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Marlène Jobert (born 4 November 1943) is a French Pied-Noir actress and author. Jobert was born in Algiers, Algeria (then French territory), the daughter of Andrée (née Azoulay) and a father who flew for the French Air Force. She came to Metropolitan France when aged 8. Besides acting, she has been the author and/or narrator of (mainly children's) audio books. She also has written a series of books which cautiously lead on to the appreciation of classical music, e.g. of Mozart, Chopin, and Tchaikovsky. Her daughter, Eva Green, by Swedish dentist Walter Green, is also an actress. Her other daughter Joy Green is in business school.

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The Thief of Paris Trailer (1967)

22 February 1967

In Paris around 1900, Georges Randal is brought up by his wealthy uncle, who steals his inheritance. Georges hopes to marry his cousin Charlotte, but his uncle arranges for her to marry a rich neighbour.

We Won't Grow Old Together Trailer (1972)

02 May 1972

Jean has been married to Francoise for years, but his relationship with his wife has been all but over for a long time.

Masculin Féminin Trailer (1966)

22 March 1966

The film stars French New Wave icon Jean-Pierre Léaud as Paul, a romantic young idealist and literary lion-wannabe who chases budding pop star, Madeleine (Chantal Goya, a real life Yé-yé girl).

Rider on the Rain Trailer (1970)

21 January 1970

A US Army colonel in France tries to track down an escaped sex maniac.

Very Happy Alexander Trailer (1968)

09 February 1968

Alexandre, a young and honest farmer, is oppressed by an authoritarian wife, who makes him work like a dog.

The Married Couple of the Year Two Trailer (1971)

07 April 1971

Nicolas Philibert goes to America after killing a French aristocrat. On his return he tries to divorce his wife, Charlotte, but when he sees others trying to woo her his own interest is rekindled.

Souvenirs souvenirs Trailer (1984)

19 September 1984

Ten Days Wonder Trailer (1971)

01 December 1971

Anthony Perkins, a young sculptor with a weird penchant for waking up in strange hotels with his memory wiped clean and bloodied hands, invites a former professor (Michel Piccoli) to the Gatsby-like provincial manor presided over by his powerful tycoon father (Orson Welles).

Ankle Bone Trailer (1968)

01 January 1968

What unfolds is a tale of survival, as Anne (Marlene Jobert), in and out of the hospital and limping around on her wounded limb, drifts into a life of prostitution and suffers many a hard knock at the hands of men.

La Guerre Des Polices Trailer (1979)

14 November 1979

Juliette et Juliette Trailer (1974)

27 February 1974

Une sale affaire Trailer (1981)

25 February 1981

Novak (Victor Lanoux) is a police inspector to whom any means is fair in getting evidence on criminals - especially drug dealers.

The Accuser Trailer (1977)

07 September 1977

In this sardonic comedy, after an executive is killed in a mysterious automobile accident, the French offices of his multinational company is inundated with mysteriously threatening be-ribboned anti-capitalist tracts, delivered overnight to everyone's desks.

Le secret Trailer (1974)

09 October 1974

No overview found.

Touch and Go Trailer (1971)

31 August 1971

Les cigognes n'en font qu'à leur tête Trailer (1989)

25 January 1989

The Good and the Bad Trailer (1976)

21 January 1976

From 1935 to 1945, the happiness of a couple turns to sadness when their Traction Avant auto is used by the gang des Tractions Avant.

Il giocattolo Trailer (1979)

21 February 1979

Mad Enough to Kill Trailer (1975)

20 August 1975

A girl from an asylum is engaged as nurse to a small, spoiled orphan boy, whose uncle has evil designs on him, and who hopes to kill him and cast the blame on the girl.

Don't Take God's Children for Wild Geese Trailer (1968)

06 September 1968

Rita is a girl that lives on taking gangsters as lovers. But when the money stops coming, she swears revenge.

Last Known Address Trailer (1970)

25 July 1970

Marceau Léonetti (Lino Ventura), a competent and energetic officer stops by chance the son of an influential lawyer driving under the influence of alcohol.

Soldier Martin Trailer (1966)

28 September 1966

A troupe of French actors on tour in Normandy become involved in the events of WWII.

L'amour nu Trailer (1981)

02 January 1981

Directed by Yannick Bellon.

To Catch a Spy Trailer (1971)

06 September 1971

While on vacation, a woman's husband is taken by the Russian government. After one attempt fails, she begins looking for a suitable spy to capture and trade in exchange for her husband, but she develops an attraction to the one she thinks is a good candidate.

Effraction Trailer (1983)

06 April 1983

Va voir maman, papa travaille Trailer (1978)

15 March 1978

Grandison Trailer (1978)

28 March 1978

Julie Pot De Colle Trailer (1977)

20 April 1977

Julie asks Jean-Luc Farlot, authorized signatory of a big European bank to help her disguise a murder as an accident.

The Wonderful Crook Trailer (1974)

01 January 1974

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