Movie Trailers - March 1944

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Popular trailers for movies released in March 1944

Total trailers found: 63

Cover Girl Trailer (1944)

30 March 1944

Rusty Parker, a red-headed leggy dancer at Danny McGuire's Night Club in Brooklyn, wants to be a successful Broadway star.

The Curse of the Cat People Trailer (1944)

03 March 1944

The young, friendless daughter of Oliver and Alice Reed befriends her father's dead first wife and an aging, reclusive actress.

Four Jills in a Jeep Trailer (1944)

17 March 1944

Reenactments of actual USO experiences of its female stars entertaining troops overseas.

A Guy Named Joe Trailer (1944)

01 March 1944

Pete Sandidge (Tracy), a daredevil bomber pilot, dies when he crashes his plane into a German aircraft carrier, leaving his devoted girlfriend, Dorinda (Irene Dunne), who is also a pilot, heartbroken.

Voice in the Wind Trailer (1944)

03 March 1944

Former concert pianist, victim of Nazi torture, pursues a confused, melancholic existence on the island of Guadalupe.

Shine on Harvest Moon Trailer (1944)

10 March 1944

Biographical movie about the early 20th century broadway stars Nora Bayes and Jack Norworth.

Private Snafu vs. Malaria Mike Trailer (1944)

15 March 1944

Snafu learns hard way the consequences of not protecting himself from malaria infection.

The Whistler Trailer (1944)

30 March 1944

The first in a series of movies based on the popular radio drama.

How To Play Golf Trailer (1944)

10 March 1944

Goofy shows us, in his inimitable way, the fundamentals of golf, guided as usual by the somewhat sarcastic narrator.

Zazà Trailer (1944)

08 March 1944

Lady in the Death House Trailer (1944)

15 March 1944

As a woman walks the "last mile" to her execution she remembers back to the incidents that got her framed for murder.

Donald Duck and the Gorilla Trailer (1944)

31 March 1944

Ajax the killer gorilla has escaped from the zoo. Donald's nephews dress up as a gorilla, but soon Donald encounters the real gorilla, and they chase each other until the radio broadcasts instructions for subduing Ajax.

I Got Plenty of Mutton Trailer (1944)

11 March 1944

A wolf, deprived of meat by war rationing and starving, sees an article in the newspaper about a sheepdog leaving his flock to join the army and thinks it will be easy pickings.

Weird Woman Trailer (1944)

02 March 1944

While on a South Seas trip, a professor falls in love with marries an exotic native woman. What he doesn't know is that she was raised by superstitious natives who believe her to be some kind of supernatural being.

Tunisian Victory Trailer (1944)

23 March 1944

Documentary made by the U.S. Army Signal Corps after the North African campaign.

Hat Check Honey Trailer (1944)

10 March 1944

When a hat-check girl writes a story based on the life of a famous comedian, she helps to reunite a father and son who haven't spoken to each other for years.

Snafuperman Trailer (1944)

15 March 1944

Pvt. Snafu becomes a superhero, only for him to become the world's dumbest one because he won't study his field manuals.

The Heavenly Body Trailer (1944)

23 March 1944

The beautiful wife of a tweedy astronomer becomes convinced that her astrologer's prediction of a new dream man in her life will come true.

Murder Melody Trailer (1944)

31 March 1944

A woman is found strangled in her shop. Shortly after, another murder is committed. Perhaps the most terrifying is that the both girls' name is Sonja.

See Here, Private Hargrove Trailer (1944)

18 March 1944

Journalist Marion Hargrove enters the Army intending to supplement his income by writing about his training experiences.

Bees in Paradise Trailer (1944)

20 March 1944

Classic comedy starring Arthur Askey. Askey plays a pilot who bales out over Paradise Island, not knowing that he is about to land in a bee-worshipping colony of women and that he is about to become a drone for the queen bee.

The Weakly Reporter Trailer (1944)

24 March 1944

A newsreel spoof with WWII homefront gags, including rationing, air raid drills and women filling in men's jobs.

Candlelight in Algeria Trailer (1944)

19 March 1944

Candlelight in Algeria is a 1944 British war film directed by George King and starring James Mason, Carla Lehmann and Raymond Lovell.

Hi, Good Lookin'! Trailer (1944)

22 March 1944

An usher at a radio station studio pretends to be an executive at the station in order to help a pretty girl become a singer.

Oklahoma Raiders Trailer (1944)

17 March 1944

In this western, two cowboys go to buy fresh horses for the cavalry and end up taking on two badguys and a female vigilante.

Sweethearts of the U.S.A. Trailer (1944)

07 March 1944

A WW-II defense plant worker gets knocked out and dreams about helping the war effort in various ways, including solving a crime.

Two-Man Submarine Trailer (1944)

16 March 1944

Medical researchers Jerry Evans and Walt Hedges are assigned by a pharmaceutical company to work at a secret laboratory on a remote South Pacific Island in order to produce penicillium, the mold from which the magic drug penicillin is derived.

Hemsöborna Trailer (1944)

13 March 1944

In the Stockholm archipelago in the 1880s, Carlsson move out to an isolated farmstead to help the widow Flood with the farm.

A Few Quick Facts: Inflation Trailer (1944)

02 March 1944

Private Snafu learns about inflation

Appalachian Spring Trailer (1944)

15 March 1944

A multi-character dance drama

My Best Gal Trailer (1944)

28 March 1944

A girl from a show-business family seeks a backer for her boyfriend's musical.

