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Bluebeard Trailer (1901)

01 January 1901

A young woman becomes the eighth wife of the wealthy Bluebeard, whose first seven wives have died under mysterious circumstances.

The Big Swallow Trailer (1901)

15 October 1901

A man, objecting to being filmed, comes closer and closer to the camera lens until his mouth is all we see.

The Gigantic Devil Trailer (1901)

01 January 1901

At the beginning of the scene Romeo in his gondola sings to Juliet a sentimental song, then goes away.

Arrival of McKinley’s Funeral Train at Canton, Ohio Trailer (1901)

30 September 1901

In recording this scene the position of our camera was an excellent one, and we present to the public a most perfect picture of the train’s arrival.

Excelsior! Trailer (1901)

01 January 1901

A magician does tricks with the aid of his assistant, the Human Pump.

Undressing Extraordinary Trailer (1901)

01 January 1901

Here we present a picture that simply convulses an audience with laughter. The scene opens in the bedroom of a hotel.

The Man with the Rubber Head Trailer (1901)

01 January 1901

A chemist in his laboratory places upon a table his own head, alive; then fixing upon his head a rubber tube with a pair of bellows, he begins to blow with all his might.

The Countryman and the Cinematograph Trailer (1901)

01 January 1901

A satire on the way that audiences unaccustomed to the cinema didn't know how to react to the moving images on a screen - in this film, an unsophisticated (and stereotypical) country yokel is alternately baffled and terrified, in the latter case by the apparent approach of a steam train.

Another Job for the Undertaker Trailer (1901)

15 May 1901

Shows a bedroom in a hotel. On the wall of the room is a conspicuous sign "Don't blow out the gas." A hayseed enters the room, accompanied by a bellboy.

The Seven Castles of the Devil Trailer (1901)

01 December 1901

An oppressive droning score makes this rendering of the Faust legend quite disturbing to watch. The film itself consists of a number of impressive ‘appearing out of thin air’ effects, some lavish costumes, sets and backdrops.

What Is Seen Through a Keyhole Trailer (1901)

01 August 1901

As a janitor is cleaning a hotel, he decides to peek through the keyholes to observe some of the guests in their rooms.

History of a Crime Trailer (1901)

30 April 1901

A convicted criminal dreams about his past the night before his execution.

Esquimaux Village Trailer (1901)

21 July 1901

“One of the principal features at the Pan-American Exposition is the Alaskan or Esquimaux Village. In this most interesting exhibit, scenes are enacted just as they take place in the far away frozen North.

The Finish of Bridget McKeen Trailer (1901)

02 January 1901

The cook has trouble lighting the stove, so she adds kerosene, with explosive results.

The Bachelor's Paradise Trailer (1901)

01 January 1901

A sorceress conjures up a bevy of beauties for a bachelor to peruse.

Kansas Saloon Smashers Trailer (1901)

16 March 1901

A gilded saloon, with a fancy bar, forms the background. A nobby bartender with white coat and apron is dispensing drinks to customers.

Women of the Ghetto Bathing Trailer (1901)

15 July 1901

The subject is a group of women bathing in a public swimming pool. The camera was placed on the edge of the pool and the full extent of the film shows the women in the pool.

Ride on the Tramcar Through Belfast Trailer (1901)

04 May 1901

Ride on the Tramcar Through Belfast

The Ghost Train Trailer (1901)

21 January 1901

Special effects film with a train double exposed on the negative, creating a ghostly image.

Le Village Trailer (1901)

21 May 1901

A short film from the Lumière Brothers.

The Artist's Dilemma Trailer (1901)

14 December 1901

The scene opens in an artist's studio, the artist asleep in his chair. A large old fashioned clock opens and a young lady comes out and awaking the artist, requests him to paint her picture.

The Martyred Presidents Trailer (1901)

19 October 1901

This film is difficult to classify. It opens on a scene showing a mourner with bowed head sitting in front of what appears to be a tombstone.

Fire! Trailer (1901)

15 October 1901

Firefighters ring for help, and here comes the ladder cart; they hitch a horse to it. A second horse-drawn truck joins the first, and they head down the street to a house fire.

Nice: Sa Majesté Carnaval et le char des Limonadiers Trailer (1901)

28 February 1901

Elaborate floats and costumes parading the streets of Nice.

The Deonzo Brothers Trailer (1901)

01 January 1901

The famous acrobats in the above title appear in a marvellous acrobatic act. There are three barrels arranged on the stage.

The Magician's Cavern Trailer (1901)

01 January 1901

A very enthusiastic magician performs several tricks.

An Over-Incubated Baby Trailer (1901)

01 January 1901

An up to date idea and a great picture. The professor sits in his laboratory with his newly invented baby incubator.

The Dwarf and the Giant Trailer (1901)

01 January 1901

A magician explores two halves of his self: The Dwarf and the Giant.

The Magic Sword Trailer (1901)

01 January 1901

On the roof of an ancient palace appear a young Knight and his lady. While they are making love an ugly old witch appears and is rather troublesome.

