Earth Trailer

Earth Trailer (1930)

06 April 1930 Drama, Foreign 75 mins

In the peaceful countryside, Vassily opposes the rich kulaks over the coming of collective farming.

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Semyon Svashenko

as Vasili 'Basil' Opanas

Yuliya Solntseva

as Vasili's Sister

Yelena Maksimova

as Natalya, Vasili's Fiancee

Nikolai Nademsky

as Semyon 'Simon' Opanas

Ivan Franko

as Arkhip Whitehorse - Khoma's Father

Pyotr Masokha

as Khoma 'Thomas' Whitehorse

Vladimir Mikhaylov

as Village Priest

Pavel Petrik

as Young Party-Cell Leader

P. Umanets

as Chairman of the Village Farm Soviet

Ye. Bondina

as Farm Girl

Luka Lyashenko

as Young Kulak

Vasiliy Krasenko

as Old Peter

M. Matsyutsia

as Farm Girl


Daniil Demutsky

Daniil Demutsky Director of Photography

Vasili Krichevsky

Vasili Krichevsky Art Direction

Lazar Bodik

Lazar Bodik Assistant Director

Yuliya Solntseva

Yuliya Solntseva Assistant Director

International Titles

Terra Trailer

Zemlya Trailer

Земля Trailer

Zemlya Trailer

International Releases Dates

Russia 06 April 1930

United States 16 October 1930

Production Companies

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