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A Company Man Trailer (2012)

11 October 2012

A contract killing organization is managed like a normal company. Hyung-do who regards killing as nothing more than repetitious routine is working for this company.

Whispering Corridors Trailer (1998)

30 May 1998

While investigating the school files, the frightened teacher Mrs. Park startles and calls the young teacher Eun-young Hur, telling her that the deceased Jin-ju Jang is back.

Addicted Trailer (2002)

18 October 2002

Two brothers get into a sudden tragic accident and they both fall into a coma at the same time. A year later, the younger brother Dae-jin wakes up believing he is his older brother Ho-jin.

Like for Likes Trailer (2016)

17 February 2016

A notoriously shrewish TV drama writer and a Korean wave star who fight like cats and dogs every time they meet; a spinster flight attendant landlady and a nosy chef tenant who build a sense of camaraderie; a genius relationship-virgin composer who harbors a secret admiration for a scatterbrained producer.

Fun Movie Trailer (2002)

12 April 2002

Within the past ten years, Korean film industry has taken a huge leap in both quality and volume. There were hugely successful blockbusters as well as other features with vast range of subjects.

The Last Witness Trailer (2001)

16 November 2001

Based on a true story and a legendary Korean novel, this movie follows Detective Oh (superstar Lee Jung Jae) and his investigation into the mysterious murder of a North Korean.

Typhoon Trailer (2005)

01 January 2005

Myung-sin, who has become a pirate, lives with hatred in his heart and endures the hardships, seeks revenge on the two nations, North and South Korea, using nuclear waste that has the devastating power of plutonium.

Happiness Does Not Come in Grades Trailer (1989)

29 July 1989

No.3 Trailer (1997)

02 August 1997

The movie loosely follows the life of "Gangster No. 3", who doesn't like to be called a "Gangster" and really hates to be called "No.

Love Exposure Trailer (2007)

18 October 2007

Love Exposure explores the very roots of female psychology and women's definition of love and marriage in the 21st century.

Pisces Trailer (2000)

21 October 2000

Ae-Ryun runs a video store called "Sad Movie" on her own. She is a typical Pisces who likes French films and takes an interest in everyone surrounding her.

Bus Stop Trailer (2002)

08 March 2002

A thirty-two year old man falls in love with a seventeen year-old highschool student whom he sees at the bus stop everyday.

Indian Summer Trailer (2001)

05 May 2001

A woman stands trial for her life with a lawyer who is determined to save her despite her refusal to be saved.

Love Bakery Trailer (2000)

15 January 2000

Ju No-myeong is very happy in his work as a baker. He is content with his simple life but his happiness is shattered when his wife reveals that she is anything but content.

Autumn Trip Trailer (1991)

09 February 1991

It revolves around a journey of five people went on different paths to discover their wounds.