Movie Trailers - October 1964

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Popular trailers for movies released in October 1964

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My Fair Lady Trailer (1964)

21 October 1964

A misogynistic and snobbish phonetics professor agrees to a wager that he can take a flower girl and make her presentable in high society.

The Outrage Trailer (1964)

08 October 1964

Transposing Akira Kurosawa's classic "Rashomon" to the American Southwest in the 1870s, this remake begins as three travelers at a dilapidated railroad station discuss the recent trial of the notorious Mexican outlaw Carasco.

Cheyenne Autumn Trailer (1964)

03 October 1964

A reluctant cavalry Captain must track a defiant tribe of migrating Cheyennes.

The Naked Kiss Trailer (1964)

29 October 1964

Kelly, a prostitute who wants to transform her life, beats up her pimp, takes the 75 dollars he owes her, and leaves town.

Father Goose Trailer (1964)

12 October 1964

During World War II South Sea beachcomber Walter Eckland is persuaded to spy on planes passing over his island.

Fail-Safe Trailer (1964)

07 October 1964

Because of a technical defect an American bomber team mistakenly orders the destruction of Moscow. The President of the United States has but little time to prevent an atomic catastrophe from occurring.

Tjorven, Batsman, and Moses Trailer (1964)

24 October 1964

Vesterman has found a young seal in his fishing nets in the outskirts of the archipelago. When he comes back to the Saltkråkan island he gives the seal to Tjorven, who names it Moses.

The Americanization of Emily Trailer (1964)

27 October 1964

During the build-up to D-Day in 1944, the British found their island hosting many thousands of American soldiers who were "oversexed, overpaid, and over here".

Lemonade Joe Trailer (1964)

16 October 1964

A satire of the Great American Way, with Lemonade Joe a "clean living" gunfighter who drinks only Kola-Loca Lemonade and convinces everyone else in town (with his gun skills) that all "real men" drink ONLY lemonade!

The Gorgon Trailer (1964)

18 October 1964

In the early 20th century a village experienced a series of inexplicable murders. All the victims were young men who had been to stone.

Welcome, or No Trespassing Trailer (1964)

07 October 1964

A satirical comedy about the excessive restrictions that children face during their vacation in a Young Pioneer camp.

My Wife Trailer (1964)

29 October 1964

La mia signora (internationally released as My Wife) is a 1964 Italian comedy film directed by Tinto Brass, Mauro Bolognini and Luigi Comencini.

Send Me No Flowers Trailer (1964)

14 October 1964

At one of his many visits to his doctor, hypochondriac George Kimball mistakes a dying man's diagnosis for his own and believes he only has about two more weeks to live.

Assassination Trailer (1964)

30 October 1964

Assassination begins with the events of 1853 when "four black ships" anchored at Edo Bay, sparking civil unrest and the major political manoeuvring that saw the end of the Tokugawa Shogunate.

The Time Travelers Trailer (1964)

29 October 1964

A time travel experiment that was supposed to produce a window into time turns out to be a portal instead.

See How They Run Trailer (1964)

07 October 1964

Three children are stalked by hired killers after they unknowingly take evidence pointing to the existence of a corrupt international cartel, which has just murdered their father.

The Earth Dies Screaming Trailer (1964)

14 October 1964

A crack space pilot returns to earth to find the planet has been devastated by some unknown forces. There are a few survivors, so he organizes them in a plan to ward off control by a group of killer robots.

Circle of Love Trailer (1964)

16 October 1964

In a chain reaction of romantic adventures, various people play musical beds in a remake of Max Ophul's "La Ronde.

The Divided Heaven Trailer (1964)

02 October 1964

1964 DEFA, East German Film by Konrad Wolf based on the novel by Christa Wolf. Tale of star-crossed lovers divided by worldviews in a divided Berlin.

Fight, Zatôichi, Fight Trailer (1964)

17 October 1964

Blind swordsman/masseuse Zatoichi befriends a young woman returning home with her baby. When gangsters mistake her for Zatoichi and kill her, Zatoichi determines to escort the baby to its father.

Rio Conchos Trailer (1964)

28 October 1964

Two Army officers, an alcoholic ex-Confederate soldier and a womanizing Mexican travel to Mexico on a secret mission to prevent a megalomaniacal ex-Confederate colonel from selling a cache of stolen rifles to a band of murderous Apaches.

The Magnificient Cuckold Trailer (1964)

19 October 1964

The Magnificent Cuckold is about a hat tycoon who is ecstatically, if not hungrily, in love with his youthful wife.

The Counterfeit Constable Trailer (1964)

10 October 1964

An extremely funny film about a group of French rugby supporters who go to see a match at Twickenham and one of them inadvertently receives a blow in the mouth from someone else's elbow.

The Lively Set Trailer (1964)

24 October 1964

A college student (James Darren) drops out to build a race car and falls for his buddy's (Doug McClure) sister (Pamela Tiffin).

Guns at Batasi Trailer (1964)

30 October 1964

An anachronistic martinet RSM on a remote Colonial African army caught in a local coup d'etat must use his experience to defend those in his care.

The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb Trailer (1964)

18 October 1964

Those who have interfered with the Tomb of Ra-Antef are in terrible danger. Against expert advice, American showman and financial backer of the expedition, Alexander King, plans a world tour exhibiting this magnificent discovery from the ancient world but on the opening night the sarcophagus is void of its contents.

