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100 Days Before the Command Trailer (1991)

01 February 1991

Visually astonishing, erotically charged and emotionally jarring. '100 Days Before the Command' is Hussein Erkenov's courageous and stinging indictment of communism.

Tomorrow Was the War Trailer (1987)

18 October 1987

A drama a life in a small Russian provincial town in 1940 - one year before Germany invaded the Soviet Union.

The Steamroller and the Violin Trailer (1961)

30 December 1961

Seven year old Sasha practices violin every day to satisfy the ambition of his parents. Already withdrawn as a result of his routines, Sasha quickly regains confidence when he accidentally meets and befriends worker Sergei, who works on a steamroller in their upscale Moscow neighborhood.

Trial on the Road Trailer (1971)

06 November 1971

A Russian POW joins the partisan guerrillas and proves his loyalty fighting the Nazis.

Four Winds of Heaven Trailer (1962)

01 June 1962

По вызову своего жениха, Светлана поехала в захолустный городок, где на самой окраине стоял двухэтажный дом «на семи ветрах».

The Shore Trailer (1984)

06 June 1984

A former Soviet officer returns to Germany forty years after WWII...

Do Not Shoot at White Swans Trailer (1980)

11 June 1980

Egor Polushkin (Stanislav Lyubshin) is a kind-hearted, nature loving, artistic family man who is living in a small village.

Days of Eclipse Trailer (1988)

01 January 1988

This bleak late soviet-era drama follows the career of Malyanov, a young medical school graduate who has been sent to work in Turkmenia.

The Only One Trailer (1975)

06 June 1975

Young husband returns from military service, but his marriage is ruined by his increasing feelings of jealousy towards his cheerful and open-minded wife.

Front Without Flanks Trailer (1974)

20 December 1974

A first episode in the trilogy about the Russian partisan's resistance against the Nazi occupation of Russia during WWII.

The Flight Trailer (1970)

01 January 1970

The film is about a group of people who in other times wouldn't have anything in common, some of them innocent bystanders, some moral criminals.

Inspector of Criminal Investigation Trailer (1971)

10 November 1971

A detective investigating the robbery also tries to help young man to avoid criminal future.

In the Zone of Special Attention Trailer (1977)

06 June 1977

Action film about the Russian paratroopers.

ChK Employee Trailer (1963)

06 June 1963

A story about a struggle between ChK and criminals during the young years of Soviet Union. Based on the novel by Aleksandr Lukin and Dmitri Polyanovsky.

Point, Point, Comma... Trailer (1972)

06 June 1972

A lyric comedy about eight-graders, their life and first love...

Vylet zaderzhivayetsya Trailer (1974)

02 November 1974

The Director of the Foster Home Trailer (1983)

06 June 1983

A drama of Alexandra Ivanovna - a director of a foster home.

My Smerti Smotreli v Litso Trailer (1980)

06 June 1980

В основе сюжета — подлинные факты. В марте 1942 бывший балетмейстер, а теперь — лейтенант Обрант (по фильму — Корбут) получил задание политотдела создать танцевальную группу.

Allegro with Fire Trailer (1979)

20 December 1979

A heroic story about Soviet sailors fighting Nazis during WWII.

Here Is Our House Trailer (1974)

04 February 1974

A young and ambitious engineer comes into conflict with old-fashioned structures that don't acknowledge his honesty.