Movie Trailers - November 1932

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Popular trailers for movies released in November 1932

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No More Orchids Trailer (1932)

25 November 1932

Despite loving another man, a young woman is talked into marrying a wealthy and boorish prince in order to help her financially-strapped father.

I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang Trailer (1932)

19 November 1932

Warner Bros.' hard-hitting chain-gang movie was a faithful adaptation of the similarly titled autobiography of Robert Elliot Burns.

The Mask of Fu Manchu Trailer (1932)

05 November 1932

Boris Karloff stars as the villainous Dr. Fu Manchu in a race with a team of Englishmen to find the tomb of Ghengis Khan.

The Sign of the Cross Trailer (1932)

30 November 1932

After burning Rome, Emperor Nero decides to blame the Christians, and issues the edict that they are all to be caught and sent to the arena.

Boudu Saved from Drowning Trailer (1932)

11 November 1932

Bourgeois Parisian bookseller Edouard Lestingois (Charles Granval) rescues a tramp, Boudu, from a suicidal plunge into the river Seine.

The Sport Parade Trailer (1932)

11 November 1932

Two Dartmouth football players fall in love with the same girl following college graduation. Directed by Dudley Murphy, this 1932 film stars Joel McCrea, William Gargan, Marian Marsh, Walter Catlett and Robert Benchley.

The Klondike Kid Trailer (1932)

12 November 1932

Mickey plays piano in the Klondike Bar. He rescues a depressed, half-frozen Minnie. Pegleg Pierre comes storming in and steals her away, after a gun battle.

Wild Girl Trailer (1932)

09 November 1932

Bret Harte's story Salomy Jane's Kiss provided the basis for a play (by Paul Armstrong and a number of films, including 1932's Wild Girl.

The White Demon Trailer (1932)

19 November 1932

When Albers takes his drug-addicted opera star sister Gerda to a sanitarium, they both become targets of slimy dope peddler Peter Lorre, who fears that Gerda will blow the whistle on him.

Fanny Trailer (1932)

02 November 1932

Picking up moments after the end of Marius, this film follows Fanny’s grief after Marius’s departure—and her realization that she’s pregnant.

Their First Mistake Trailer (1932)

05 November 1932

Mrs Hardy is annoyed that her husband Oliver seems to spend more time with his friend Stanley than with her.

Poil de Carotte Trailer (1932)

03 November 1932

Adapted from various stories by Jules Renard, Poil de Carotte (The Red Head) is the poetically related tale of a delicate domestic situation.

The Wayward Canary Trailer (1932)

12 November 1932

Mickey gives Minnie a canary for a present. Soon there are several little canaries; they get into the inkwell and fly around the house, making a mess, though it's nothing compared to the shambles Mickey makes of the house while chasing them.

Madison Sq. Garden Trailer (1932)

04 November 1932

Eddie Burke ( Jack Oakie) is a wise-guy pugilist whose talent is unevenly matched by his ego. Despite his character flaws, Eddie knows the meaning of loyalty.

Midnight Warning Trailer (1932)

15 November 1932

Guests at a luxury hotel are horrified when they witness a man literally "disappear into thin air." The vanished man's relatives hire a detective, who goes to the hotel to investigate the disappearance.

I'll Be Glad When You're Dead You Rascal You Trailer (1932)

25 November 1932

Betty Boop and friends meet Louis Armstrong on a jungle safari.

Prosperity Trailer (1932)

18 November 1932

Marie Dressler and Polly Moran play feuding mothers-in-law in this 1932 comedy/drama. In 1925, John becomes President of the prosperous Warren Bank when Maggie retires.

Air Mail Trailer (1932)

03 November 1932

Level headed Mike Miller runs Desert Airport, an air mail base full of daring young pilots risking their lives to get the mail through-regardless of the weather.

Parade of the Award Nominees Trailer (1932)

18 November 1932

Mickey Mouse grand marshals a parade of 1932 Academy Award nominees. Minnie Mouse leads the marching band and Clarabelle Cow rolls out a carpet for the celebrities.

Call Her Savage Trailer (1932)

27 November 1932

Sexy Texas gal storms her way through life, brawling and boozing until her luck runs out, forcing her to learn the errors of her ways.

Rockabye Trailer (1932)

25 November 1932

A Broadway actress with a shady past (Constance Bennett) falls hard for the author (Joel McCrea) of her new play.

Young Blood Trailer (1932)

05 November 1932

A reformed gunfighter battles a crooked sheriff who used to be a member of his gang.

Scarlet Dawn Trailer (1932)

12 November 1932

The Russian Revolution provides the backdrop of this costume epic that centers around a young nobleman who, with his maid, escapes from his homeland to Constantinople where the two marry and begin a new life as commoners.

The Kid from Spain Trailer (1932)

17 November 1932

Eddie and his Mexican friend Ricardo are expelled from college after Ricardo put Eddie in the girl's dormitory when he was drunk.

A Scarlet Week-End Trailer (1932)

30 November 1932

A woman's cheating husband is murdered at their country estate, and suspicion immediately falls on her.

Forbidden Trail Trailer (1932)

18 November 1932

Karger is behind all the cattle rustling. After Tom Devlin catches his man Burke in the act, Burke hides evidence against Karger in his jail cell.

Babes in the Woods Trailer (1932)

19 November 1932

A loose retelling of Hansel and Gretel: two children, lost in the woods, stumble upon a dwarf village.

