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Roger Perry (born May 7, 1933) is an American film and television actor whose career began in the late 1950s. In the 1960-1961 television season, Perry portrayed a handsome young attorney, Jim Harrigan, Jr., in the ABC and Desilu Studios sitcom Harrigan and Son, with co-stars Pat O'Brien, Helen Kleeb, and Georgine Darcy. He guest starred on numerous American television during the 1960s through the 1980s. One of his best known roles was that of Captain John Christopher in the Star Trek episode "Tomorrow is Yesterday". Other television series where he appeared as guest star or as a semi-regular cast member included Love, American Style, Ironside, The F.B.I., The Eleventh Hour, Barnaby Jones, The Facts of Life, and Falcon Crest. He was married to actress Jo Anne Worley (Laugh In) for twenty-five years. They divorced in 2000. They had no children. Since 2002 he has been married to actress Joyce Bulifant. Perry served as an intelligence officer in the United States Air Force during the Cold War.

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Wreckage Trailer (2010)

01 January 2010

Jared, Kate, Rick, and Jessica find themselves stranded in a wreckage yard after their car breaks down during a drag race.

The Return of Count Yorga Trailer (1971)

18 August 1971

Count Yorga continues to prey on the local community while living by a nearby orphanage. He also intends to take a new wife, while feeding his bevy of female vampires.

Count Yorga, Vampire Trailer (1970)

10 June 1970

Sixties couples Michael and Donna and Paul and Erica become involved with the intense Count Yorga at a Los Angeles séance, the Count having latterly been involved with Erica's just-dead mother.

The Thing with Two Heads Trailer (1972)

19 July 1972

A rich but racist man is dying and hatches an elaborate scheme for transplanting his head onto another man's body.

The Feminist and the Fuzz Trailer (1971)

26 January 1971

A dedicated women's libber and a male chauvinist cop become roommates.

The Flying Fontaines Trailer (1959)

01 December 1959

Director George Sherman's 1959 circus drama stars Michael Callan as a cocky aerialist causing romantic problems under the Big Top.

Conspiracy of Terror Trailer (1975)

29 December 1975

A husband-and-wife detective team investigate the existence of lethal Satanic cults , while the husband battles with his Orthodox Jewish parents who haven't forgiven him for marrying a Gentile woman.

Follow the Boys Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

Bonnie (Connie Francis), Toni (Paula Prentiss), Michele (Dany Robin) and Liz follow the course of their Navy mates along the Riviera.

Roller Boogie Trailer (1979)

31 December 1979

Teen lovers Bobby and Terry band together with other roller skaters to try and prevent a powerful mobster taking over the land their favourite skating rink sits on, and compete in the Boogie Contest.

The Cat Trailer (1966)

01 June 1966

A pet wildcat escapes and is seen by a boy, but no one believes his story. When he tries to find the cat, he witnesses a murder.

You've Got To Be Smart Trailer (1960)

28 April 1960

A slick conman finds a singing teenage preacher in a small town in Arkansas and brings him to Los Angeles, where he sets him up with his own show and waits for the money to come pouring in.