The Front Page Trailer

The Front Page Trailer (1931)

04 April 1931 Comedy 101 mins

Newspaper reporter, Hildy Johnson is engaged and planning to move to New York for a higher-paying job. While various newsmen wait to cover the hanging of Earl Williams, a dramatic event takes place that throws the news reporters into chaos and causes Hildy to second guess his departure.

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Pat O’Brien

as Hildy Johnson

Adolphe Menjou

as Walter Burns

Mary Brian

as Peggy Grant

Walter Catlett

as Murphy (as Walter L. Catlett)

George E. Stone

as Earl Williams

Mae Clarke

as Molly

Matt Moore

as Kruger


Charles Lederer

Charles Lederer Additional Dialogue

Glen MacWilliams

Glen MacWilliams Director of Photography

Tony Gaudio

Tony Gaudio Director of Photography

Hal Mohr

Hal Mohr Director of Photography

International Releases Dates

United States 04 April 1931

Production Companies

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