Nightwing Trailer

Nightwing Trailer (1979)

"They day belongs to man. The night is theirs." 22 June 1979 Horror 105 mins

Killer bats plague an Indian reservation in New Mexico.

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Nick Mancuso

as Youngman Duran

David Warner

as Phillip Payne

Kathryn Harrold

as Anne Dillon

Stephen Macht

as Walker Chee

George Clutesi

as Abner Tasupi

Ben Piazza

as Roger Piggott

Donald Hotton

as John Franklin

Alice Hirson

as Claire Franklin


Henry Mancini

Original Music Composer

Charles Rosher Jr.

Charles Rosher Jr. Director of Photography

International Titles

Schwingen der Angst Trailer

International Releases Dates

United States 22 June 1979

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Nightwing (1979) trailer

Nightwing full hd movie trailer.

Nightwing (1979) trailer

The original trailer for a cool little vampire bat movie.

Nightwing - Theatrical Trailer

The following is a FAN-MADE non-profit trailer made purely for entertainment purposes. You probably weren't expecting yet another Nightwing

Nightwing - Arthur Hiller - 1979 (Morsures)

Nightwing full hd movie trailer.


Nightwing full hd movie trailer.

"ALAS EN LA NOCHE" / "Nightwing" (1979)

Sinopsis: Tres personas se deciden a terminar con una plaga de murciélagos vampiros que está asolando una región de Arizona.

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