The Black Torment Trailer (1964)

19 October 1964

A lord returns to his manor with his new wife, to hear rumours that he had already secretly returned and had committed several murders.

Destination Death Trailer (1964)

22 October 1964

A group of West German men on a stag party find themselves stranded in a Montenegrin village inhabited only by vengeful women since all their men were shot during the war.

Four Days In November Trailer (1964)

07 October 1964

1964 American documentary film about the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Hercules of the Desert Trailer (1964)

08 October 1964

A fabulous land of green pastures is protected from invasion by the mysterious Valley of the Thundering Echo.

La Baie du Désir Trailer (1964)

12 October 1964

A French Honeymoon Trailer (1964)

02 October 1964

Nudie-cutie pastiche with a framing device involving a British man fantasizing while on honeymoon with his new French bride.

Oh! Those Most Secret Agents Trailer (1964)

09 October 1964

Franco and Ciccio are two simple-minded Italian guys whom are mistaken by KGB spies by government agents from their government and other foreign governments.

The Crimson Palm Trailer (1964)

28 October 1964

Ling Bo is Lin, a young man engaged to the daughter of a rich man, who now despises Lin because of his family's declining status.

La boda era a las doce Trailer (1964)

30 October 1964

Elisa, a seller of a fashion house, sends a model to the wrong address. For fear of being fired she decides to recover it on her own.

The Road to Fort Alamo Trailer (1964)

24 October 1964

A lone rider comes across a dying soldier, the victim of an Indian attack, who gives him a paper authorizing the payment of $150,000 to the U.

The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe Trailer (1964)

03 October 1964

Shipwrecked on an uninhabited island, Robinson Crusoe fills his time in either building a shelter for himself, or by reminiscing about the years he spent at sea and the adventures that led him to where he is.

Male Companion Trailer (1964)

03 October 1964

A dedicated layabout (Jean-Pierre Cassel) bounces from relationship to relationship, moving on only when the prospect of employment presents itself.

Three Nights of Love Trailer (1964)

08 October 1964

Three Nights of Love is a 1964 drama film directed by Renato Castellani, Luigi Comencini and Franco Rossi and starring Adolfo Celi, Enrico Maria Salerno and Catherine Spaak.

La terreur et la vertu: Danton Trailer (1964)

10 October 1964

From November 1793 to April 1794, in order to reinforce the power of the Revolution, Robespierre strikes right and left.

East of Sudan Trailer (1964)

02 October 1964

A British soldier escapes from 1880s Khartoum and goes down the Nile river with a fellow soldier, a governess and the daughter of an emir.

Pancho's Hideaway Trailer (1964)

23 October 1964

A hot-tempered bandit, Pancho Vanilla, robs a Mexican bank and rushes to his hideout to count the loot.

Tales of a Young Scamp Trailer (1964)

15 October 1964

Red Diamond Trailer (1964)

14 October 1964

After losing all his money Kizuka Keita, seller on the black market, is truing to commit suicide. But he was saved by Morigen a broker on a Azuki beans market.

Do You Know This Voice? Trailer (1964)

01 October 1964

Dan Duryea as a kidnapper in this classic crime drama

The Big Scare Trailer (1964)

28 October 1964

Klänningen Trailer (1964)

05 October 1964

Edit is pleased that her mother agrees to let her buy a dress she loves, but which in fact is made for an adult woman.

Two Violent Men Trailer (1964)

08 October 1964

Two violent men bent on revenge in the old west.

Pappa tar gull Trailer (1964)

22 October 1964

Directed and written by Arne Skouen, «Pappa tar gull» (also known as "Daddy's Success") is a 1964 Comedy film .

Get Lost! Little Doggy Trailer (1964)

26 October 1964

While walking past a pet shop, a dog catches Woody's attention, Woody buys him, names him Duffy and takes him home.

Akropolis Trailer (1964)

10 October 1964

A performance based on Stanisław Wyspiański’s dramatic epic poem, first presented at the Laboratory Theatre of 13 Rows on 10 October 1962.

Der Spaßvogel Trailer (1964)

29 October 1964

The Mighty Jungle Trailer (1964)

06 October 1964

A South American expedition is in search of fortune thought to be hidden in an Lost Aztec city. While trudging through the jungles the main character in the story becomes detached from the group.

Liebe auf den zweiten Blick Trailer (1964)

14 October 1964

Nippon Paradise Trailer (1964)

04 October 1964

Japanese comedy film.

Sleepy Eyes of Death 4: Sword of Seduction Trailer (1964)

17 October 1964

A fugitive christian "saint" (female, of course!) and a sadistic drug-addled princess both have their eye on Kyoshiro.

The Fantasticks Trailer (1964)

17 October 1964

Neighboring widowers plot to romantically unite their son and daughter by pretending to feud and forbidding the two children to associate with each other.

La terreur et la vertu: Robespierre Trailer (1964)

17 October 1964

From April to July 1794, Robespierre forms a triumvirate with Saint-Just and Couthon. He plans to instate his ideal based on virtue and in times of revolutionary crisis, on terror.

He matado a un hombre Trailer (1964)

29 October 1964

Coutrroom drama: after being victimized by an abusive boyfriend, a woman goes on trial for murder. Sequel to Historia de un canalla.

Friends of the family Trailer (1964)

20 October 1964

Leon Rollo whose nickname is "Patate" is an inventor adored by his wife and is daughter. He is mostly happy but his best friend Noël seems to succeed in everything he undertakes.