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Missing Trailer (1982)

12 February 1982

Based on the real-life experiences of Ed Horman. A conservative American businessman travels to a South American country to investigate the sudden disappearance of his son after a right-wing military takeover.

Murmur of the Heart Trailer (1971)

27 April 1971

In the end of the first Indochina War, an open-minded teenage boy finds himself between the urge to discover love and the ever-present, dominating affection of his mother.

Christmas Evil Trailer (1980)

01 November 1980

A toy factory worker, mentally scarred as a child upon learning Santa Claus is not real, suffers a nervous breakdown after being belittled at work, and embarks on a Yuletide killing spree.

Klimt Trailer (2006)

03 March 2006

A portrait of Austrian artist Gustav Klimt whose lavish, sexual paintings came to symbolize the art nouveau style of the late 19th and early 20th century.

That Most Important Thing: Love Trailer (1975)

12 February 1975

Servais Mont, a photographer, meets Nadine Chevalier who earns her money starring in cheap soft-core movies.

The Life Trailer (2004)

16 April 2004

An anthropology student exploring the nature of prostitution is drawn deeper into that profession than she ever expected.

Moscow Zero Trailer (2006)

05 November 2006

In Moscow, the priest Owen hires a team to guide him in the underworld to find his friend Sergei that is missing while researching the legend about the existence of demons and an entrance to hell beneath the city.

Time Regained Trailer (1999)

19 May 1999

Marcel Proust (1871-1922) is on his deathbed. Looking at photographs brings memories of his childhood, his youth, his lovers, and the way the Great War put an end to a stratum of society.

Providence Trailer (1977)

25 January 1977

Clive Langham (Sir John Gielgud) spends one tormenting night in his bed suffering from health problems and thinking up a story based on his relatives.

The Family Trailer (1987)

01 January 1987

"The Family," an album with a velvet cover, is meant to touch the extended family of man. Formal portraits, bookends in this 80-year saga, enclose the central story, which opens with the baptism of Carlo, a baby in his grandfather's lap, and ends with Carlo as a grandfather with a baby in his arms.

Le Bal Trailer (1983)

21 December 1983

The 50 year story of a ballroom in France, from the 1920s. The people who go there is always the same, even the musicians.

The Assassination Trailer (1972)

11 October 1972

Stranded Trailer (2002)

12 April 2002

A team of astronauts on the first mission to Mars crashes onto the surface, losing contact with Earth.

Celestial Clockwork Trailer (1995)

17 May 1995

Ana bolts from her wedding altar and flies from Venezuela to Paris to realize her dream of becoming a great opera star.

Womanlight Trailer (1979)

29 August 1979

Having both suffered extreme losses, a man (Yves Montand) and a woman (Romy Scheider) try to form a relationship.

The Dominici Affair Trailer (1973)

07 March 1973

In August 1952, a family of British tourists is found by the roadside in Haute Provence, brutally murdered.

A Closed Book Trailer (2009)

19 May 2009

Jane appears to be ideal: attractive, intelligent, unruffled by her employer's abrupt eccentricities.

The Drummer of Ravel's Boléro Trailer (1992)

15 May 1992

Probably no one in the public listening to the orchestra's rendition of Ravel's Bolero notices him but the drummer is a regular hero.

São Paulo, Sociedade Anônima Trailer (1965)

01 January 1965

Carlos is a young man from the São Paulo middle class who works for a big company during a time when foreign automobile industries were settling in Brazil.

Garota de Ipanema Trailer (1967)

26 May 1967

Invasion Trailer (1969)

18 October 1969

A volunteer troop of middle-aged men gather to defend their country from dark shrouded foreign invaders.

The Sandpit Generals Trailer (1971)

05 May 1971

Los de la Mesa 10 Trailer (1960)

18 August 1960

The film refers to the romance between a young mechanic of humble working background and a university student from a well-to-do family of professionals who face the difficulties originated in their different social origins.

The Sidewalks of Saturn Trailer (1986)

30 April 1986

Hugo Santiago and writers Juan José Saer and Jorge Semprún move back and forth between Paris and the city of Aquilea in a shadowy fable about exile.

Surreal Estate Trailer (1976)

17 November 1976

Eric (Corin Redgrave) is a novelist whose imagination is unusually powerful. While exploring a run-down mansion in the French countryside, looking for sites for his stories, he meets a girl dressed in clothes from another time.

