Movie Trailers - March 1972

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Popular trailers for movies released in March 1972

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Fist of Fury Trailer (1972)

22 March 1972

Chen Zhen returns to the international compound of China only to learn of his beloved teacher's death.

The Godfather Trailer (1972)

14 March 1972

Spanning the years 1945 to 1955, a chronicle of the fictional Italian-American Corleone crime family.

Frogs Trailer (1972)

10 March 1972

Jason Crockett is an aging, grumpy, physically disabled millionaire who invites his family to his island estate for his birthday celebration.

Solaris Trailer (1972)

20 March 1972

Ground control has been receiving strange transmissions from the three remaining residents of the Solaris space station.

It Can Be Done, Amigo Trailer (1972)

31 March 1972

An outspoken boy and a gunfighter-pimp save a drifter's life from hanging. The boy's uncle dies, leaving a house and some dry, useless land to the boy.

The Calendar Girls Trailer (1972)

04 March 1972

A hitchhiking runaway tells the man who picks her up about her friends' sexual escapades.

The Eroticist Trailer (1972)

16 March 1972

Senator Pupis feels a strong and uncontrollable urge to grab women's bottoms, a habit than can lead to embarrassment, especially if the woman in question is head of another state and the occasion a state visit.

The Rendezvous Trailer (1972)

28 March 1972

During a long train ride heading north of Japan, a young man addresses an older woman in front of him.

Pink Flamingos Trailer (1972)

12 March 1972

Notorious Baltimore criminal and underground figure Divine goes up against Connie & Raymond Marble, a sleazy married couple who make a passionate attempt to humiliate her and seize her tabloid-given title as "The Filthiest Person Alive".

Silent Running Trailer (1972)

09 March 1972

In a future Earth barren of all flora and fauna, the planet's ecosystems exist only in large pods attached to spacecraft.

Slaughterhouse-Five Trailer (1972)

15 March 1972

"Listen: Billie Pilgrim has come unstuck in time." Slaughterhouse-Five is an award-winning 1972 film adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut's novel of the same name.

Roma Trailer (1972)

14 March 1972

A virtually plotless, gaudy, impressionistic portrait of Rome through the eyes of one of its most famous citizens.

What's Up, Doc? Trailer (1972)

09 March 1972

Two researchers have come to San Francisco to compete for a research grant in Music. One seems a bit distracted, and that was before he meets her.

What Have You Done to Solange? Trailer (1972)

09 March 1972

After several coeds are murdered at a college, a professor (Fabio Testi) who is involved with a student becomes a suspect, along with several other male and female teachers.

Godzilla vs. Gigan Trailer (1972)

12 March 1972

Godzilla's 12th film. After a accepting a job at a monster-themed park, a man learns his new employers are actually aliens who plan to use Ghidorah and Gigan to destroy earth.

Brother Sun, Sister Moon Trailer (1972)

03 March 1972

This is a dramatization of events in the life of St. Francis of Assisi from before his conversion experience through his audience with the pope, including his friendship with St.

Bedside Head Trailer (1972)

03 March 1972

The young headmaster of a boy's boarding school has decided that due to the virility of his young charges, they are a sort of national treasure.

The Troubles of Alfred Trailer (1972)

01 March 1972

Unlucky in love, Alfred tries to commit suicide, only to be thwarted by police efforts to prevent a simultaneous attempt by a nearby young woman.

Lukket avdeling Trailer (1972)

08 March 1972

Girls and the Love Games Trailer (1972)

11 March 1972

Five vignettes around the theme of what can happen when teenagers' parents are away from home ... and then return unexpectedly.

Killer Trailer (1972)

01 March 1972

Christmas Eve in Paris. Leo Zimmerman is a businessman who lives for his beloved little daughter’s smile.

The Water Margin Trailer (1972)

17 March 1972

The corruption in the Sung Dynasty of 11th century China is so rampant that it inspires a band of Oriental Robin Hoods - the Honorable 108.

Tales from the Crypt Trailer (1972)

09 March 1972

Five people find themselves in a tomb. The Crypt keeper explains why they are there through a series of frightening stories.

The Other Side of the Underneath Trailer (1972)

25 March 1972

A surreal look at the schizophrenia of a group of girls in a therapy session.

Jesús, María y José Trailer (1972)

23 March 1972

The founder of Christianity and his sacred family.

Target Trailer (1972)

19 March 1972

1972 Czech experimental short by Petr Skala

¿Ni vencedores ni vencidos? Trailer (1972)

21 March 1972

Directed by Alberto Cabado and Naum Spoliansky

Il Decamerone proibito Trailer (1972)

22 March 1972

The Decameron forbidden is a 1972 Italian comedy, directed by Carlo Infascelli. The film, which counts among the starring actors such as Orchidea De Santis, Gabriella Giorgelli, nut Crostarosa and Carlo De Carvalho, is inspired by Boccaccio's fourteenth-century novels.

Nalla Neram Trailer (1972)

10 March 1972

ALLA NERAM is about Raju (MGR)'s choice between love his wife (K. R. Vijaya) and friendship (his loyal and devoted pet elephants, ).

Naughty Nun Trailer (1972)

09 March 1972

To spite her father, a young woman enters a convent. However, the woman's old boyfriend shows up and tries to win her back.

