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Space Battleship Yamato - Final Chapter Trailer (1983)

19 March 1983

The Galman Empire is destroyed but the planet Galmania is not, by a chance collision of galaxies. The Bolar Federation worlds including Planet Bolar are destroyed.

The Yakuza Papers, Vol. 3: Proxy War Trailer (1973)

25 September 1973

The film is set in 1960, fifteen years after the end of the end of World War II. Shozo Hirono (Bunta Sugawara), the protagonist of the first film in the series, has managed to separate from the Yamamori family, create his own small family, and extend his circle of acquaintances.

The Yakuza Papers, Vol. 2: Deadly Fight in Hiroshima Trailer (1973)

28 April 1973

Repeatedly beat to a pulp by gamblers, cops, and gangsters, lone wolf Shoji Yamanaka (Kinya Kitaoji) finally finds a home as a Muraoka family hit man and falls in love with boss Muraoka's niece.

The Yakuza Papers, Vol. 1: Battles Without Honor and Humanity Trailer (1973)

13 January 1973

In the teeming black markets of postwar Japan, Shozo Hirono (Bunta Sugawara) and his buddies find themselves in a new war between factious and ambitious yakuza.

The Yakuza Papers, Vol. 4: Police Tactics Trailer (1974)

15 January 1974

As Japan gears up for the 1964 Olympic games, the cops start to crack down under pressure from the public and the press, adding a new dimension in the war for power among the yakuza families of Hiroshima.

Hill 203 Trailer (1980)

02 August 1980

Ronin-gai Trailer (1990)

18 August 1990

Near the end of Japanese civil war, several disgraced ronin living in Edo's red light district attempt to regain their honor by defending a brothel from a hostile militia bent on wiping out local prostitutes.

The Red Cherry Blossom Family Trailer (1972)

04 March 1972

The Ni Family is the most well know and respected group of firefighters in the Kanto region. When their leader dies and the successor disappears, Tsuruji, a beautiful yet tough geisha, becomes the boss.

The Yakuza Papers, Vol. 5: Final Episode Trailer (1974)

29 June 1974

Battles Without Honor and Humanity: Final Episode is part five and the final installation of a series of yakuza films directed by Kinji Fukasaku.

Assassins of the Gion Trailer (1962)

17 June 1962

A dark tale of murder and revenge set in old Kyoto.

Big Time Gambling Boss Trailer (1968)

01 January 1968

The oyabun (yakuza capo) of the clan controlling gambling in the Tokyo district dies suddenly and his followers have to decide who will take his place.

The Prickly Mouthed Geisha Part 2 Trailer (1960)

01 March 1960

In one of her best movie roles, super-star singer and actress Hibari Misora shines in this romantic film about a young geisha named Koharu.

Secret of the Golden Coin Trailer (1958)

19 November 1958

A princess finds life behind the protection of her brother and the high walls of the mansion to be quite dull, so she takes on another identity and lives in a small house in Edo pretending to be a singer but all the while she is actually a Shogunate Detective.

Cops vs. Thugs Trailer (1975)

26 April 1975

In at least 6 movies by director Kinji Fukasaku, Bunta Sugawara played a yakuza thug. This time, he carries a badge but his character hasn't lost his distaste for double-dealing bosses and authority figures who are out to cover their own butts.

Carmen 1945 Trailer (1988)

09 April 1988

Prostitutes in burnt out Tokyo ghetto of post-WWII Japan peddle their flesh and save one-third of their money for a proposed dancehall to be named Paradise.

The Prickly Mouthed Geisha Trailer (1959)

06 December 1959

In this one Hibari Misora plays a modern day geisha who has a reputation among the clientele for not liking men very much and refusing to provide any of the “extras” they so want to get from the women in this profession.

Red Peony Gambler: Biographies of a Gambling Room Trailer (1969)

01 October 1969

Junko Fuji returns as Oryu the Red Peony, a wandering female yakuza on a soul-searching journey after the death of her father.

Memoirs of Japanese Assassins Trailer (1969)

16 October 1969

This anthology film consists of nine incidents in the late 19th and early 20th centuries when assassins changed the course of Japanese history.

Three Yakuza Trailer (1965)

22 May 1965

Toei Films presents a film like no other. This is the tale of three Yakuza gamblers who traveled Japan during the samurai era living by their wits and sword skills.

Detective Duel Trailer (1958)

06 August 1958

A friendly rivalry turns into romance for Yukiko, an elite female detective, and a handsome private eye named Mitamura while both are investigating the missing person's case from a wealthy family.

Deep River Melody Trailer (1960)

13 September 1960

A poignant story about a young couple, Setsu and Chozo, who are torn apart to save Setsu's father's restaurant.

Prison Boss Trailer (1968)

18 April 1968

Rival gangs battle for ownership of a bicycle race track.

With Songs in My Heart Trailer (1958)

10 September 1958

Sayuri, a young woman born to a simple life on a farm, moves to Tokyo to pursue a life long dream of becoming a singer.

The Tokyo Dame Trailer (1959)

17 March 1959

A young woman tries to keep her family together after her father disowns her sister.

Case of the Hidden Coin Trailer (1959)

15 November 1959

Two siblings try to unveil the secrets behind a mysterious coin found at a murder scene.

Yakuza Graveyard Trailer (1976)

30 October 1976

A police investigator cracks down on yakuza business, but once he realizes the police are in negotiations with certain factions, he sides with his own syndicate of choice.

Tokyo Bordello Trailer (1987)

13 June 1987

A ruined businessman was forced to sell his daughter, Hisano, to a brothel in Yoshiwara, the largest red-light district in Tokyo.

Brave Red Flower of the North Trailer (1970)

01 January 1970

An exciting tale of action on the distant northern island of Hokkaido around the beginning of the 20th Century starring two of the biggest names in Yakuza film history, Fuji Junko and Takakura Ken.

The Ballad of the Sea of Genkai Trailer (1986)

15 January 1986

A young woman's life is turned upside down when her husband suddenly disappears, leaving behind numerous debts and his illegitimate child.

The Shogun Assassins Trailer (1979)

01 September 1979

This is a film about a real person. Sanada Yukimura fought a war against Tokugawa Ieyeasu. In the beginning the film shows Yukimura fighting to defend the Osaka Castle.

Battles Without Honor and Humanity: The Complete Saga Trailer (1980)

05 April 1980

The 224-minute compilation edition of the first four films in the series.