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Death of a Fisherman Trailer (2015)

09 October 2015

One morning, the body of a sailor is found lying on the beach, washed in by the tide.. With no witnesses or any sign of the dead man’s boat, Inspector Leo Caldas begins immersing himself in the town’s seafaring atmosphere as he endeavours to shed light on the crime.

13 Curses Trailer (2002)

12 October 2002

Jacobo is a young sculptor that returns to native city, Santiago of Compostela, to see his mother, locked up a psychiatric hospital for to kill to her husband, when he believed she dead years ago.

Heroína Trailer (2005)

04 May 2005

In the 1980's, Pilar, an ordinary woman, married, about forty years, discovers that one of their three children are addicted to heroin.

Martes de carnaval Trailer (1991)

20 June 1991

Writer in need of money returns to his hometown to try to write a new book. But his addiction to alcohol causes strange dreams that take him 50 years back to a Mardi Gras tuesday, when he was a teenager.

El baile de las ánimas Trailer (1994)

14 January 1994

Dirty Wolves Trailer (2016)

08 April 2016

Two sisters turns in the center of a plot implying wolfram, Nazis, Franco's prisoners and British spies.

Years After Trailer (2012)

07 December 2012

At 35, Andrés leads a quiet life; he lives in Mexico City and has a girlfriend he plans to marry. His only relative is his mother Clara, who came to Mexico fleeing from the Spanish dictatorship years ago.

Días de boda Trailer (2002)

06 September 2002

For starters the audience must be aware of the fact that this is a film that is part of the DOGME 95 Movement, described as follows: 'the goal of the Dogme collective is to purify film-making by refusing expensive and spectacular special effects, post-production modifications and other gimmicks.

Condenado a vivir Trailer (2001)

01 January 2001

Sempre Xonxa Trailer (1990)

25 May 1990