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Pure Trailer (2009)

22 October 2009

Katarina is 20 years old. With a troubled past in a dreary suburb, her life seems to be already set in stone - until she discovers music.

Executive Protection Trailer (2001)

10 August 2001

After causing a commotion with his last assignment, Falk has been given a desk job, which hardly agrees with his personality, and he ends up accepting an offer from an old friend to buy into a private investigation agency.

Headhunter Trailer (2009)

28 August 2009

Martin Vinge, former notorious journalist, now successful headhunter with a complicated personal life, is in all confidentiality contacted by 85 year-old N.

For Better and Worse Trailer (2015)

06 March 2015

A couple on the brink of divorce attempts to hide their crisis at a grand wedding, but it turns out they are not the only ones with false appearances.

Exit Trailer (2006)

06 October 2006

There is a thin line between money and loyalty. Thomas Skepphult runs an investment company, and is arrested for the murder of his business partner when his fingerprint is found on the murder weapon.

Wolf Summer Trailer (2003)

28 February 2003

The young Norwegian girl Kim almost gets killed after falling from a hillside. She finds shelter and stumbles upon the territory of a wolf and her puppy.

The Best Intentions Trailer (1992)

24 May 1992

The story of Ingmar Bergman's parents. In 1909, poor theology student Henrik Bergman falls in love with Anna Åkerbloom, the daughter of a rich family in Uppsala.

Private Confessions Trailer (1996)

25 December 1996

Reply with Photo Trailer (1999)

20 August 1999

The shy scientist Lars decides to publish a small ad in order to find a girlfriend. From the 218 replies, he selects Brigita, an attractive Latvian woman and invites her to Stockholm.

Ögat Trailer (1998)

02 October 1998

Fredrik is a director for a company that has developed a camera that can be operated from a distance to inspect pipes.

The Prosecutor, The Defender, The Father and his Son Trailer (2015)

25 November 2015

The Hague, The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia: Two ambitious lawyers face each other in the trial of Milorad Krstić, who’s accused of committing war crimes as a commander in the Bosnian war.

Liv & Ingmar Trailer (2012)

28 September 2012

The 42 year long relationship between legendary actress Liv Ullmann and master filmmaker Ingmar Bergman.

Det grovmaskiga nätet Trailer (2000)

01 January 2000

Lovisa och Carl Michael Trailer (2005)

24 December 2005

Bellman and his wife Lovisa live in a loving marriage, but in extreme poverty. They struggle to keep the family together and Lovisa tries to persuade Bellman to perform in order to earn a livelihood.

Between Summers Trailer (1995)

31 August 1995

Torun and Mikael have been married for a few years. When vacationing on the Danish coast, their young son Melker accidentally drowns.

Et hjørne af paradis Trailer (1997)

29 August 1997

Their Frozen Dream Trailer (1997)

03 October 1997

Poetic documentary about the polar expedition of S. A. Andrée which Troell had previously dramatized in "Ingenjör Andrées luftfärd" (1982).