Movie Trailers - October 1977

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Popular trailers for movies released in October 1977

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Equus Trailer (1977)

16 October 1977

A psychiatrist, Martin Dysart, investigates the savage blinding of six horses with a metal spike in a stable in Hampshire, England.

Emmanuelle and the Last Cannibals Trailer (1977)

21 October 1977

While doing undercover work in a mental hospital, Emanuelle discovers a girl who seems to have been raised by a tribe of amazonian cannibals.

Julia Trailer (1977)

02 October 1977

JULIA covers the 1930s when Lillian attained fame with the production of her play "The Childrens' Hour" on Broadway.

Love Camp Trailer (1977)

13 October 1977

A group of women are kidnapped by guerrillas and brought to a jungle brothel where they are forced to work as prostitutes for the soldiers.

Rolling Thunder Trailer (1977)

14 October 1977

A Vietnam veteran, Charles Rane, returns home after years in a POW camp and is treated as a hero. When thugs invade his home to steal the silver coins he received for his service, they mangle his hand and leave him and his family for dead.

Kärleksvirveln Trailer (1977)

10 October 1977

Stuntwoman Trailer (1977)

05 October 1977

Mike (Jean-Paul Belmondo) is a stuntman who works with his girlfriend Jane (Raquel Welch). On their wedding day Mike and Jane are forced by producers to do a stunt for a film they are working on.

Beach House Trailer (1977)

27 October 1977

Summer Sunday at a small beach house at the coast of Rome. Many people and stories: women's basketball team, two sports-obsessed soldiers, two men with their girlfriends and the priest with a big secret, an elderly couple with their pregnant granddaughter, and engagemented couple wanting to have sex for the first time.

Erotic Campus: Rape Reception Trailer (1977)

01 October 1977

Ryu, a sinister transfer student with a dark past, sexually assaults his way through his nubile female classmates to his ultimate conquest, the leggy athletic champ and class president Misa.

Starship Invasions Trailer (1977)

14 October 1977

Captain Rameses and his Legion of the Winged Serpent brigade are out to claim Earth for their dying race.

Halloween is Grinch Night Trailer (1977)

29 October 1977

When the sour-sweet wind starts blowing again, the Whos retreat to their homes because they know the Grinch will soon be a'prowlin.

The Hunters Trailer (1977)

19 October 1977

During a hunting party on New Year's Eve 1976, five representatives of the bourgeoisie encounter with their companion the body of a partisan from the Civil War of the late forties.

Three Swedish Girls in Upper Bavaria Trailer (1977)

07 October 1977

Otto runs a hotel for tourists in Tyrol but has troubles both with the economy and with his wife Olga.

Oh, God! Trailer (1977)

07 October 1977

When God appears to an assistant grocery manager as a good natured old man, the Almighty selects him as his messenger for the modern world.

The Serpent's Egg Trailer (1977)

28 October 1977

The Serpent's Egg follows a week in the life of Abel Rosenberg, an out-of-work American circus acrobat living in poverty-stricken Berlin following Germany's defeat in World War I.

Fight for Your Life Trailer (1977)

03 October 1977

A minister dispenses justice on three convicts who take his family hostage.

Killer on Board Trailer (1977)

10 October 1977

The passengers on a cruise ship are seized by panic when a deadly virus begins killing off passengers and crew.

Wifemistress Trailer (1977)

27 October 1977

Since her husband pronounced her frigid on her wedding night, Antonia DeAngelis has been an invalid. When he disappears, she believes him dead: she leaves her bed and takes over his business, traveling to see clients.

Office Romance Trailer (1977)

26 October 1977

Anatoli Yefremovich Novoseltsev works in a statistics institution, whose director is an unattractive and bossy woman.

Stop Calling Me Baby! Trailer (1977)

26 October 1977

A man hires a P.I. to find a sexy woman he fell in love with. The woman lives with her underage teen sister who dreams about having sex for the first time, but wants a real man.

Barbara Broadcast Trailer (1977)

27 October 1977

In a restaurant in New York, the menu is unusual, with some sauces prepared by waiters on the spot. In this scenery, at another table, a reporter interviews a famous prostitute.

Helga, She Wolf of Spilberg Trailer (1977)

20 October 1977

Helga, a woman who runs a strict prison camp, forces her female prisoners into slave labor and to be love toys for her own personal pleasure, as well as for her soldiers.

Jak se budí princezny Trailer (1977)

01 October 1977

Fascination: Portrait of a Lady Trailer (1977)

01 October 1977

Hisako Ōuchi (Naomi Tani) is the sexually-frustrated wife of the older art academy Professor Ōuchi (Minoru Ōkochi).

Looking for Mr. Goodbar Trailer (1977)

19 October 1977

A dedicated schoolteacher spends her nights cruising bars, looking for abusive men with whom she can engage in progressively violent sexual encounters.

The Lincoln Conspiracy Trailer (1977)

01 October 1977

Speculative Sunn Classics chestnut detailing a wide-ranging government conspiracy to murder the 16th American President and the subsequent cover up and escape of his killers.

Elvis in Concert Trailer (1977)

03 October 1977

Elvis In Concert is a posthumous 1977 TV special starring Elvis Presley. It was Elvis' third and final TV special, following Elvis (aka The '68 Comeback Special) and Aloha From Hawaii.

A Piece of the Action Trailer (1977)

07 October 1977

How does retired cop Joshua Burke (James Earl Jones) get two career criminals, Manny Durrell (Sidney Poitier) and Dave Anderson (Bill Cosby), to follow the straight and narrow? Con them into helping juvenile delinquents turn over a new leaf.

Sobstvennoe mnenie Trailer (1977)

28 October 1977

Psychologist Petrov and sociologist Burtsev are invited by Basov, the director of a factory, to study the basic problem of production.

