Movie Trailers - March 1962

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Popular trailers for movies released in March 1962

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Knife in the Water Trailer (1962)

09 March 1962

On their way to a sailing trip, an aging husband and wife invite along an emphatic young hitchhiker out of sheer patronization.

The Premature Burial Trailer (1962)

07 March 1962

An artist grows distant from his new wife as an irrational horror of premature burial consumes him.

The Unscrupulous Ones Trailer (1962)

24 March 1962

This film captures the criminal behavior of two young Copacabana thugs (the "cafajestes"). The two plan a blackmail coup against a rich old man, using nude pictures of a lady on a deserted beach.

Sissi - Forever My Love Trailer (1962)

27 March 1962

The beautiful account of the powerful drama of love and courage of Austrian Archduke Franz Joseph and Princess Elizabeth (Sissi) of Bavaria.

The Christian Revolt Trailer (1962)

21 March 1962

In the year 1637 in Shimabara of Tokugawa-era Japan, oppressed peasant Christians revolt against the shogunate with the aid of a charismatic Christian rebel leader Shiro Amakusa.

Walk on the Wild Side Trailer (1962)

20 March 1962

At the Doll House, a 1930’s New Orleans bordello, Hallie is the main attraction both for clients and for Jo, the madame.

Mondo Cane Trailer (1962)

30 March 1962

A documentary consisting of a series of travelogue vignettes providing glimpses into cultural practices throughout the world intended to shock or surprise, including an insect banquet and a memorable look at a practicing South Pacific cargo cult.

Postman's Knock Trailer (1962)

01 March 1962

Likeable country postman Harold Petts gets transferred from his village to London, where on his arrival he unwittingly foils a mail train robbery.

Swords of Blood Trailer (1962)

07 March 1962

In the 18th century, Louis de Bourguignon is working with the Malichot's gang, but their ways are too 'unethical' for him.

Journey to the Seventh Planet Trailer (1962)

10 March 1962

A space expedition to Uranus is menaced by a giant brain that can make illusions come true.

Merrill's Marauders Trailer (1962)

16 March 1962

Brigadier General Frank D. Merrill leads the 3,000 American volunteers of his 5307th Composite Unit (Provisional), aka "Merrill's Marauders", behind Japanese lines across Burma to Myitkyina, pushing beyond their limits and fighting pitched battles at every strong-point.

Satan Never Sleeps Trailer (1962)

23 March 1962

A priest (William Holden) arrives at a mission-post in China accompanied by a young native girl who has joined him along the way.

Alyonka Trailer (1962)

22 March 1962

Set in 1955 when many migrated from Russia to the Steppes of Kazakhstan, this is the trip back to the Canal from the frontier and farms by a number of people who tell their settler stories.

Max der Taschendieb Trailer (1962)

01 March 1962

Max, a small time pick-pocket, has nothing to do with the ‘big’ crimes. But then he must find the murderer of Fred, his wife's brother.

Martes y trece Trailer (1962)

02 March 1962

Lola and Maria are two Spanish young ladies engaged to Franz and Pepe, all so eager to spend their honeymoon that the moment seems never to come, as all sorts of problems pave their way.

Hitler Trailer (1962)

21 March 1962

The private life of Hitler revealed for the first time!

The Broken Land Trailer (1962)

31 March 1962

A cowboy rides into a small town that is ruled with an iron fist by a corrupt sheriff. He becomes involved with a pretty young town girl and some residents who are trying to oust the sheriff, resulting in a robbery, a murder and his being pursued by a vengeful posse.

The Seven Deadly Sins Trailer (1962)

07 March 1962

Seven directors each dramatize one of the seven deadly sins in a short film. In "Anger," a domestic argument over a fly in the Sunday soup escalates into nuclear war.

The Burning Court Trailer (1962)

20 March 1962

A group of people visit a weird old man who is a student of the black arts. The man lives in an ancient, cursed castle.

Sweet Ecstasy Trailer (1962)

07 March 1962

Olivier, a handsome but callow and moody young student, picks up an enthusiastic actress during a theatre rehearsal, and is introduced to her acquaintances -- a group of jaded rich kids who spend their time storming around the Riviera harassing passersby, throwing wild parties and following all the latest trends.

Vulcan, Son of Giove Trailer (1962)

16 March 1962

A superhero battles lizard men and other monsters that are terrorizing the countryside.

When the Trees Were Tall Trailer (1962)

25 March 1962

The story of a man who routinely dodges all responsibility, bemoans fate, spends his days boozing, and refuses to work.

She'll Have to Go Trailer (1962)

31 March 1962

When Francis and Douglas Oberon learn that their late grandmother has bequeathed the family fortune to distant cousin Toni, they immediately start plotting to get their hands on the money.

Gorath Trailer (1962)

21 March 1962

In 1980, a giant planetoid named Gorath is discovered to be on a collision course with Earth. Even though it is smaller than Earth, its mass is huge enough to crush the Earth and destroy it.

The Man from the First Century Trailer (1962)

01 March 1962

In this routine, allegorical sci-fi drama by Czech director Oldrich Lipsky, a disgruntled worker accidentally finds himself aboard a spaceship (long story), and five hundred years later he comes back with a super-advanced being to a whole new world.

The Puzzle of the Red Orchid Trailer (1962)

01 March 1962

Rival gangsters from Chicago move to London and attempt to extort money from rich Britons.

Stolen Pleasure Trailer (1962)

14 March 1962

Based on the original novel by Tokuda Shusei, adaptation by Kaneto Shindo, Masumura Yasuzo directs. A battle of woman competing for the same man.

