Movie Trailers - November 1968

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Popular trailers for movies released in November 1968

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Hellfighters Trailer (1968)

27 November 1968

The adventures of oil well fire specialist Chance Buckman (based on real-life Red Adair), who extinguishes massive fires in oil fields around the world.

Ho! Trailer (1968)

04 November 1968

Race driver who has lost his membership card becomes the chauffeur of a gangsters pack

Faces Trailer (1968)

24 November 1968

An old married man leaves his wife for a younger woman. Shortly after, his ex-wife also begins a relationship with a younger partner.

O Pornógrafo Trailer (1968)

22 November 1968

Editor of pornographic magazines gets into difficulties with the savage competition of similar imported magazines, like Playboy.

Head Trailer (1968)

06 November 1968

The Monkees are tossed about in a psychedelic, surrealist, plotless, circular bit of fun fluff.

Shalako Trailer (1968)

06 November 1968

Sean Connery is Shalako, a guide in the old West who has to rescue an aristocratic British hunting party from Indians and bandits.

Dracula Has Risen from the Grave Trailer (1968)

07 November 1968

In the shadow of Castle Dracula, the Prince of Darkness is revived by blood trickling from the head-wound of an unconscious priest attempting exorcism.

Lady in Cement Trailer (1968)

19 November 1968

While diving for sunken treasure, street-smart gumshoe Tony Rome finds the body of a gorgeous blonde, her feet stuck in a block of cement.

Carry On... Up the Khyber Trailer (1968)

28 November 1968

Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond looks after the British outpost near the Khybar pass. Protected by the kilted Third Foot and Mouth regiment, you would think they were safe.

...As the Naked Wind from the Sea Trailer (1968)

08 November 1968

Once, to every young man comes a summer like this.

Commandos Trailer (1968)

19 November 1968

Sgt. Sullivan puts together a group of Italian-Americans into disguise as Italian soldiers in order to infiltrate a North African camp held by the Italians.

Sympathy for the Devil Trailer (1968)

30 November 1968

SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL is an exhilarating, provocative motion picture. The Rolling Stones rehearse their latest song, "Sympathy For the Devil," in a London studio.

Joanna Trailer (1968)

24 November 1968

When 17 year old Joanna comes to Swinging London, she meets a host of colourful characters, discovers the pleasures of casual sex and falls in love.

The Split Trailer (1968)

04 November 1968

A group of thieves attempt a daring robbery of a football stadium.

The Living Skeleton Trailer (1968)

09 November 1968

The tale begins on the freighter Dragon King, which has been taken over by a motley band of good-for-nothings looking to get their hands on the cargo of gold the ship is carrying.

The Big Wash Trailer (1968)

12 November 1968

Sickened to see his students always sleeping in class, a teacher with a colleague and an anarchist start a war against the television.

Bora Bora Trailer (1968)

20 November 1968

A Frenchman finds his runaway wife on an island in the Pacific.

The Secret Agent's Blunder Trailer (1968)

12 November 1968

A first Movie about the life of Mikhail Tulyev, the son of a Russian count living in Europe and spying for CIA.

A Quiet Place in the Country Trailer (1968)

14 November 1968

A painter facing a creative block arranges to spend the weekend in the country at his mistress's villa.

Profound Desires of the Gods Trailer (1968)

22 November 1968

Tokyo engineer Kariya arrives on a primitive tropical island, where he interacts with the Futori clan, to drill a well to power a sugar mill.

Woman in Chains Trailer (1968)

20 November 1968

Stanislas Hassler blazes the development of modern art in his gallery, packed with works of surprising shapes, colours and textures, and where exhibitions turn into media events.

The Ernie Game Trailer (1968)

14 November 1968

Ernie Turner is released from a mental hospital and evicted from his apartment. Alienated and indifferent to life, he meets Donna, a beautiful young woman while wandering down the street.

The Enchanted Chamber Trailer (1968)

28 November 1968

A mortal, a ghost and a fox fairy come together against evil in this supernatural wuxia film.

A Flea In Her Ear Trailer (1968)

27 November 1968

Director Jacques Charon's 1968 comedy about a womanizing attorney stars Rex Harrison, Louis Jourdan, Rosemary Harris, Rachel Roberts, John Williams and Victor Sen Yung.

Killers Three Trailer (1968)

01 November 1968

America's DJ Dick Clark and Robert Walker Jr. star as two country boys who decide to rob a pile of cash from a bootlegger, assisted by the man's restless wife (Diane Varsi).

Great Catherine Trailer (1968)

29 November 1968

An adaptation of George Bernard Shaw's play.

Innocence Unprotected Trailer (1968)

12 November 1968

Documentary about the famous Serbian athlete and movie enthusiast who made a feature film during the Nazi occupation of Belgrade and had some problems after the liberation because of that.

A Twist of Sand Trailer (1968)

01 November 1968

A former British Naval Officer now makes his living by smuggling goods around the Mediterranean. After being forced to dump his cargo after nearly being caught by the authorities in Malta, he is eager to recoup his losses.

Bonnot's Gang Trailer (1968)

01 November 1968

Day After Tomorrow Trailer (1968)

13 November 1968

Bespectacled pistolero Stan Ross comes to Canyon City and becomes involved with two feuding factions, after a clerk has been killed by the banker Jefferson during a botched holdup, while robbing his own bank.

Sexy Susan Sins Again Trailer (1968)

26 November 1968

The German innkeeper Susan, now leading an acting troupe, travels to Italy and uses feminine wiles to undo an assassination plot against Napoleon, and rescue a local count (a great romancer) from his own enemies.

