Movie Trailers - April 1932

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Popular trailers for movies released in April 1932

Total trailers found: 108

Scarface Trailer (1932)

09 April 1932

Big Louis Costillo, last of the old-style gang leaders is slain, and his former bodyguard Tony Camonte is taken into custody.

Tarzan the Ape Man Trailer (1932)

02 April 1932

James Parker and Harry Holt are on an expedition in Africa in search of the elephant burial grounds that will provide enough ivory to make them rich.

The Music Box Trailer (1932)

16 April 1932

The Laurel & Hardy Moving Co. have a challenging job on their hands (and backs): hauling a player piano up a monumental flight of stairs to Prof.

The Crowd Roars Trailer (1932)

16 April 1932

Famous motor-racing champion Joe Greer returns to his hometown to compete in a local race. He discovers his younger brother has aspirations to become a racing champion, and during the race Joe loses his nerve when another driver is killed, leaving his brother to win.

Barnyard Olympics Trailer (1932)

14 April 1932

Mickey and his friends are staging a sort of olympics in a makeshift stadium on his farm. The main event is a sort of quadrathlon, with running, pole vaulting, rowing, and cycling.

The Hound of the Baskervilles Trailer (1932)

14 April 1932

On his uncle's death Sir Henry Baskerville returns from abroad and opens up the ancestral hall on the desolate moors of Devonshire.

Scandal for Sale Trailer (1932)

01 April 1932

A man is promised $25,000 if he can bring the circulation of a newspaper up to one million.

This Is the Night Trailer (1932)

08 April 1932

When Claire Mathewson's (Thelma Todd) husband Stephen (Cary Grant) comes back unexpectedly from the 1932 Summer Olympics, where he was supposed to compete in the javelin throw, he discovers the train tickets for a romantic Venice getaway she has planned with her lover Gerald (Roland Young).

The Roadhouse Murder Trailer (1932)

28 April 1932

After he stumbles across a murder, a young reporter devises an elaborate scene to keep his newspaper stories about the crime front-page news.

Man Wanted Trailer (1932)

23 April 1932

A female executive falls in love with her male secretary.

Night at the Crossroads Trailer (1932)

18 April 1932

La Nuit du Carrefour (A Night at the Crossroads) may well be the least known of Jean Renoir's sound films.

La cartomancienne Trailer (1932)

17 April 1932

In a European seaside village, a maiden takes clean sheets down from the clothesline. Carrying her basket of linens home, she stops to consult a fortune teller, whose been napping the the sun.

Amateur Daddy Trailer (1932)

10 April 1932

Jim Gladden, a construction site foreman, is partially responsible for the accidental death of one of his workers, Fred Smith, and makes good on Fred's deathbed request to go to Scotch Valley and take care of his surviving wife and children.

Goopy Geer Trailer (1932)

16 April 1932

At a nightclub, the crowd demands Goopy Geer, and the lanky dog doesn't disappoint them. He gives a zany performance on the piano, but the employees and the customers are just as wacky.

Bosko and Bruno Trailer (1932)

30 April 1932

Bosko, carrying his hobo stick, travels along the railroad tracks with his dog, Bruno. Unfortunately, they're both on the tracks as they cross a bridge and realize that a train is coming perilously near.

Young Bride Trailer (1932)

07 April 1932

A newlywed discovers her husband is a cheating phony.

So Big! Trailer (1932)

30 April 1932

A farmer's widow takes on the land and her late husband's tempestuous son.

Hell's Headquarters Trailer (1932)

15 April 1932

Doctor Smith and his wife, Mary,depart a riverboat and are met by Phil Talbot. Phil informs Dr. Smith that Jessup, the only other white man in the village, has died while the doctor and his wife were off on a two-day holiday.

Chess-Nuts Trailer (1932)

12 April 1932

An initially realistic chess game becomes a chaotic, animated quest for the favors of Betty Boop (the black queen) by Bimbo (white king) and others, with elements of bowling and football.

The Miracle Man Trailer (1932)

01 April 1932

A gang of crooks evade the police by moving their operations to a small town. There the gang's leader, John Madison, encounters a faith healer and uses him to scam the gullible public of funds for a supposed chapel.

Black and White Trailer (1932)

17 April 1932

The film addresses issues of racism in the Jim Crow American South. Themes of racial injustice, racial violence, working-class solidarity dominate the film.

Runt Page Trailer (1932)

11 April 1932

A kids parody of the Academy nominated movie The Front Page (1931).

Beauty and the Boss Trailer (1932)

09 April 1932

An ultra-efficient Plain Jane secretary blossoms when she accompanies her boss on a business trip to Paris.

It's Tough to Be Famous Trailer (1932)

02 April 1932

Scotty (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.), an unwilling Navy war hero is cast into the limelight. He wants to get married and be an engineer, but is forced to fulfil the expectations of the public, his employer and his PR agent, which he hates.

A Hunting We Will Go Trailer (1932)

28 April 1932

Koko the Clown and Bimbo overhear Betty Boop singing about how much she wants a fur coat. That's enough for them.

Poem 8 Trailer (1932)

17 April 1932

Independent film featuring modern dance in a forest, with the performers wearing white fabric costumes.

A Study in Reds Trailer (1932)

13 April 1932

While listening to a tedious lecture on the Soviet threat, Wisconsin Dells’ Tuesday Club members fe

Five of the Jazzband Trailer (1932)

11 April 1932

By pure chance, Jessie and his four jazz musicians are hired to play at the cabaret theatre “Trocadero”.

