Nosferatu Trailer

Nosferatu Trailer (1922)

"A symphony of horror" 15 March 1922 Fantasy, Drama, Horror 94 mins

Vampire Count Orlok is interested in a new residence and in real estate agent Hutter's young wife. Silent horror classic based on the Bram Stoker novel "Dracula".

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Max Schreck

as Count Orlok 'Nosferatu'

Max Schreck

as Graf Orlok "Nosferatu"

Gustav von Wangenheim

as Hutter (as Gustav v. Wangenheim)

Greta Schröder

as Ellen Hutter

Greta Schröder

as Hutter's Wife Ellen (as Greta Schroeder)

Alexander Granach

as Estate Broker Knock

Georg H. Schnell

as Westenra

Georg H. Schnell

as Shipowner Harding (as G.H. Schnell)

Ruth Landshoff

as Harding's Sister Ruth

Ruth Landshoff

as Lucy Westenra

John Gottowt

as Professor Bulwer

Gustav Botz

as Professor Sievers, the Doctor

John Gottowt

as Professor Bulwer, a Paracelsian

Gustav Botz

as Professor Sievers, der Arzt


F.W. Murnau


Albin Grau

Albin Grau Produzent

Albin Grau

Albin Grau Producer

Fritz Arno Wagner

Fritz Arno Wagner Director of Photography

Günther Krampf

Günther Krampf Director of Photography

Albin Grau

Albin Grau Art Direction

Albin Grau

Albin Grau Costume Design

Hans Erdmann

Original Music Composer

International Titles

Die zwölfte Stunde - Eine Nacht des Grauens Trailer

Nosferatu le vampire Trailer

Upír Nosferatu Trailer

Das kostbare Blut Trailer

Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens Trailer

Pagina 17 Trailer

Pest Trailer

Schatten der Nacht Trailer

Nosferatu el vampiro Trailer

Nosferatu, una simfonia del terror Trailer

Nosferatu le vampire Trailer

Nosferatu il vampiro Trailer

Nosferatu - symfonia grozy Trailer

Nosferatu, o Vampiro Trailer

Nosferatu, El Vampiro Trailer

Nosferatu Trailer

Nosferatu the Vampire Trailer

Nosferatu: Kino Ultimate Edition Trailer

International Releases Dates

Germany 15 March 1922

United Kingdom 25 October 2013

Portugal 18 February 1981

Sweden 29 July 1970

United States 03 June 1929

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