Orphan Trailer

Orphan Trailer (2009)

"Can you keep a secret?" 24 July 2009 Horror, Thriller, Mystery 123 mins

A married couple with a rocky past adopt 9-year old, Esther to fill the void created by a recently-stillborn baby. However, Esther is not quite who she seems.

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Vera Farmiga

as Kate Coleman

Peter Sarsgaard

as John Coleman

CCH Pounder

as Sister Abigail

Jimmy Bennett

as Daniel Coleman

Margo Martindale

as Dr. Browning

Karel Roden

as Dr. Värava

Aryana Engineer

as Max Coleman

Rosemary Dunsmore

as Grandma Barbara

Jamie Young

as Brenda

Lorry Ayers

as Joyce

Brendan Wall

as Detective

Genelle Williams

as Sister Judith

Mustafa Abdelkarim

as Daniel's Friend #1

Landon Norris

as Daniel's Friend #2

Julien Elia

as Hospital Receptionist

International Titles

A Órfã Trailer

L'Orpheline Trailer

孤儿怨 Trailer

Orphan - Das Waisenkind Trailer

La huérfana Trailer

La huerfana Trailer

Esther Trailer

Az árva Trailer

Órfã Trailer

La Huérfana Trailer

Evdeki Düşman Trailer

孤兒怨 Trailer

International Releases Dates

United Arab Emirates 06 August 2009

Argentina 24 September 2009

Austria 23 October 2009

Australia 13 August 2009

Belgium 15 April 2010

Brazil 24 July 2009

Canada 24 July 2009

Chile 27 August 2009

Colombia 21 August 2009

Czech Republic 20 January 2010

Germany 21 October 2009

Denmark 10 February 2010

Estonia 16 October 2009

Egypt 30 September 2009

Spain 16 October 2009

Finland 06 November 2009

France 30 December 2009

United Kingdom 07 August 2009

Greece 24 September 2009

Hong Kong 27 August 2009

Croatia 03 September 2009

Hungary 15 January 2010

Indonesia 14 August 2009

Ireland 07 August 2009

India 18 September 2009

Iceland 09 October 2009

Italy 16 October 2009

Korea 20 August 2009

Kuwait 20 September 2009

Kazakhstan 08 October 2009

Lithuania 25 September 2009

Latvia 23 October 2009

Mexico 04 September 2009

Malaysia 20 August 2009

Netherlands 05 November 2009

Norway 25 September 2009

New Zealand 19 November 2009

Panama 07 August 2009

Peru 06 August 2009

Philippines 29 July 2009

Poland 25 September 2009

Puerto Rico 06 August 2009

Portugal 08 October 2009

Romania 23 October 2009

Sweden 17 February 2010

Singapore 13 August 2009

Slovenia 01 October 2009

Slovakia 24 September 2009

Syrian Arab Republic 05 November 2009

Thailand 20 August 2009

Turkey 04 September 2009

Taiwan 14 August 2009

Ukraine 08 October 2009

United States 24 July 2009

Uruguay 04 September 2009

Venezuela 04 September 2009

South Africa 21 August 2009

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Orphan - das Waisenkind (deutscher Trailer)

Hätte Rosemaries Baby eine ältere Schwester dann wäre es Esther (Isabelle Fuhrman)! Hinter der Fassade des hübschen intelligenten Waisenkinds verbirgt ...

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