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Murder on D Street Trailer (1998)

16 May 1998

The brilliant detective Kogoro Akechi has shied away disillusioned. A puzzling murder involving falsification of erotic art makes him, however, to return to work.

Railroad Man Trailer (1999)

05 June 1999

A railway stationmaster at a dying end-of-the-line village in Hokkaido is haunted by memories of his dead wife and daughter.

White Snake Enchantment Trailer (1983)

12 November 1983

Uta married a priest who saved her when she tried to commit suicide at a waterfall. The love triangle between a lustful priest, his second wife and his son Masao.

Tomb of the Wild Chrysanthemum Trailer (1981)

08 August 1981

Saito Masao reminisces on the days of his youth more than 50 years ago and his forbidden love of his older cousin Tamiko.

Shakotan Boogie Trailer (1987)

15 August 1987

Two friends are into shakotan, the Japanese term for low-riders. The adventure of low-riding youths includes picking up girls and cross-cultural drag racing.

Heavenly Sin Trailer (1992)

03 October 1992

Elite lawyer Ryoko enlists the help of a foreign mafia in rescuing her son from a criminal who holds grudge against her.

Surgical Designs in Flames Trailer (1986)

24 May 1986

A story of the skilled brain surgeon, Todo, whose talent and ambition are put to test through a series of high risk surgical procedures.

Heaven Station Trailer (1984)

09 June 1984

From a true incident that happened in 1960s Japan. This drama is contemporary in setting but medieval in its characters and emotions as it focuses on a tangled web of murder and deceit encountered by a beautiful woman, Kayo (Sayuri Yoshinaga) after her abusive husband is murdered.

The Story of a Company Trailer (1988)

26 November 1988

A hard-working section chief, fast approaching retirement and beset by stress from all directions, joins a jazz band and reignites his youthful passion for the music, giving him a chance to set things right in his life.

Remembrances Trailer (1988)

23 January 1988

The Yamaoki family moved from Kyoto to Tosa around the turn of the '50s; local school teacher Hirao becomes involved with Yasuko, sister to Sumio.

Lost in Time Trailer (1996)

20 January 1996

A story of friendship between two women, Yae and Kiyoko. Their friendship is tested when artist Yae, who suffers from fatal illness, develops special feelings towards her best friend Kiyoko’s boyfriend Kosuke.

Hold Me and Kiss Me Trailer (1992)

14 November 1992

Keiko’s life is turned upside down when she discovers that she has been infected with HIV. As she struggles to cope with the situation and resist the infection, she finds new friendship and companionship with a journalist named Miyuki and a man named Akira.

The Unspoiled Diamond Trailer (1982)

15 May 1982

A college student has an affair with a married, middle-aged teacher.

Memories of You Trailer (1988)

05 March 1988

University student Akira meets the lovely 14-year-old Yumi, whom he had tutored years ago. Her mother is told by her doctor that the schoolgirl has leukaemia and has only 6 months to live.

Flying Flight Trailer (1988)

14 May 1988

Final film directed by Chusei Sone, starring Eiko Kuroki.

Those Swell Yakuza Trailer (1988)

11 June 1988

Ryo, a young former banker, gets beaten up over a debt from gambling. A yakuza boss saves him, and Ryo decides to train to become a yakuza under him.

Broken Heart Trailer (1995)

21 January 1995

Diary of Early Winter Shower Trailer (1998)

14 November 1998

Takanosuke Ushio and Tae Horikawa are unable to forget each other, even though they met and fell in love 20 years ago.

Riot in Gujo Trailer (2000)

23 December 2000

Naoto Ogata plays Sadajiro, a young farmer fighting out the battle of the riot through to the end. Sadajiro's wife is played by Hiromi Iwasaki, his father is played by Go Kato and Ryuzo Hayashi plays a leader of the Riot.