Mojave Firebrand Trailer (1944)

19 March 1944

In this western, a crusty old sourdough finally finds the silver mine of his dreams only to find his mine threatened by vicious outlaws.

Guns of the Law Trailer (1944)

30 March 1944

In this western, the Texas Rangers take on a shyster who is trying to bilk a family of their money after he learns that an oil company thinks their land may contain the black gold.

Thundering Gun Slingers Trailer (1944)

25 March 1944

When Billy Carson's uncle is lynched as a supposed rustler, Billy arrives looking for the murderers. He finds that Steve Kirby holds a forged note on his Uncle's ranch.

Knickerbocker Holiday Trailer (1944)

17 March 1944

The wild and woolly early days of New York -- when it was still known as New Amsterdam -- provide the backdrop for this period musical-comedy.

Béatrice Devant le Désir Trailer (1944)

08 March 1944

Colonel Kato's Falcon Squadron Trailer (1944)

09 March 1944

A 1944 propaganda film that depicts the fictionalised career of IJAAF pilot Tateo Kato, who led the 64th Sentai during the early months of the Pacific War.

La mujer sin cabeza Trailer (1944)

30 March 1944

Mexican Fu Manchu adaptation.

Sundown Valley Trailer (1944)

23 March 1944

In this wartime western, an evil Nazi and his partner endeavor to sabotage a western gunsight plant.

A Day in June Trailer (1944)

03 March 1944

A day in June in which the birds, bees, insects and other forms of wild-life are basking in the fields and meadows.

The Champion of Justice Trailer (1944)

17 March 1944

A Terrytoons cartoon released 17 March 1944. An elderly couple (human, not animal) dies, leaving their substantial estate to their mice, who had befriended them.

Beneath Western Skies Trailer (1944)

03 March 1944

Western from director Spencer Gordon Bennet. To combat the lawlessness in her town, school teacher Carrie Stokes writes to her former students in search of a lawman.

Flor del Carmen Trailer (1944)

27 March 1944

Flor del Carmen, daughter of the foreman of a farm, is in love with a peon: her father is opposed to this marriage, but instead yields to the threats of a rich and cynical peasant who lent him money while in trouble, in exchange he offers his daughter to him.

Cecile Is Dead Trailer (1944)

08 March 1944

Cecile, a young girl who goes to the offices of the Judicial Police several times in a row to complain about nightly visits to the apartment she occupies with her aunt, is not taken seriously by the police until she the day she is found murdered.

Schrammeln Trailer (1944)

03 March 1944

Neigungsehe Trailer (1944)

24 March 1944

Busy Buddies Trailer (1944)

18 March 1944

The Stooges, not faring well with their diner, enter Curly in a milking contest at the County Fair. But when they take him to a pasture to practice, Curly doesnt know a cow from a bull!

Sinking the Unsinkable Trailer (1944)

23 March 1944

Japanese Warmovie

Cilly Goose Trailer (1944)

23 March 1944

Paramount Noveltoons became Paramount Champions when they were re-released, which was a shorthand designation for theatre exhibitors so they would know they had played this one before.

Lulu Gets the Birdie Trailer (1944)

29 March 1944

Mamsie catches Lulu making a mess of the kitchen, so she punishes Lulu. When Lulu asks, "How do you know that I made this mess?", the maid says sarcastically, "A little bird told me!" Angered that the bird outside her home snitched to the family's maid, Lulu goes after the bird with her slingshot.

Sieben Briefe Trailer (1944)

28 March 1944

Mackinac Island Trailer (1944)

18 March 1944

This Traveltalk entry begins in Chicago, where the narrator and his crew board a cruise ship. After a 20-hour trip up Lake Michigan, they arrive at Mackinac Island, near the southeast tip of Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

His Tale is Told Trailer (1944)

04 March 1944

Andy journeys to the big city to sell an invention-followed closely by his suspicious wife.

Familie Buchholz Trailer (1944)

03 March 1944

Rationing Trailer (1944)

24 March 1944

A small-town butcher has problems coping with meat rationing.

Holt of the Secret Service Trailer (1944)

06 March 1944

Feature version of the 1941 American serial film of the same name, made for export only, never shown in the USA in any medium, and evidently a lost film.

With the Marines at Tarawa Trailer (1944)

02 March 1944

Documentary short film depicting the harrowing battle between the U.S. Marines and the Japanese for control of the Pacific island of Tarawa.

En dotter född Trailer (1944)

06 March 1944

Inger lives at home with his parents. She suspects that she is pregnant. A doctor notes her pregnancy and urge her to seek the child's father.

The Greatest Man in Siam Trailer (1944)

27 March 1944

The Greatest Man in Siam Release Date: 3/27/44 Direction: James Culhane Story: Ben Hardaway and Milt Schaffer Animation: Pat Matthews and Emery Hawkins Music: Darrell Calker Animation Layout: Art Heinemann Backgrounds: Phil DeGuard Notes: Production Number: D-3 A Swing Symphony cartoon First onscreen credits for Art Heinemann and Phil DeGuard at Lantz The first appearance of Pat Matthews' shapely dancing girl, referred to as "Miss X" by the model sheets for this cartoon.

Main Street Today Trailer (1944)

25 March 1944

This patriotic MGM short film, set in World War II has a factory owner who produces the breech block for a key piece of army artillery.