Heidi Trailer (1968)

17 November 1968

Heidi is an orphaned girl initially raised by her aunt Dete in Maienfeld, Switzerland. In order to get a job in Frankfurt, Dete brings 5-year-old Heidi to her grandfather, who has been at odds with the villagers for years and lives in seclusion on the alm.

Padosan Trailer (1968)

29 November 1968

Bhola (Sunil Dutt) falls in love with his new neighbor Bindu (Saira Banu) and tries to woo her with his singing abilities.

The Jade Raksha Trailer (1968)

14 November 1968

A fearsome swordswoman known as The Jade Raksha appears in the martial arts world and begins killing people whose surname is Yan.

Romeo contra Julieta Trailer (1968)

14 November 1968

A Vida Provisória Trailer (1968)

26 November 1968

During the Brazilian military government, journalist Estevão is sent from Rio de Janeiro to Brasilia to cover the important statement of a minister, but takes the opportunity to deliver incriminating documents to another one.

The Mouse on the Mayflower Trailer (1968)

23 November 1968

The famous ship called Mayflower is trapped amidst a huge storm. The entire story is narrated by a church-mouse called Willum, from his viewpoint.

No Graves on Boot Hill Trailer (1968)

23 November 1968

Three men, Jerry (Hill), Reno (Wood) and Paco (White), meet in the same prison and in their cell they find a Mexican boy condemned to death for murder.

The Strange World of Coffin Joe Trailer (1968)

25 November 1968

"O Estrano Mundo de Zé do Caixão" tells three macabre tales, all delightfully demented, perverted and grotesque.

Der Partyphotograph Trailer (1968)

29 November 1968

A sleazy comedy directed by Hans D. Bove.

The Touchables Trailer (1968)

16 November 1968

British rock star with a love-'em-and-leave-'em reputation. The tables are turned when four cute young girls kidnap the singer.

The Sexual Revolution Trailer (1968)

21 November 1968

Fourteen people of different ages - seven men and seven women - gather in a comfortable hotel by the sea to carry out an experiment inspired by the theories of an Austrian psychoanalyst.

Emma Hamilton Trailer (1968)

28 November 1968

The Making of a Lady: The Story of Lady Hamilton is a 1968 historical drama film directed by Christian-Jaque and starring Michèle Mercier, Richard Johnson and John Mills.

Die Toten bleiben jung Trailer (1968)

14 November 1968

Experiments in Motion Graphics Trailer (1968)

30 November 1968

John H. Whitney explains the graphic art potential of the computer and the methods and philosophy involved in his computer film making.

Mandabi Trailer (1968)

27 November 1968

A money order from a relative in Paris throws the life of a Senegalese family man out of order. He deals with corruption, greed, problematic family members, the locals and the changing from his traditional way of living to a more modern one.

Bunny and Claude: We Rob Carrot Patches Trailer (1968)

08 November 1968

Outlaws Bunny and Claude are chased by the Sheriff. The Sheriff even attempts to disquise himself as a giant carrot to catch the duo.

Fanny Hill Trailer (1968)

11 November 1968

The classic tale of a young woman's erotic awakening is transplanted to swinging '60s Stockholm...

Elective Affinities Trailer (1968)

08 November 1968

Documentary showing the Czechoslovakian political landscape in March 1968, when president Antonin Novotny, a hardline Stalinist, stepped down and moderate communist Ludvik Svoboda was elected.

Stress Is Three Trailer (1968)

04 November 1968

Set in one-day, three people embark together on a car trip from Madrid to Almeria. Antonio (Cebrián) is a successful industrialist, however he is dismayed that his personal life does not reflect his glittering career.

Die Söhne Trailer (1968)

26 November 1968

A Knight for Vasoula Trailer (1968)

16 November 1968

Vasoula is a poor girl who works as a secretary for a cranky older lady, Ms Kleio who loves novels with knights and lives secluded in her mansion with her butler Aristeidis.

Bandits in Rome Trailer (1968)

20 November 1968

After professional stickup man Mario Corda is jailed, his young, ambitious partner -- who covets both Corda's life and his wife -- cuts loose, leaving a trail of dead bodies in his wake.

The Brave Warrior Trailer (1968)

22 November 1968

This arty and cerebral film offers a scathing behind-the-scenes look at local Brazilian politics, its main target being the ridiculous rhetoric that is the tool of the politician's trade.

The Day the Sun Rose Trailer (1968)

23 November 1968

Un día es un día Trailer (1968)

18 November 1968

The Giraffe in the Window Trailer (1968)

22 November 1968

Thieves Svarc and Cihák are interrupted in their robbery of a jeweler's store. In order to disappear as quickly as possible, they jump into the nearest car and leave, finding on the way that a little boy named Jirka, son of the car's owner, is with them.

When the Clouds Roll by Trailer (1968)

22 November 1968

Susu (Ching Li) is an emotionally troubled young woman still tortured by the loss of boyfriend in a plane crash.

Frank Sinatra - Primetime Trailer (1968)

25 November 1968

Frank Sinatra – Primtime This release brings together a trio of primetime television - 1968 Francis Albert Sinatra Does His Thing, 1969's Sinatra, and the 1977 Sinatra and Friends.

On the Eve of Publication Trailer (1968)

27 November 1968

TV play by David Mercer. First in a trilogy concerning Marxist novelist Robert Kelvin. The occasion is a dinner party, Kelvin is concerned with a summation of his life, addressed in his head to his lover, Emma.