Satan's Sabbath Trailer (1972)

10 March 1972

The story of a man, two women and an inescapable pact made with the Devil. Following a friend's apparent suicide, Paul begins to believe that something strange is going on.

Raid in the Summer Trailer (1972)

06 March 1972

Erik works during the summer at a filling station for boats in the Stockholm archipelago and devotes his spare time to amateur photography.

Doomwatch Trailer (1972)

01 March 1972

The waters surrounding an island become contaminated by chemical dumping, and people who eat fish caught in those waters become deformed and violent.

Red Psalm Trailer (1972)

09 March 1972

Set in the 1890s on the Hungarian plains, a group of farm workers go on strike in which they face harsh reprisals and the reality of revolt, oppression, morality and violence.

Harvey Trailer (1972)

20 March 1972

James Stewart reprises his stage and 1950 film role as Elwood P. Dowd in this 1972 Hallmark Hall of Fame TV movie.

Felix and Otilia Trailer (1972)

20 March 1972

In this monumental Rumanian film, a large family and its many generations vie for advantage, seeking to win the inheritance sure to be left behind by a wealthy older man of the clan.

The Carey Treatment Trailer (1972)

29 March 1972

Dr. Peter Carey is a pathologist at a Boston hospital. The daughter of the hospital's Chief of Staff dies after an illegal abortion goes wrong, and Carey's friend and colleague Dr.

Der Komödienstadel - Mucki Trailer (1972)

29 March 1972

The Sun Rises Once a Day Trailer (1972)

20 March 1972

Directed by Henryk Kluba

Antony and Cleopatra Trailer (1972)

18 March 1972

Adaptation of Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra, a historical drama that attempts to bring an epic visual style to the Bard's original stage play.

The Sin Trailer (1972)

31 March 1972

Sister Germana, a beautiful woman who took the vows following the death of her fiancé Guido, is forced to return from Libya, and becomes the mother superior in a hospital in Lombardy.

Blue Money Trailer (1972)

11 March 1972

Handsome and successful Jim appears to have it all: he's married to the beautiful and supportive Lisa, has a healthy baby, and works a cool gig as the director of hardcore porno fare.

Decameron II Trailer (1972)

17 March 1972

The winner of the Best Director’s Award at the Berlin Film Festival, Pasolini’s The Decameron proved to be the most successful of his comedies, fulfilling to every degree, his intention to make a film that was earthy, frolicsome, crowded with people and full of light.

Social Game Trailer (1972)

19 March 1972

Director of this movie gave an advertisement in many Yugoslav papers calling everybody who wants to act in movie regardless of age, look or profession to reply.

Steptoe and Son Trailer (1972)

01 March 1972

Albert Steptoe and his son Harold are junk dealers, complete with horse and cart to tour the neighbourhood.

Horace Trailer (1972)

21 March 1972

Set in Yorkshire, diabetic Horace is mentally disabled and works in the back of a joke shop.

Mutations Trailer (1972)

01 March 1972

“The changing dots, ectoplasmic shapes and electronic music of L. Schwartz’s ‘Mutations’ which has been shot with the aid of computers and lasers, makes for an eye-catching view of the potentials of the new techniques.

Shadows Unseen Trailer (1972)

24 March 1972

When a journalist is murdered Inspector Micheli begins to investigate. Although someone comes forward to confess to the crime, Micheli doesn't believe he acted alone and keeps investigating despite coming under pressure to close the case.

A City's Child Trailer (1972)

22 March 1972

To escape her demanding, sick mother and her suburban loneliness, a middle-aged woman slides into a fantasy world in which there is incredible relief.

Scarecrow in a Garden of Cucumbers Trailer (1972)

16 March 1972

SCARECROW IN A GARDEN OF CUCUMBERS is about an aspiring actress from Kansas who comes to New York and meets a host of zany characters.

With These Hands Trailer (1972)

30 March 1972

A beautiful massage parlor/sex clinic owner financially & emotionally mistreats her customers.

The Boldest Job in the West Trailer (1972)

06 March 1972

A bandit gang successfully executes a complicated bank heist but disagreements arise in the aftermath.

The Two Faces of Fear Trailer (1972)

08 March 1972

A professor's wife falls in love with her husband's assistant. When she learns he's planning to move to another city, she does everything she can to avoid it, with no success.

Ecstasy of the Angels Trailer (1972)

11 March 1972

Ecstasy of the Angels (Tenshi No Kokotsu), a jarring exercise in experimental cinema, was also shown as Angelic Orgasm, which should tell you something.

Senza famiglia, nullatenenti cercano affetto Trailer (1972)

30 March 1972

Cool Breeze Trailer (1972)

29 March 1972

Thalmus is the leader for a group of criminals who gather in L.A. to rob a bank. Their goal is to found a new bank.

Guardami Nuda Trailer (1972)

03 March 1972

Charles and Meg, a young couple whose relationship is currently experiencing some distress, go on vacation in Paestum hoping to mend their problems.

Bombay to Goa Trailer (1972)

03 March 1972

The lives of Atmaram and his wife are turned upside down when they see their daughter, Mala's pictures in a magazine.

Missão: Matar Trailer (1972)

26 March 1972

A professional hitman returns to Brazil and is hired to eliminate an Argentine Delegate in a Rio de Janeiro convention.

La vita in gioco Trailer (1972)

19 March 1972

Directed by Gianfranco Mingozzi