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Koma Trailer (2004)

27 April 2004

A horrid crime was committed at a wedding reception and bridesmaid Chi Ching was the lone eyewitness.

Rise of the Legend Trailer (2014)

20 November 2014

In 1868 during the late Qing Dynasty, rampant corruption on the Imperial Court inflicts much suffering in people's lives.

Star Runner Trailer (2003)

01 January 2003

Preparing for the hand-to-hand battle of his life and the title of Champion Star Runner, a headstrong fighter creates a deadly hybrid mix of Thai kickboxing and Chinese kung fu.

Nightfall Trailer (2012)

15 March 2012

Inspector Lam investigates the brutal murder of Tsui, a famous musician. Wong, the designated suspect, just spent 20 years in jail for the murder of Tsui's daughter but has always claimed his innocence.

Murderer Trailer (2009)

09 July 2009

A Hong Kong-set mystery centered on a detective who has been framed for a series of gruesome murders.

Truth or Dare : 6th Floor Rear Flat Trailer (2003)

04 June 2003

Six Hong Kong roommates vow to each accomplish something daring or wonderful within one year.

When C Goes with G7 Trailer (2013)

27 October 2013

It is normal to face challenges in love, career, and friendships when growing up. In this film, 13-year-old Tank meets 3 good friends Dean, Fai and Ian on the street one day by chance.

Summer Breeze of Love Trailer (2002)

14 July 2002

In this high-school coming of age romantic comedy and with 2 months of summer vacation ahead of themm