Movie Trailers - June 1932

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I Was Born, But... Trailer (1932)

03 June 1932

Two young brothers become the leaders of a gang of kids in their neighborhood. Ozu's charming film is a social satire that draws from the antics of childhood as well as the tragedy of maturity.

County Hospital Trailer (1932)

25 June 1932

Ollie is in the hospital with a broken leg. Stan comes to visit him and all chaos breaks loose.

Love Is a Racket Trailer (1932)

18 June 1932

A gossip columnist (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) helps a Broadway ingenue (Frances Dee) beholden to a penthouse gangster.

Red-Headed Woman Trailer (1932)

25 June 1932

Lil works for the Legendre Company and causes Bill to divorce Irene and marry her. She has an affair with businessman Gaerste and uses him to force society to pay attention to her.

Street of Women Trailer (1932)

04 June 1932

An architect has an affair with a woman who inspires him. Her brother is in love with the architect's daughter.

Musical Farmer Trailer (1932)

22 June 1932

Mickey performs all his chores while whistling or singing. The big excitement is when Fanny the hen, who hasn't laid an egg in some time, lays a super-giant egg.

What Price Hollywood? Trailer (1932)

24 June 1932

Sassy and ambitious waitress Mary Evans amuses and befriends amiable seldom-sober Hollywood film director Max Carey when he stumbles into her restaurant.

Merrily We Go to Hell Trailer (1932)

10 June 1932

A drunken newspaperman is rescued from his alcoholic haze by an heiress whose love sobers him up and encourages him to write a play, but he lapses back into dipsomania.

The Pooch Trailer (1932)

13 June 1932

Stymie spots a dogcatcher taking the gang's dogs and lets them out of the dogcatcher's truck. But the gang thinks Stymie is stealing their dogs and threaten him.

Moonlight for Two Trailer (1932)

11 June 1932

Two courting hillbilly dogs go to the big barn dance.

Two-Fisted Law Trailer (1932)

08 June 1932

Rancher Tim Clark borrows money from Bob Russell, who then rustles Clark's cattle so he will be unable to repay the money.

Is My Face Red? Trailer (1932)

17 June 1932

Poster writes a gossip column for the Morning Gazette. He will write about anyone and everyone as long as he gets the credit.

Service of Ladies Trailer (1932)

20 June 1932

Max Tracey is the head waiter at a London hotel. He falls in love at first sight with Sylvia Robertson, an aristocratic woman, and poses as a prince to win her love.

Mystery Ranch Trailer (1932)

12 June 1932

Megalomaniacal rancher is a law unto himself, until a Ranger is called-upon to bring him to justice.

Tom Brown of Culver Trailer (1932)

30 June 1932

Boy who thought his father a war hero finds he was really a deserter.

The Old Bull Trailer (1932)

04 June 1932

Thelma and Zazu are on a leisurely excursion in a borrowed car. Thelma lets Zazu drive. When she brakes to avoid a bull pulled along by three rustics, her foot gets stuck and the car crashes through a barn.

Miss Pinkerton Trailer (1932)

30 June 1932

Scion of the once-rich Mitchell family, Herbert Wynn is found shot to death. Nurse Adams, bored by hospital routine, is recruited by the police to ferret out clues as she tends to Wynn's elderly aunt Julia.

Hollywood on Parade Trailer (1932)

05 June 1932

A short featuring many stars

New Morals For Old Trailer (1932)

04 June 1932

Proper parents who treat their adult children as teenagers have a son who wants to go to Paris to study art, and a daughter in love with a married man.

The Texas Bad Man Trailer (1932)

29 June 1932

The Rangers have planted wanted posters of their man Tom Logan around hoping he can join the outlaw gang they are after.

Beauty Parlor Trailer (1932)

15 June 1932

Director Richard Thorpe's 1932 film follows the romantic exploits of two manicurists.

Plane Dumb Trailer (1932)

24 June 1932

After crash landing in Africa, Tom and Jerry masquerade as Africans in a futile attempt to adapt to a strange environment.

Fifty Fathoms Deep Trailer (1932)

24 June 1932

Singapore Sue Trailer (1932)

10 June 1932

Four sailors enter a Singapore dive, meet a Chinese girl from Brooklyn, and find there's more to her than meets the eye.

The Farmerette Trailer (1932)

11 June 1932

RKO cartoon about a feline flapper who helps a farmer get his place up and running.

The Dark Horse Trailer (1932)

16 June 1932

The Progressive Party convention is deadlocked for governor, and so both sides nominate the dark horse Zachary Hicks (Guy Kibbee).

Night Court Trailer (1932)

04 June 1932

Judge Moffett is as crooked as they come and the Board of Judicial Corruption is after him. So he hides out in the poor part of town.

The Man from Yesterday Trailer (1932)

24 June 1932

A woman whose husband never came home from World War I finds herself in love with her doctor. She travels with him to Switzerland, and as they check into the hotel there, she is astounded to see her supposedly dead husband.

Admission Free Trailer (1932)

09 June 1932

Koko and Bimbo visit Betty Boop's penny arcade, Bimbo to flirt with Betty; but his turn at the shooting gallery becomes a hunting trip.