Dear Louise Trailer (1972)

06 June 1972

In this French romance, Louise (Jeanne Moreau) lives alone and seems to like it that way. She has been through a divorce and the recent death of her mother.

Person Trailer (2007)

10 August 2007

"Person" is a documentary about the life and work of filmmaker Luiz Sérgio Person. The documentary brings the reconstruction of the history of the São Paulo filmmaker through the personal journey of his daughter, Marina.

The Guns Trailer (1964)

01 June 1964

A group of armed soldiers is sent to the Northeast of Brazil in an attempt to stop a famine-struck population from invading and stealing a food deposit in the dry backlands.

Hanna K. Trailer (1983)

07 September 1983

A female American Israeli lawyer is defending a Palestinian charged by an Israeli court. It's a tough case because of strong political background.

Lumière Trailer (1976)

24 March 1976

Sarah, an actress nearing 40, has invited the woman who has been her best friend for 16 years and two younger women to her vacation retreat in Provence.

Flesh Color Trailer (1978)

12 September 1978

This film was presented to the Cannes Film Festival in the parallel section in 1978. It is unreleased.

Papa the Little Boats Trailer (1971)

22 April 1971

In this whimsical French comedy, Cookie (Sheila White) is a tough, sweet little rich girl, and is rather smart, too.

Three Times Ana Trailer (1961)

12 April 1961

Three different love-related stories -all starring María Vaner as different "Annas". In "The Earth," Anna is a young and idealistic woman on the verge of adulthood when her first relationship with a clerk shatters her dreams of a romantic life.

The Outsider Trailer (1980)

02 June 1980

Michael Flaherty (Craig Wasson), an American Vietnam veteran of Irish descent, returns to Belfast to join the cause of his grandfather, Seamus (Sterling Hayden).

Ecoute voir ... Trailer (1979)

07 March 1979

The Venerable Ones Trailer (1963)

08 June 1963

Directed by Manuel Antin

Vrijdag Trailer (1981)

07 March 1981

Hugo Claus rewrote and directed Friday as the cinematic version of his original 1969 play of the same name.

Chanel Solitaire Trailer (1981)

01 January 1981

The story about the life and loves of an amazing woman-Coco Chanel- who rose from the bottom with no family or financial support and became one of the most legendary of all our creative icons.

The Man Who Bought the World Trailer (1968)

01 January 1968

In a fictitious country, civil servant receives the greatest inheritance in history (ten trillion dollars) and is confined by authorities because he could break world economics.

Bossa Nova Beach Trailer (1965)

01 January 1965

The Man Inside Trailer (1991)

19 June 1991

Gunter Wallraff is a journalist seeking to expose the unethical journalism practiced by The Standard, a very popular and powerful German newspaper.

Los Taitas Trailer (1968)

01 January 1968

"Santiago was already living in Paris and assisting his maestro Robert Bresson when he began hatching his own filmmaking career.

El reñidero Trailer (1965)

08 June 1965

When a gangster is murdered, the victim's daughter sets out to track down her father's killer. She soon suspects her friend and her own mother may have been involved in the murder plot, in this heavy-handed and tragic crime drama.

Le Radeau de la Méduse Trailer (1998)

15 July 1998

No overview found.

The Impostor Trailer (1997)

22 May 1997

This drama is based on a novel and incomplete screenplay by the late Maria Luis Bemberg. In 1930s Argentina, wealthy Sebastian (Antonio Birabent) leaves his Buenos Aires home for the family estate on the pampas.

Je t'aime, tu danses Trailer (1977)

25 April 1977

Cannes Film Festival 1975

The Recourse to the Method Trailer (1978)

06 June 1978

Set in the early 1900s, this film charts the rule of a Latin American dictator as he moves from being a charming despot to a tyrannical ruler before he is finally ousted, only to die in obscurity in Paris.

Jaune le soleil Trailer (1971)

16 February 1971

The whole film takes place in a single room where representatives of the two political forces and their enemy "the Jew" are gathered.

The Others Trailer (1974)

04 June 1974

This surreal French film boasts a screenplay co-written by Jorge Luis Borges who is known for founding the Latin American school of literature known as "magical realism.