Pharaoh Trailer

Pharaoh Trailer (1966)

10 March 1966 History 180 mins

Young Pharaoh Ramses XIII clashes with Egypt's clergy over influence on the affairs of the state and its coffers.

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Jerzy Zelnik

as Ramses XIII

Stanisław Milski

as Arcykapłan Mefres

Kazimierz Opaliński

as Beroes, prorok chaldejski


Jerzy Wójcik

Jerzy Wójcik Director of Photography

Jerzy Skrzepinski

Jerzy Skrzepinski Production Design

Romuald Korczak

Romuald Korczak Set Decoration

Albin Wejman

Albin Wejman Set Decoration

International Titles

Pharaoh Trailer

International Releases Dates

Poland 10 March 1966

United States 02 October 1966

Production Companies

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