Little Orphan Annie Trailer (1932)

04 November 1932

Millionaire Daddy Warbucks goes bust in the Great Depression and is forced to abandon his adopted daughter, Annie.

It's in the Bag Trailer (1932)

25 November 1932

Benjamin Déboisé, a hatter, his salesman and a young man want to kidnap an American millionaire, put him in a bag and hold him to ransom.

The Devil Horse Trailer (1932)

01 November 1932

Bob Norton, seeking his brother's killer, tangles with outlaws, wild horses, and a "wild" boy.

The Conquerors Trailer (1932)

18 November 1932

A newlywed couple journeys west to make their fortune, and begins a banking empire.

The Under Dog Trailer (1932)

07 November 1932

A Walter Lantz Pooch the Pup cartoon released November 7, 1932.

Das Lied einer Nacht Trailer (1932)

06 November 1932

He was known as Anatole Litvak during his Hollywood directorial career, but he was still Anatole Litwak when he helmed the German musical Das Lied Einer Nacht (The Song of Night).

Men Of America Trailer (1932)

25 November 1932

Bank robbers and killers cause mayhem in a small western town.

La Merveilleuse Journée Trailer (1932)

23 November 1932

Das Testament des Cornelius Gulden Trailer (1932)

03 November 1932

No overview found.

A Modern Cinderella Trailer (1932)

04 November 1932

Anita Ragusa, the daughter of a costume company owner, delivers a dress for a costume ball at the last minute.

The Wayne Murder Case Trailer (1932)

20 November 1932

Ghosts would explain how a rich eccentric acquired a knife in the back.

Nurse Maid Trailer (1932)

25 November 1932

A Flip The Frog cartoon....

Der Diamant des Zaren Trailer (1932)

29 November 1932

Gambling Sex Trailer (1932)

21 November 1932

A wealthy young socialite gets the gambling bug, and soon it goes from being just a fun pastime to an addiction, and she begins to lose more and more of her fortune.

Until the Day We Meet Again Trailer (1932)

24 November 1932

A lost film directed by Yasujirô Ozu.

Bosko's Dizzy Date Trailer (1932)

19 November 1932

A Bosko cartoon....

In the Dough Trailer (1932)

15 November 1932

A cafeteria owner has problems with gangsters and gets more trouble by hiring 'Fatty' Arbuckle and chef.

Piano Tooners Trailer (1932)

10 November 1932

Tom and Jerry (the human versions, not the cat and mouse) work as piano tuners. After seeing them at work and several creative ways of tuning a piano (such as removing the offending key and cutting the key itself to a shorter length), the two attend an opera singers performance.

Der schwarze Husar Trailer (1932)

20 November 1932

In 1812, during the French period, large parts of Germany are occupied by the troops of Napoleon. Several paramilitary Freikorps units battle the French forces, among them the Black Brunswickers led by the 'Black Duke' Frederick William of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel.

Renegades of the West Trailer (1932)

25 November 1932

A cowboy goes undercover to catch the cattle thieves who killed his father.

Guilty or Not Guilty Trailer (1932)

15 November 1932

Ruth Payne, innocent to begin with, is trying to extradite herself from the clutches of a gang-mob who obtained her release from prison on a falsified confession because they thought she knew something they didn't want known.

Odds 777 Trailer (1932)

04 November 1932

A lottery win allows the kitchen girl Hansy Hansen to lodge at an upmarket seaside hotel where the widower landowner Rosen falls in love with her.

The Big Flash Trailer (1932)

05 November 1932

Would-be photographer Harry gets his big chance when a newspaper wants pictures of a prominent gangster and his girl.

Birthday Blues Trailer (1932)

12 November 1932

Dickie throws a birthday party to try to raise money to buy his mother a birthday present.

Sherlock Holmes Trailer (1932)

05 November 1932

Moriarty is sentenced to death, and Sherlock Holmes prepares to retire to the country and marry his girl (sic).

I by Day, You by Night Trailer (1932)

29 November 1932

A nightclub waiter and a manicurist share the same room, he sleeps there by night and she by day. They've never meet , but they can't stand each other.

A Great Big Bunch of You Trailer (1932)

12 November 1932

A mannequin in the city dump improvises a piano from the junk to play and sing the title song The various animals and pieces of junk all join in.

Wild Horse Mesa Trailer (1932)

25 November 1932

Chane Weymer (Randolph Scott), an Arizona rancher goes after a gang that is trapping and catching wild horses by the use of barbed-wire enclosures.

The Barton Mystery Trailer (1932)

01 November 1932

British crime film directed by Henry Edwards

Horizon Trailer (1932)

10 November 1932

A young Lyova travels with the hope of ascent from Czarist Russia to New York. Disappointed, he returns to the young Soviet Union and is glad to have found a simple work.

Uptown New York Trailer (1932)

27 November 1932

Jack Oakie plays Eddie Doyle, a gumball machine salesman who marries Pat Smith (Shirley Grey) knowing full well that the girl is on the rebound from a failed romance with aspiring Jewish doctor Max Silver (Leon Ames).

Betty Boop for President Trailer (1932)

04 November 1932

Betty's campaign tries to appeal to everyone. Real candidates are parodied, but campaign promises are a bit bizarre.

Evenings for Sale Trailer (1932)

11 November 1932

Impoverished Count von Dopenthal plans to commit suicide and spends his last night at a costume ball.