Emile's Boat Trailer (1962)

03 March 1962

Charles-Edmond, l'aîné des frères Larmentiel, décide de revenir à La Rochelle, sa ville natale pour y mourir.

The Challenge Trailer (1962)

28 March 1962

Kuroki, a journalist is investigating clandestine arms sales in Southeast Asia. He discovers that the man behind the illegal arms trading is also involved in the cover-up of the destruction of an American base during the allied occupation.

Los cinco halcones Trailer (1962)

01 March 1962

Five cowboy avengers avenging. Cowboyishly.

The Main Attraction Trailer (1962)

31 March 1962

An affable drifter on the lamb for a murder he didn't commit hides out in a circus.

Noche de verano Trailer (1962)

01 March 1962

"Jorge Grau's first feature film, shot in glorious black and white in 1962, this Spanish-Italian coproduction is in many ways related to Antonioni's "La Notte".

Emergency Trailer (1962)

02 March 1962

When a little girl is knocked down it is discovered that there are only three donors of the right blood type to help with a life-saving operation.

Satan in High Heels Trailer (1962)

23 March 1962

A carnival burlesque dancer robs her junkie ex-husband, goes to New York, gets a job at a high-class club where she becomes the mistress of the wealthy owner.

Lemmy pour les dames Trailer (1962)

21 March 1962

It's Trad, Dad! Trailer (1962)

30 March 1962

The hero and heroine want to popularize a trad jazz in their town. Some older people feel displeased about a trad jazz, and prevent their trying.

The Turkish Cucumber Trailer (1962)

22 March 1962

A comedy directed by Rolf Olsen

Il mare Trailer (1962)

08 March 1962

A well known actor comes to off-season Capri to unwind and meets a teenaged boy. The attraction is immediate and mutual but before their relationship can get off the ground, an alluring woman with a spontaneous sexuality and care free attitude joins the triangle and the boy is slowly pushed out of the picture.

Crooks Anonymous Trailer (1962)

31 March 1962

A former burglar trying to go straight joins a rehabilitation scheme using much the same methods as AA.

Trauma Trailer (1962)

23 March 1962

No overview found.

I Look Up When I Walk Trailer (1962)

04 March 1962

Masuda’s tough take on juvenile street gangs created an international pop hit with the movie’s title song, sung by lead actor and heart throb Kyu Sakamoto and released as “Sukiyaki” in America (where it would be the only Japanese song ever to chart at number one).

Brushfire Trailer (1962)

01 March 1962

Jungle warfare adventure

Beauty and the Beast Trailer (1962)

01 March 1962

A low-budget re-telling of the classic fairy tale.

Quackodile Tears Trailer (1962)

31 March 1962

Daffy Duck is ordered by his loud-mouthed wife to sit on their egg in a nest. When Daffy adjusts the nest to make it more comfortable, the egg rolls away from him and into a crocodile hatchery, where it is indistinguishable from all the other eggs.

Han, hun, Dirch og Dario Trailer (1962)

23 March 1962

Director Paul Borg (Ebbe Langberg) neglects his young, beautiful wife Marianne (Ghita Nørby). He even forget their wedding day, in favor of a new fast sports car, a beautiful silver-gray Jaguar.

Der verkaufte Großvater Trailer (1962)

23 March 1962

A Roof Over Your Head Trailer (1962)

16 March 1962

A poor family with 6 kids that live in a ramshackle hut are suddenly offered a nice flat for cheap - with the landlord hoping they'll drive away their new neighbors whom he wants out of his building.

Autofahrer unterwegs Trailer (1962)

02 March 1962

El amor de los amores Trailer (1962)

22 March 1962

Felipe Crespo, because of their anarchist ideology, Barcelona fleeing persecution for justice. Starving, he reaches the manor house and asks for protection Villares pretending repentance.

Magueyes Trailer (1962)

07 March 1962

Experimental filmmaker Rubén Gámez explores the iconography of the maguey plant in Mexican cinematic history.

Hitch-Hike Trailer (1962)

16 March 1962

"Les petits matins" is a story of eighteen-year old Agathe (Agathe Aëms) with a firm independence of men even if she uses them to get to the côte d'azur.

The Prince and the Pauper Trailer (1962)

11 March 1962

In the London of 1537, two boys resembling each other exactly meet accidentally and exchange "roles" for a short while.

Tierra de todos Trailer (1962)

22 March 1962

Juan and Andres meet in the Spanish Civil War. One is follower of Franco regime and the other Republican.

Colussus and the Huns Trailer (1962)

29 March 1962

King Bohlem, brother of the late Attila, reconquers former Hun territory. To secure this territory, he sends his son, Otto, and his nephew, Tharus, to forge an alliance with King Haadem, strongest of the neighboring rulers.

Tevya und seine Töchter Trailer (1962)

15 March 1962

As a Man Grows Older Trailer (1962)

08 March 1962

My Mother-in-Law Trailer (1962)

27 March 1962

The film's story revolves around the tragic love affair between Kassim Selamat, a poor musician, and Sabariah, the only daughter of a wealthy woman.

State Fair Trailer (1962)

09 March 1962

The third film version of 'State Fair' (and the second musical version).Margy Frake this time round is played by newcomer Pamela Tiffin, who has her voice dubbed as Jeanne Crain did 17 years earlier.

Black Lizard Trailer (1962)

14 March 1962

Celebrated detective Akechi matches wits with the infamous and devious jewel thief Black Lizard after the criminal orchestrates an elaborate kidnapping.

L'assassin est dans l'annuaire Trailer (1962)

02 March 1962