mattia Pascal Trailer (1985)

03 June 1985

The Two Lives of Mattia Pascal is based on Le Deux Vite di Mattia Pascal, one of Luigi Pirandello's many stories concerning the transitory nature of the intangibles "Truth" and "Identity" Marcello Mastrioanni is a downtrodden average man, treated like trash by his fiancee, scorned by his associates, and cheated out of his inheritance by contemptuous relatives.

Winter Evening in Gagry Trailer (1985)

06 June 1985

A young romantic loves step dance but there is only one person who knows this forgotten art. Beglov was a step dance super star back in 50s but as step became unpopular he lost everything.

Bambi's Childhood Trailer (1985)

06 June 1985

First of the two movies bases on the novel "Bambi, a Life in the Woods" written by Felix Salten.

The Detached Mission Trailer (1985)

06 June 1985

CIA appointed US Army major Jack Hessalt to be in charge of a secret missile base in the Atlantic Ocean.

Gipfeltreffen Trailer (1985)

22 June 1985

Life Is Beautiful Trailer (1985)

03 June 1985

Political and social undercurrents in the former Yugoslavia are the topic of this slice-of-life film from director Boro Drašković.

Wetherby Trailer (1985)

19 June 1985

The mysterious death of an enigmatic young man newly arrived in the suburb of Wetherby releases the long-repressed, dark passions of some of its residents.

Racetrack Trailer (1985)

03 June 1985

RACETRACK is about the Belmont Race Track, one of the world's leading race tracks for thoroughbred racing.

Más Allá del Silencio Trailer (1985)

19 June 1985

Fidel, a deaf mugger, sees the possibility of a new life after he start attending to a school for the deaf.

Dream Hunter Rem Trailer (1985)

10 June 1985

Rem can't sleep - ever - but she can enter the world of dreams just the same, so she decides to use her unusual powers ti make a living as a private investigator in the dreamworld.

Regime Without Bread Trailer (1985)

25 June 1985

Régime sans pain, influenced by (Ruiz's) friend Jean Baudrillard (and calling) to mind grade-Z SF, grew out of a commission to direct a music video (featuring French cult rock duo of Angèle/Maimone).

Chet Baker Trio - Sweden Trailer (1985)

29 June 1985

The Warrior and the Ninja Trailer (1985)

01 June 1985

Balung Wesi was defeated in battle and is seeking revenge on Ki Sapu Angin, the teacher of Jaka Sembung, The Warrior.

Lichnoe Delo Sudi Ivanovoy Trailer (1985)

06 June 1985

A young girl decides to leave her home after she fails to make a peace in the family.

Metallica: Day on the Green & Metal Hammer Festival '85 Trailer (1985)

14 June 1985

Ride The Lightning Official Release, Exclusive Box DVD: - LIVE AT THE METAL HAMMER FESTIVAL IN ST. S

Looking for Maria Trailer (1985)

16 June 1985

A short, but also semi-documentary, that goes behind the story of the Colombian classic, "María (1922)" of M.

Loft Trailer (1985)

28 June 1985

In an apocalyptic future world, a young upper class couple is visiting an exhibition of surrealistic paintings, presented by a group of young anarchists in their loft flat where they trap and torture their high society guests.

Miguelito, the Rebel Trailer (1985)

14 June 1985

This is the story of Miguelito, his estranged mother Auring and the quest for justice against a powerful politician.

God's Country Trailer (1985)

07 June 1985

Original footage of the prosperous farming community of Glencoe Minnesota, 60 miles west of Minneapolis, was filmed in 1979 for a PBS documentary.

La Casa que Arde de Noche Trailer (1985)

28 June 1985

A prostitute enters a brothel and establishes a rivalry faking love with the old owner.

Proshchaniye Slavyanki Trailer (1985)

06 June 1985

A retired air force colonel comes on summer vacation to the Crimea. He comes as a non-official holiday-maker, so the main problem is to find night quarters.

O-Bi, O-Ba: The End of Civilization Trailer (1985)

28 June 1985

Set in an underground dungeon inhabited by bundled, ragged human beings, after the nuclear holocaust.

Easy livin' - a history of Uriah Heep Trailer (1985)

26 June 1985

A compilation of live recordings and promotional videos 1974 - 1984 plus interview with Ken Hensley

Parayanumvayya Parayathirikkanumvayya Trailer (1985)

21 June 1985

Parayanumvayya Parayathirikkanumvayya is an action drama where Mammootty plays a tough police offer while Shankar a criminal, who escapes from prison and takes shelter in Mammootty's house.

Confessions of Love Trailer (1985)

10 June 1985

Love story of 2 high school students with different social standards, Ioana and Alexandru. They are to form a couple with all the social and familial obstacles encountered.

Bhago Bhoot Aayaa Trailer (1985)

21 June 1985

A young girl has returned to India from London to see her old dying uncle. But she is unaware of presence of some goons planning to find hidden treasures of that house.

Wrenched from Heaven Trailer (1985)

06 June 1985

A woman is thinking of abortion, against her firm faith and family's wants.

Loads Trailer (1985)

21 June 1985

Curt McDowell offers an account of his "adventures with straight boys and the hospitality he extends to them".

Start All Over Again Trailer (1985)

06 June 1985

A story about a life of a young musician in the USSR.

Arhats in Fury Trailer (1985)

13 June 1985

During the Sung Dynasty, there is an order of monks enforces their own regulations harshly. Even when the evil Jins attack, and martial arts supremo Zhi Xing helps fight them off, he is punished for practicing fu without permission.

Tina Turner: Private Dancer Tour Trailer (1985)

08 June 1985

No overview found.

Ali Setan Trailer (1985)

20 June 1985

A story about a very naughty graduate named Ali who is always in Asmidar’s hair disturbing in all kinds of manor.

Night of Burning Flesh and Bones Trailer (1985)

12 June 1985

Photographer Jun-sik is normally preoccupied with work and neglects his family. Not spending enough time with his wife and daughter, it is no wonder Jun-sik has these strange dreams.

Andre Van Duin - Dik Voor Mekaar Trailer (1985)

11 June 1985

Oru Nokku Kanan Trailer (1985)

28 June 1985

What the movie has in store for you, wait and watch this space for more updates.

I Do Trailer (1985)

30 June 1985

Ann is from a wealthy family, but her father wants her to live by her own means after further studies in the States.

The Intellectual Trio Trailer (1985)

06 June 1985

Joyce Ni (Esprit D'Amour) and Sandy Lam play two sisters who pick pockets for a living, and manage to run afoul of a pair of cops (Leslie Cheung and Billy Lau) after lifting their wallets.

The Most Charming and Attractive Trailer (1985)

06 June 1985

Nadya Klyueva is a single woman. Persuaded by her friend, she decides to charm her co-worker whom she doesn't really love, but who is the most popular man around.

Boetie on Manoeuvres Trailer (1985)

25 June 1985

Military-Comedy. Sequel to "Boetie gaan border toe". Boetie (Translated into English as 'Buddy' or "Brother") wants to win his girlfriend Liza back, who just dumped him.

The Sisters Of Mercy: Wake Trailer (1985)

18 June 1985

The "Sisters of Mercy" live at the Royal Albert Hall: First and Last and Always / Body and Soul / Mar