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The Sensuous Nurse Trailer (1975)

19 December 1975

Greedy relatives hire a sensual caregiver to hasten the demise of a wealthy count suffering from a heart condition.

Il dolce rumore della vita Trailer (1999)

10 September 1999

Amiche da morire Trailer (2013)

07 March 2013

Three very different women who are hiding a secret are forced to work together to save their own skin.

Separati In Casa Trailer (1986)

21 July 1986

The Marquis of Grillo Trailer (1981)

22 December 1981

The marquess of Grillo is a good-natured, clever and women-loving man who is always inventing stories and cracking all types of jokes.

Dearest Relatives, Poisonous Relations Trailer (1992)

30 July 1992

Like every year, everyone is going back to the ancestral family's home for the Christmas holidays. But this time, the old folks have a surprise, a good surprise for them.

Il mistero di Bellavista Trailer (1985)

01 January 1985

Incantesimo napoletano Trailer (2002)

08 February 2002

Package, Double Package and Counterpackage Trailer (1993)

22 January 1993

Una Lunga Lunga Lunga Notte D'amore Trailer (2001)

23 February 2001

Directed by Luciano Emmer

La seconda volta Trailer (1995)

26 October 1995

Professor Alberto Sajevo sees a woman walking in downtown Turin and starts following her for days; he finally meets her and they start talking, but they both give fake names.

Dirty Linen Trailer (1999)

25 January 1999

The Razzi family owns a small factory of sweets in Macerata. Their desire to enlarge their business to cope with the new Unified European Market brings to a string of fatal mistakes that will ultimately doom their wealth.

He Looks Dead... But He's Only Fainted Trailer (1986)

02 January 1986

Directed by Felice Farina.

Flirt Trailer (1983)

20 September 1983

This is an off-beat story about a ménage à trois that is really a marriage between the traditional two, with one a little schizoid, adding up to three.

Arriva la bufera Trailer (1993)

25 March 1993