The Dancing Fool Trailer (1932)

07 April 1932

Daredevil sign painters Bimbo and Koko like what they see through the window of Betty Boop's Dancing School, and stay for a lesson.

Young America Trailer (1932)

17 April 1932

Mrs. Doray sits with a Juvenile Court Judge to learn more about problem children and what to do about them.

The Silver Lining Trailer (1932)

16 April 1932

A women in prison tale. Ones rich ones poor. Can they prosper after prison?

Windy Ledge Farm Trailer (1932)

17 April 1932

Simple title cards link ten home movies shot at Maine's Windy Ledge Farm, at a neighbor's place, and visiting the Brownes in Chocorua, New Hampshire.

Strictly Unreliable Trailer (1932)

30 April 1932

Zasu inadvertently turns Thelma's vaudeville act into a shambles.

Wild Rose Trailer (1932)

11 April 1932

A wild country girl moves to Shanghai with her painter boyfriend and experiences exploitation and poverty.

Bosko and Honey Trailer (1932)

17 April 1932

Honey is a music teacher; her pupil is a kitten who hates playing the violin. No matter what she does to correct him, the kitten plays horribly.

In the Name of the Law Trailer (1932)

15 April 1932

The story is about a drug ring and the finally successful efforts of the Paris police to break it up.

Little Geezer Trailer (1932)

17 April 1932

A parody of gangland thrillers, with children playing the parts of adults, opens with a heist. Little Geezer, a handsome and self-confident gangster, brings the loot to one of Big Shot's holes in the wall where the instructions are to divide it equally.

The Countess of Monte Cristo Trailer (1932)

21 April 1932

The two aspiring actresses Jeanette and Mimi are waiting for their big chance. But the real breakthrough is slow in coming.

But the Flesh is Weak Trailer (1932)

09 April 1932

A poor-but-charming father (C. Aubrey Smith) and son (Robert Montgomery) try to enter high society by marrying rich English widows.

Symphony of Six Million Trailer (1932)

29 April 1932

A young doctor escapes the slums of New York City to make his fortune as a Park Avenue doctor. When a fatal mistake results in tragedy his resolve to continue working is severely tested.

The Mystery of Marriage Trailer (1932)

17 April 1932

The courtship rituals of animals and plants are compared to those of contemporary society, with educational and frequently humorous results.

Spring Antics Trailer (1932)

13 April 1932

A Van Beuren cartoon illustrating spring coming as wild life and nature wakes up from the winter sleep.

Uncle Tom and Little Eva Trailer (1932)

17 April 1932

What we got here is a re-telling of Uncle Tom's Cabin (as if no one could guess) with a lot of music and dancing.

Japanese American Communities Trailer (1932)

17 April 1932

Reverend Sensho Sasaki's home movie shows the people, places and activities near his Buddhist churches in Tacoma, Washington and Stockton, California.

Probation Trailer (1932)

01 April 1932

Janet Holman is suspicious of her fiancé, Allen Wells, after he kisses her best friend Gwen when the lights are turned out during a party.

When a Feller Needs a Friend Trailer (1932)

30 April 1932

A lame boy's uncle tries to rescue him from his over-protective parents.

Mon curé chez les riches Trailer (1932)

29 April 1932

Bosko's Party Trailer (1932)

02 April 1932

Bosko whistles "It Ain't Gonna Rain No Mo" as he walks down the sidewalk in the pouring rain. His umbrella provides a good sailboat when he wants to cross a flooded street.

Son plus bel exploit Trailer (1932)

01 April 1932

Destry Rides Again Trailer (1932)

17 April 1932

Destry Rides Again is a 1932 Western movie starring Tom Mix about a man framed for a crime he didn't commit, who returns to wreak havoc following his release from prison.

Escapade Trailer (1932)

01 April 1932

Upon release from the penitentiary, Phillip Whitney tells his friend, Bennie, that he is going straight, and visits his lawyer brother John.

Harem Scarem Trailer (1932)

10 April 1932

A Albert Ray directed comedy short starring Al St. John & Aileen Cook where Al tries to fix his inferiority complex by visiting a fortune teller.

Puppy Love Trailer (1932)

29 April 1932

A Flip The Frog cartoon....

A Regular Trouper Trailer (1932)

17 April 1932

Ruth Eton (Ruth Etting), a singer with a traveling show troupe, is engaged to the troupe manager, Joe Grant (Edward Leiter), but when Ruth's younger sister, Laura (Wanda Perry) arrives, fickle Joe transfers his attentions and intentions to her.

Brother Alfred Trailer (1932)

11 April 1932

Vaudevillian Gene Gerrard stars as George, a young man on a yacht moored off Monte Carlo who has a tiff with his fiancée, goes ashore on a glorious binge, then finds himself accused of assaulting a prince! When he attempts to extricate himself by pretending to be his non-existent twin brother, he finds he's really in trouble.

Just a Pain in the Parlor Trailer (1932)

25 April 1932

Harry Sweet stars as a hick Olympic hero who is housed in a high society mansion and causes havoc to the high brow party in progress.

Der Feldherrnhügel Trailer (1932)

01 April 1932

Woodland Trailer (1932)

30 April 1932

A Terrytoons cartoon released 1 May 1932.

Artistic Temper Trailer (1932)

17 April 1932

Ruth Etting shows how she make a perfect three minute egg by singing a song with a length of exactly three minutes.

Es war einmal ein Walzer Trailer (1932)

14 April 1932