The Chicken Chronicles Trailer (1977)

01 October 1977

A late-1960s teen (Steve Guttenberg) working in a chicken-takeout stand cannot get his mind off his dream-girl (Lisa Reeves).

Across the Andes by Frog Trailer (1977)

18 October 1977

Explorer Walter Snetterton and his party travel to the Andes to prove his theory that frogs are able to climb mountains.

The Divided Trail: A Native American Odyssey Trailer (1977)

01 October 1977

Oscar nominated documentary short from 1977

Double Suicide at Nishijin Trailer (1977)

14 October 1977

Yumi, an exceptionally beautiful call girl, has a close call with death when a client forces her to die with him.

...und die Bibel hat doch recht Trailer (1977)

13 October 1977

Tomka and His Friends Trailer (1977)

28 October 1977

When the Nazis occupy an Albanian village after the withdrawal of the Italian army from WW2, Tomka and his gang are furious – because the Germans set up camp on their football pitch.

Blind Man's Buff Trailer (1977)

26 October 1977

The Curse of the Claw Trailer (1977)

25 October 1977

Sir Kevin Orr is anxious to return the Sacred Claw of the Naga hills given him as a child by his uncle Jack but warned that unless it is returned before his sixtieth birthday the curse of the claw will kill him.

Mr. Rossi's Vacation Trailer (1977)

01 October 1977

A story about Mr. Rossi and his dog who go on vacation and all the adventures they have, from leading an animal revolt to climbing the Andes, or heading to the beach and being serenaded by strange fish.

Olsenbanden og Dynamitt-Harry på sporet Trailer (1977)

14 October 1977

Etter atter en tid på "Botsen" har Egon en genial plan klar. Med sin store forkjærlighet for timing og tilrettelegging retter han denne gangen blikket mot en av landets mest velsmurte og solide institusjoner: NSB.

The Sentimental Swordsman Trailer (1977)

14 October 1977

Due to his own extreme ideals, famed swordsman Li has lost everyone dear to him. After his life is saved by a rival swordsman, Li's overwhelming pride means he forsakes the woman he loves and lets her marry his saviour.

Richelieu Trailer (1977)

13 October 1977

Six part mini series about the life of Cardinal Richelieu.

Smoke on the Potato Fields Trailer (1977)

01 October 1977

In this character study by Czech director Frantisek Vlacil, a stout middle-aged physician whose marriage has come apart establishes a practice in a small town.

Śmierć prezydenta Trailer (1977)

10 October 1977

Two Nest... One Bird Trailer (1977)

07 October 1977

Dalawang Pugad, Isang Ibon is a 1977 drama film directed by Ishmael Bernal. The film analyzes adultery in a mature way and presents reasons why many modern marriages in bourgeois families slowly dissipate into alienation and lead to adultery.

Gravity Is My Enemy Trailer (1977)

01 October 1977

A look at artist Mark Hicks of Manhattan Beach, California, a quadriplegic since falling out of a tree at age 14.

Not Bad for a Human Trailer (1977)

07 October 1977

The film follows a boy and the relationship between his birth mother and step mother. Based on the novels by Aapeli.

Here We for Example... Trailer (1977)

28 October 1977

Poet Palmambrogio Guanziroli loses his wallet mere moments after arriving in Milan. He locates the culprit, a photographer nicknamed 'Click' and takes up residence with him until he either gets his money back or his poetry published.

Where Are You, Bagira? Trailer (1977)

11 October 1977

A family movie about a friendship between girl and dog.

The Demon Lover Trailer (1977)

01 October 1977

A group of teenagers hanging around a cemetery get involved with a satanic priest who calls up a demon from hell.

The Four Shaolin Challengers Trailer (1977)

06 October 1977

Lin Che Jong, A student of Wong Fei Hung stands up to gangsters from the local crime family,and opens a Kung Fu school in town.

Mantis Fists & Tiger Claws of Shaolin Trailer (1977)

06 October 1977

Strange hybrid of standard '70s chop-socky and cheap monster movie

Mil caminos tiene la muerte Trailer (1977)

06 October 1977

A gang of bikers wrecks havoc.

Double Game Trailer (1977)

13 October 1977

Drugs, murders, robberies. In Turin, violence is an everyday fact of life, but a mysterious vigilante starts cleaning up the streets.

The Goldcabbage Family Gets the Vote Trailer (1977)

17 October 1977

The Norman Conquests Trailer (1977)

05 October 1977

This masterly adaption of Alan Ayckbourn's celebrated trio of plays encompasses a remarkable range of talent - from multi award - winning producers Verity Lambert and David Susskind, to a cast that includes Tom Conti, Penelope Keith, Richard Briers and Penelope Wilson.

Three Warriors Trailer (1977)

01 October 1977

Young troublemaker Michael learns about his native American roots from his grandfather who lives at a reservation.

Mary Jane Harper Cried Last Night Trailer (1977)

05 October 1977

A disturbed young mother with some serious psychological problems begins to take them out on her infant daughter.

The Dream Of The Red Chamber Trailer (1977)

26 October 1977

Li Han-Hsiang's adaptation of the classic Qing Dynasty novel will take viewers to the heightened pleasures of love and the despairing depths of betrayal.

The Devil's Advocate Trailer (1977)

26 October 1977

John Mills tops the cast as a dying priest who has been summoned to Rome for one last assignment. A dead wartime partisan is being considered for Sainthood.

Murder in Peyton Place Trailer (1977)

03 October 1977

A former resident of the town of Peyton Place, now wealthy and powerful, secretly returns to the town and sets in motion a spate of killings designed as revenge for past wrongs.