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Sex and Fury Trailer (1973)

17 February 1973

Sex & Fury chronicles Ocho's exploits as she searches for her father's killers, each identified by unique tattoos on their backs (a deer, a boar, and a butterfly).

Girl Boss Guerilla Trailer (1972)

12 August 1972

Miko Sugimoto is the leader of the Red Helmet Gang, a biker girl gang from Shinjuku who wind up in Kyoto and make a bid to take over the local girl gangs there.

Female Ninja Magic: 100 Trampled Flowers Trailer (1974)

03 August 1974

In historical times, the Shogun family employs a group of Iga ninjas to take over the Akizuki clan's lands.

Sex Report From a Female Private Detective: Housewife Prostitution Trailer (1973)

15 August 1973

Pinku from 1973.

Lesbian World: Ecstasy Trailer (1975)

19 February 1975

Pinku from 1975.

Wet Lust: Opening the Tulip Trailer (1975)

24 December 1975

Pinku from 1975.

Nurses' Secret Chart: Randy White Uniforms Trailer (1975)

04 October 1975

Pinku from 1975.

Shinshu shikoshiko bushi: Onsen geisha vs. ozashiki stripper Trailer (1975)

17 May 1975

Pinku from 1975.

Bondage Show Trailer (1979)

01 September 1979

A man plays the bondage show with his wife, has lung disease, in the end of the 19th century. After his wife dies, an ex-military police guy helps him to get stable life without bondage shows.

Man and Woman Behind the Fusuma Screen: Enduring Skin Trailer (1974)

16 February 1974

Pinku from 1974.

The Japanese Tie Up Trailer (1980)

01 February 1980

Separated from her lover Kenji after he is sent off to war, Sanae is raped by general Takada and gives birth to a girl, Junko, who grows up to become a prostitute.

Housewife's Experience: Tenement Apartment 2 Trailer (1975)

23 July 1975

Pinku from 1975.

New True Story of Woman Condemned to Hell Trailer (1976)

24 January 1976

A woman is imprisoned for killing her unfaithful husband and his girlfriend. Basically Nikkatsu's attempt to copy Toei's SASORI series.

Raping! Trailer (1978)

18 November 1978

A woman on her way to Tokyo is repeatedly raped by various men she encounters on the highway.

True Story of Sex and Violence in a Female High School Trailer (1973)

22 September 1973

Pinku from 1973.

Trembling Trailer (1975)

09 September 1975

Pinku from 1975.

Hostess Confidential: Three Juicy Sisters Trailer (1975)

18 October 1975

Pinku from 1975.

Cape Erimo Trailer (1975)

01 April 1975

Pinku from 1975.

Lady Chatterly in Tokyo Trailer (1977)

20 August 1977

Mio is a young woman whose husband is a millionaire's son. When he becomes impotent following an automobile accident, she begins an affair with their gardener and chauffeur, Nitta.

Toruko buro maruhi gaiden: Niso gokuraku Trailer (1975)

18 June 1975

Pinku from 1975.

Love Doll Report: An Adult Toy Trailer (1975)

12 April 1975

Pinku from 1975.

Female Teacher: Sweet Life Trailer (1973)

05 December 1973

Pinku from 1973.

The World of Geisha Trailer (1973)

03 November 1973

The world is in turmoil with the October Revolution of 1917, riots over the inflationary price of rice, and the military expedition to Siberia in 1918.

Yakuza Goddess of Mercy: Mistress Jingi Trailer (1973)

14 July 1973

Monk Seigen saves Misako the daughter of an area Yakuza boss from some tough guys. The two become a couple and find themselves being pursued by some criminals.

Housewife's Experience: Tenement Trailer (1975)

26 April 1975

Pinku from 1975.

Women Prison: The Lynching Trailer (1978)

01 January 1978

Naomi who entered the prison for a younger brother. Female prisoners, Naomi starving for passion will experience various lynch.

Lusty Ama: Stirred-Up Pot Trailer (1976)

31 July 1976

Pinku from 1976.

Red Light District: Gonna Get Out Trailer (1974)

21 September 1974

It's the evening before the day all brothels must be shut-down, according to the new law, in 1958. At the Kofukuya's (literally, the house that sells happiness), five prostitutes decide to celebrate the day.

Nasty Diver Trailer (1977)

23 July 1977

Pinku from 1977.