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Popular trailers for movies released in June 1989

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Dead Poets Society Trailer (1989)

02 June 1989

At an elite, old-fashioned boarding school in New England, a passionate English teacher inspires his students to rebel against convention and seize the potential of every day, courting the disdain of the stern headmaster.

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Trailer (1989)

22 June 1989

The scientist father of a teenage girl and boy accidentally shrinks his and two other neighborhood teens to the size of insects.

The Karate Kid, Part III Trailer (1989)

29 June 1989

Kreese, his life in tatters after his karate school was defeated by Daniel and Mr. Miyagi, visits Terry, a friend from Vietnam.

Mr. Canton and Lady Rose Trailer (1989)

15 June 1989

A country boy becomes the head of a gang through the purchase of some lucky roses from an old lady. He and a singer at the gang's nightclub try to do a good deed for the old lady when her daughter comes to visit.

Batman Trailer (1989)

23 June 1989

The Dark Knight of Gotham City begins his war on crime with his first major enemy being the clownishly homicidal Joker, who has seized control of Gotham's underworld.

Ghostbusters II Trailer (1989)

15 June 1989

Five years after they defeated Zuul, the Ghostbusters are out of business. When Dana begins to have ghost problems again, the boys come out of retirement to aid her and hopefully save New York City from a new paranormal threat.

Do the Right Thing Trailer (1989)

30 June 1989

On the hottest day of the year on a street in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, everyone's hate and bigotry smolders and builds until it explodes into violence.

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Trailer (1989)

09 June 1989

Capt. Kirk and his crew must deal with Mr. Spock's half brother who kidnaps three diplomats and hijacks the Enterprise in his obsessive search for God.

Warlock Trailer (1989)

01 June 1989

A warlock flees from the 17th to the 20th century, with a witch-hunter in hot pursuit. A Warlock (Julian Sands) is taken captive in Boston, Massachusetts in 1691 by a witch-hunter Giles Redferne (Richard Grant).

Paganini Horror Trailer (1989)

06 June 1989

Rock and roll band purchases piece of music to record that were used in satanic rituals. Band decides to record and tape video of song in mansion where rituals took place.

Renegades Trailer (1989)

02 June 1989

Buster McHenry (Sutherland) is as an undercover agent for the police. His mission involves him in a robbery.

Peter Cushing: A One Way Ticket to Hollywood Trailer (1989)

04 June 1989

An interview with Legendary Actor Peter Cushing and clips from some of his best films.

Great Balls of Fire! Trailer (1989)

30 June 1989

The story of Jerry Lee Lewis, arguably the greatest and certainly one of the wildest musicians of the 1950s.

Curse II: The Bite Trailer (1989)

27 June 1989

After a young man is bitten on the hand by a radioactive snake, his hand changes into a lethal snake head, which attacks everyone he comes into contact with.

Don Cesar de Bazan Trailer (1989)

06 June 1989

A musical adaptation of the classic play "Don César de Bazan" by Adolphe d'Ennery and Philippe Dumanoir.

Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone Trailer (1989)

15 June 1989

Gohan has been kidnapped! To make matters worse, the evil Garlic Jr. is gathering the Dragonballs to wish for immortality.

Philipp Traum Trailer (1989)

06 June 1989

A story based on "The Mysterious Stranger" novel by Mark Twain.

The Gifted One Trailer (1989)

25 June 1989

A young boy can transfer his body energy into ESP and heal sick people. While the subject of scientists' studies, he runs away to try to find out about his past and why he is the way he is.

Bloodfight Trailer (1989)

24 June 1989

Master martial artist Masahiro Kai is a shadow of the champion fighter and trainer he once was. After his protégé was slain in a no-holds-barred, underground fight by the incomparable Chang Lee, Kai slips into a numbing alcohol-induced stupor to try to forget the past.

No Holds Barred Trailer (1989)

02 June 1989

Rip is the World Wrestling Federation champion who is faithful to his fans and the network he wrestles for, but Brell, the new head of the World Television Network, wants Rip to wrestle for his network.

Far from Home Trailer (1989)

30 June 1989

Charlie Cox should have stopped for gas in California. While he's on a cross-country trip with his teenage daughter, Joleen, his car hits empty in a creepy town in Nevada.

Tummy Trouble Trailer (1989)

23 June 1989

Roger Rabbit once again is chosen for the dangerous task of babysitting Baby Herman and everything is going to be just fine.

Ghosts... of the Civil Dead Trailer (1989)

01 June 1989

The inmates and guards of a modern, clean and efficient maximum security wing are slowly and increasingly brutalized until they erupt in violence.

Slipstream Trailer (1989)

22 June 1989

Slipstream is a 1989 post-apocalyptic science fiction adventure film. The plot has an emphasis on aviation and contains many common science-fiction themes, such as taking place in a dystopian future in which the landscape of the Earth itself has been changed and is windswept by storms of great power.

Avariya - Cop's Daughter Trailer (1989)

06 June 1989

A teenage girl nicknamed Avariya - "Crash" - is a rebel child that just can't get along with her family members that try to persuade her to behave normally - that is as other people do.

Four Days of Snow and Blood Trailer (1989)

17 June 1989

Based on the "2.26 Incident", an attempted coup d'état in Japan 1936, launched by radical ultra-nationalist parts of the military.

Bespredel Trailer (1989)

06 June 1989

A drama from the life of the prisoners in a regular jail in Soviet Union.

