Andrea Chenier Trailer

Andrea Chenier Trailer (1973)

"What is virtue? Reason put into practice?" 19 February 1973 112 mins

France, 1792. Chenier is an idealistic poet, in love with the aristocratic Maddalena. While Chenier supports such notions as "liberte, fraternite egalite," his sympathies do not extend to the current Reign of Terror. Likewise, the Revolutionary Tribunal has no need for poets or their girlfriends, especially those judged to be an Enemy of the State. Heads will roll.

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Franco Corelli

as Andrea Chenier

International Releases Dates

Italy 19 February 1973

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Andrea Chenier full hd movie trailer.

ANDREA CHÉNIER: Armiliato Dessì Pons. Dir: Olmi (Torino 18-2-2003)

Dal Teatro Regio di Torino (18 febbraio 2003) ANDREA CHÉNIER Opera in 4 atti di Luigi Illica Musica di Umberto Giordano Andrea Cheniér: FABIO ARMILIATO ...

Philadelphia - Andrea Chénier

Andrew Beckett (Tom Hanks) ascolta Maria Callas nell'Andrea Chénier di Umberto Giordano e traduce i versi al suo avvocato Joe Miller (Denzel Washington

Andrea Chénier

Oper von Umberto Giordano.

andrea chénier

Après L'Enlèvement au sérail lors de la saison 2014-15 le théâtre Erfurt signe son retour avec un nouvel opéra emmené par Guy Montavon bijou lyrique trop ...

LADO ATANELI in "Andrea Chenier"

Lado Ataneli sings GErard's aria from the opera "Andrea Chenier" by Umberto Giordano.

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