Sampson-Schley Controversy Trailer (1901)

21 September 1901

This subject is in three scenes, showing beautiful dissolving effects. Scene 3. The Man Behind that Teacup shows Admiral Sampson the centre of attraction of a group of old maids at an afternoon tea party.

Dream and Reality Trailer (1901)

01 January 1901

A well-dressed middle-aged man is enjoying a drink at a table with a pretty young woman. He flirts with her, and she seems not to mind his attentions.

Trapeze Disrobing Act Trailer (1901)

11 November 1901

The stage of a vaudeville theatre. A lady in evening costume is performing on a trapeze. Two Rubes are seated in a box.

Leaping Dogs at Gentry's Circus Trailer (1901)

03 December 1901

In the center of the ring the trainer forms a pile of baskets many feet in height. Greyhounds leap in rapid succession, forming a graceful arch and landing on the ground as lightly as so many feathers.

The Illusionist Trailer (1901)

01 January 1901

On the theater stage, a magician makes appear and disappear his partners

The Old Maid Having Her Picture Taken Trailer (1901)

09 March 1901

An old maid is walking about the studio while the photographer is getting his camera ready. She first looks at a hanger, which immediately falls from the wall, not being able to stand her gaze.

What Is Home Without the Boarder Trailer (1901)

01 January 1901

A trio of prankish boarders wreak havoc on their landlady and an intervening policeman.

Esquimaux Game of Snap-the-Whip Trailer (1901)

08 August 1901

“The picture [shows] a number of Esquimaux picking nickels from cracks in a board with their dog whips, in which sport they are very expert.

Laura Comstock's Bag-Punching Dog Trailer (1901)

27 April 1901

This wonderful dog "Mannie," owned by the vaudeville star, Miss Laura Comstock, is a most learned animal.

Love by the Light of the Moon Trailer (1901)

24 March 1901

Shows a garden wall in the background. Two lovers appear and lean over the garden gate where the moon throws a shadow upon the ground.

The Haunted Curiosity Shop Trailer (1901)

01 January 1901

An old proprietor is startled and haunted by the strange happenings inside his curiosity shop.

What Happened on Twenty-Third Street, New York City Trailer (1901)

31 July 1901

A street level view from the sidewalk, looking along the length of 23rd Street. Following actuality footage of pedestrians and street traffic, the actors, a man in summer attire and a woman in an ankle-length dress, walk toward the camera.

Why Mr. Nation Wants a Divorce Trailer (1901)

09 March 1901

The scene opens in the bedroom of Mr. Nation, husband of the famous Carrie Nation, the “Kansas Saloon Smasher”.

Panorama de la ligne de Cauterets, [II] Trailer (1901)

02 January 1901

Panorama of a mountainside railroad.

The Gordon Sisters Boxing Trailer (1901)

27 April 1901

The champion lady boxers of the world. Shows two female pugilists who are really clever. They engage in a hot one-round sparring bout.

Stop Thief! Trailer (1901)

01 January 1901

A lad from a butcher shop is carrying a tray laden with a roast or a leg of lamb. A hobo grabs it and runs.

En file indienne dans la montagne, I. Montée Trailer (1901)

22 May 1901

High Diving Scene Trailer (1901)

09 November 1901

A daredevil rides his bicycle down a ramp and attempts to land in a pool of water as a crowd of spectators watches.

Panorama de la ligne de Cauterets, III. Le tunnel Trailer (1901)

02 January 1901

Panorama of a mountainside railroad and tunnel.

Hat of Many Surprises Trailer (1901)

01 January 1901

A magician's hat offers many surprises.

Housewives Gone Black # 13 Trailer (1901)

01 January 1901


Artistic Creation Trailer (1901)

01 January 1901

An artist draws the head of a pretty girl, takes the drawing off the paper and places it on a small table, turning the image into the head of a real woman.

Chamonix: Le Mauvais Pas Trailer (1901)

01 January 1901

A group of people cross a mountain near Chamonix and are filmed doing so by the Lumière brothers.

The Waif and the Wizard Trailer (1901)

01 September 1901

The Waif and the Wizard features the same young man who appeared in Undressing Extraordinary (and who might be early filmmaker Walter Booth).

Fumerie d'opium Trailer (1901)

01 January 1901

A rare century-old film clip depicting opium smokers in French Indochina (Vietnam).

Royal Proclamation of the Death of Queen Victoria, Blackburn Trailer (1901)

24 November 1901

The exact moment when the Victorian age turned into the Edwardian age, in this public proclomation in Blackburn, UK on Jan 22 or 23, 1901.

Circular Panorama of Electric Tower Trailer (1901)

31 August 1901

A most interesting picture at the Pan-American Exposition. The picture was taken from the north side of the Electric Tower.

Maillane: Défilé des tambourinaires Trailer (1901)

01 January 1901

A group of tambours and dancers in traditional outfits pass the camera.

West Coast Gang Bang #41 Trailer (1901)

01 January 1901


The Brahmin and the Butterfly Trailer (1901)

01 January 1901

A man attempts to engender a transformation of a giant worm into a butterfly.

President McKinley Taking the Oath Trailer (1901)

16 March 1901

President McKinley taking the Oath.