Lestnitsa Trailer (1989)

06 June 1989

Герой фильма Владимир Пирошников в поисках выхода из жизненного тупика мучительно решает вечные вопросы смысла жизни.

I'm from Hollywood Trailer (1989)

15 June 1989

I'm from Hollywood is about the adventures of late performance artist Andy Kaufman in the world of professional wrestling.

The Skipper 2 Trailer (1989)

06 June 1989

Abba Ganuv is the heart warming story of single father "chiko" Ben David - a struggling sailor and his only son Ben.

Trained To Kill Trailer (1989)

07 June 1989

From the fields of Cambodia to the mean streets of L.A., there's no escaping death and it's blinding revenge.

Looking for Miracles Trailer (1989)

03 June 1989

Sixteen-year-old Ryan Delaney has won a scholarship, but it's not a full one, so he needs a summer job to pay for his university expenses.

Lady Terminator Trailer (1989)

10 June 1989

The spirit of an ancient evil queen posesses the body of a young anthropological student, who then goes on a murderous rampage.

Varnam Trailer (1989)

06 June 1989

Haridas moves to the city after his twin sister's death. Still struggling to keep his past, Haridas met and fall in love with Manju, the daughter of Major M.

Until First Blood Trailer (1989)

06 June 1989

War game is a summer camp gets unexpected turn...

The Gunrunner Trailer (1989)

01 June 1989

1926. The Chinese Civil War. Drifter Ted Beaubien is captured and forced to witness his girlfriend's execution.

A Sinful Life Trailer (1989)

30 June 1989

A former 'Sonny and Cher' dancer tries to pull her life together when social services threaten to take her daughter away from her.

Bal Poussière Trailer (1989)

20 June 1989

Dyrenes Dans Trailer (1989)

05 June 1989

A musical documentary poems about animals - how they live and die - in the human world ....

Helmut Newton: Frames from the Edge Trailer (1989)

26 June 1989

A camera crew follows Helmut Newton, the fashion and ad photographer whose images of tall, blond, big-breasted women are part of the iconography of twentieth-century erotic fantasy.

The View from the Woodpile Trailer (1989)

12 June 1989

Ken Loach documentary; made for Central Television in 1988, but rejected, and not shown until the following year, when it was taken up by Channel 4.

Ruanskaya Deva po Prozvishchu Pyshka Trailer (1989)

06 June 1989

Телевизионный мюзикл по рассказам Ги де Мопаcсана «Пышка», «Мадемуазель Фифи», «История батрачки», простым и одновременно беспредельно сложным произведениям, очень жизненным и по сей день актуальным, несмотря на то, что написаны в 19 веке.

El mar y el tiempo Trailer (1989)

15 June 1989

Tempting the Devil Trailer (1989)

27 June 1989

Two themes arise from the story, themes that are interlocked: the theme of love and of man's eternal submission to traditional symbols.

Def Leppard: In the Round in Your Face Live Trailer (1989)

06 June 1989

Live: In the Round, in Your Face is a live video from Def Leppard. The video contains a full Def Leppard live show at the McNichols Sports Arena in Denver, Colorado and additional footage from shows at The Omni in Atlanta, Georgia, compiled from footage shot during the band's 1987/1988 US Hysteria World Tour.

Scenes from the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills Trailer (1989)

03 June 1989

The widow's houseboy and the divorcee's chauffeur bet on which will bed the other's employer first.

Vice Academy Trailer (1989)

08 June 1989

This tale tells the story of female police cadets training to join the Hollywood vice squad. During training, the toothsome rookies are assigned to infiltrate a kiddy porn operation.

Danger Zone II: Reaper's Revenge Trailer (1989)

28 June 1989

When the leader of a biker gang is released early from prison, he vows revenge on the cop who put him there and kidnaps his girlfriend.

Ballbuster Trailer (1989)

27 June 1989

Roosevelt Prophet is a one-time big city cop turned private investigator- nickname "Ballbuster". Ballbuster must stop the nefarious Nick Plato, who's into everything from loan sharking to gambling.

La Barbare Trailer (1989)

07 June 1989

Das Milliardenspiel Trailer (1989)

07 June 1989

Bronx Executioner Trailer (1989)

08 June 1989

In a futuristic New York City, a cyborg goes on a killing spree

Darkroom Trailer (1989)

06 June 1989

Looking for revenge for past incestuous experiences, a slasher invades a lonely farmhouse.

Japanese-English Pictionary Trailer (1989)

07 June 1989

Second short by Koji Yamamura

Bille en tête Trailer (1989)

20 June 1989

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Tongue in Cheek Trailer (1989)

06 June 1989

Eye doctor uses a young girl's breasts for vision checks by asking his patients to say whisch is mort

For the Beautiful Ladies! Trailer (1989)

01 June 1989

A group of young successful women is getting robbed in the house of one of them.

The Drayman and the King Trailer (1989)

06 June 1989

Фильм-мюзикл по мотивам произведений Исаака Бабеля "Закат" и "Одесские рассказы".

I Won the New Year's Lottery Trailer (1989)

06 June 1989

Ciottoli is a journalist with absolutely no prospective for his career, with a lot of debts and a mobster that want him died.

Nuklear Zombies Trailer (1989)

05 June 1989

In the year 2047 Ray City has become the refuge for a totally infested world. Max Maker is sent via a landspeeder! to search the jungle for survivors of the nuclear disaster.