Pie, Pie Blackbird Trailer (1932)

03 June 1932

Short featuring musician Eubie Blake and his orchestra, singer Nina Mae McKinney, and young tap dancers Fayard and Harold Nicholas.

The Tuba Tooter Trailer (1932)

03 June 1932

A German "ohm-pah" trio is incomplete until their tuba player arrives on a boat from overseas. The resulting quartet brings the whole town out for a German dance party, until the police arrive to take the "tuba tooter" to jail.

Radio Patrol Trailer (1932)

02 June 1932

A policeman in need of money is persuaded to take a $1000 bribe to stay away the night a packing house is to be robbed.

Week-End Marriage Trailer (1932)

18 June 1932

In this comedy, a hard-working husband loses his job and his wife becomes the bread winner. The husband feels demeaned by his new role and takes a mistress to regain his lost manhood.

Ein angenehmer Patient Trailer (1932)

01 June 1932

Coming soon

Bosko's Dog Race Trailer (1932)

25 June 1932

A Bosko cartoon....

Thunder Below Trailer (1932)

17 June 1932

Tallulah Bankhead's first Hollywood movie was this romantic-drama, in which she plays Susan, the unhappy wife of oil rigger Walt (Charles Bickford), who labors in a Central American oil field.

Es geht um alles Trailer (1932)

07 June 1932

The Stoker Trailer (1932)

15 June 1932

A man whose wife has deserted him winds up saving a beautiful girl from the clutches of a murderous bandit on a Nicaraguan coffee plantation.

Bachelor's Affairs Trailer (1932)

26 June 1932

A middle aged millionaire falls in love with a gorgeous, but stupid blonde gold digger, being guided by her ever-present shrewish friend.

Unholy Love Trailer (1932)

08 June 1932

An adaptation of Madame Bovary transported to Rye, New York in the 1930's. All characters have been renamed.

Screen Snapshots (Series 12, No. 2) Trailer (1932)

17 June 1932

A Columbia Pictures promotional short which explains how a movie is made.

Mensch ohne Namen Trailer (1932)

30 June 1932

Nature's Double Lifers - Ferns and Fronds Trailer (1932)

10 June 1932

Mary Field edits the time-lapse photography of F. Percy Smith to show the life cycle of ferns and related plants.

The Loud Mouth Trailer (1932)

16 June 1932

Del Lord, famous director of the Three Stooges shorts, directed this story of one man in various comical vignettes playing the "loud mouth" - a guy who can't keep a secret and is always getting himself in trouble with everyone he comes in contact with by shouting out his opinions and criticizing strangers to their face.

Bluebeard's Brother Trailer (1932)

22 June 1932

A Terrytoons cartoon released 12 June 1932.

Farmer Al Falfa's Bedtime Story Trailer (1932)

11 June 1932

A Terrytoons cartoon released 12 June 1932.

The Mad King Trailer (1932)

25 June 1932

A Terrytoons cartoon released 26 June 1932.

Ireno Trailer (1932)

30 June 1932

Singer Irene is in Reno for a divorce, though her friend Bob tries to convince her it's all a mistake.

A Man's Land Trailer (1932)

10 June 1932

Tex Mason and Peggy Turner each inherit one half of the Triple X Ranch. Thomas wants the ranch and he has Triple X hand Joe let his men rustle their cattle.

Grey Owl's Little Brother Trailer (1932)

30 June 1932

Grey Owl and his little beaver.

Dance Pretty Lady Trailer (1932)

27 June 1932

During the Edwardian era, a working-class ballet dancer begins a romance with a wealthy artist against a background of sharp disapproval.

A Wet Knight Trailer (1932)

19 June 1932

When a rainstorm hits, Oswald the Rabbit and Kitty seek shelter in a haunted castle, which is occupied by a monstrous ape.

I Ain't Got Nobody Trailer (1932)

16 June 1932

The Mills Brothers perform two songs with the Bouncing Ball.

'The Bully' Trailer (1932)

17 June 1932

"Bully" is a Bluto-type - you know: big, gruff guy with a cigar, small bowler hat, needs a shave....Here, he picks a fight with poor Flip.

Doomed Battalion Trailer (1932)

16 June 1932

During World War 1, an Austrian Battalion holds a mountain stronghold against the attack of the Italian army.

Wild Babies! Trailer (1932)

17 June 1932

Two aspiring songwriters have a weird nightmare about the jungle.

Jack's the Boy Trailer (1932)

11 June 1932

With a title like Jack's the Boy, is it any surprise that the star of this breezy quota quickie is British music-hall favorite Jack Hulbert? The star plays the son of a celebrated Scotland Yard detective, who joins the force in hopes of following his father's footsteps.

Money for Nothing Trailer (1932)

20 June 1932

The screenplay concerns a peniless gambler who is mistaken for a very wealthy man in Monte Carlo.

The Movie Album #2 Trailer (1932)

07 June 1932

This short subject shows excerpts from three unidentified silent films (although several stars are identified) with humorous commentary unrelated to the actual plots.

Week Ends Only Trailer (1932)

19 June 1932

A 1932 American Pre-Code film made by Fox Film Corporation, directed by Alan Crosland, and starring by Joan Bennett, Ben Lyon and John Halliday.