Movie Trailers - April 1948

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Popular trailers for movies released in April 1948

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Drunken Angel Trailer (1948)

27 April 1948

In this powerful early noir from the great Akira Kurosawa, Toshiro Mifune bursts onto the screen as a volatile, tubercular criminal who strikes up an unlikely relationship with Takashi Shimura’s jaded physician.

No Orchids for Miss Blandish Trailer (1948)

13 April 1948

Filmed in England but set in New York, No Orchids For Miss Blandish tells of a sheltered heiress (Linden Travers) who is abducted on her wedding night by a trio of cheap hoods, in what starts out as a jewel robbery and turns into a kidnapping/murder when one of them (Richard Nielson) kills the bridegroom.

Letter from an Unknown Woman Trailer (1948)

28 April 1948

A pianist about to flee from a duel receives a letter from a woman he cannot remember. As she tells the story of her lifelong love for him, he is forced to reinterpret his own past.

Devil's Cargo Trailer (1948)

01 April 1948

John Calvert takes over as the Falcon in this Poverty-Row continuation of the film series.

Fury at Furnace Creek Trailer (1948)

30 April 1948

The Arizona wilderness, 1880. Gen. Fletcher Blackwell sends a message telling Capt. Walsh, who is escorting a wagon-train through Apache territory, heading for the fort at Furnace Creek, that he should cancel the escort and rush to another town.

Ruthless Trailer (1948)

16 April 1948

A rich philanthropist tells the story of his rise from his poor and tragic childhood.

The Big Clock Trailer (1948)

09 April 1948

Stroud, a crime magazine's crusading editor has to post-pone a vacation with his wife, again, when a glamorous blonde is murdered and he is assigned by his publishing boss Janoth to find the killer.

Winter Meeting Trailer (1948)

07 April 1948

A troubled heiress (Bette Davis) falls in love with a World War II hero (James Davis) who becomes a priest.

State of the Union Trailer (1948)

30 April 1948

An industrialist is urged to run for President, but this requires uncomfortable compromises on both political and marital levels.

Bone Bandit Trailer (1948)

30 April 1948

Pluto awakes to find no bone in his dish. It's off to the buried stash, but Pluto discovers that a gopher has been using the bones to support his tunnels, and doesn't want to part with them.

The Rangers Ride Trailer (1948)

25 April 1948

Daddy Duck Trailer (1948)

16 April 1948

For some reason, Donald adopts a baby. It turns out not to be a duck, but a kangaroo. Donald takes little Joey home and tries to make him take a bath, with the help of the friendly lady of the adoption bureau on the telephone telling him what to do.

Crossed Trails Trailer (1948)

10 April 1948

A cowboy frees a rancher framed for murder by outlaws after his ranch.

Miranda Trailer (1948)

06 April 1948

A young married physician discovers a mermaid, and gives into her request to be taken to see London. Comedy and romantic entanglements ensue soon after.

Lost Youth Trailer (1948)

02 April 1948

The Trial Trailer (1948)

01 April 1948

In 1882 a country girl disappears from a small Hungarian village. The inhabitants suggest that she was murdered by the Jews.

The Noose Hangs High Trailer (1948)

04 April 1948

Two window washers who are mistaken by Nick Craig, a bookie, as the messengers he sent for to pick up $50,000.

The Hunted Trailer (1948)

07 April 1948

A cop investigating a jewel robbery finds that all trails lead to his girlfriend - but she claims she's being framed.

I Taw a Putty Tat Trailer (1948)

02 April 1948

Woman wonders why her little pet birds keep disappearing. Sylvester the cat knows, but other than burping feathers, he's not saying.

Money Madness Trailer (1948)

15 April 1948

A murderous bank robber on the run from the law hides out in a small town.

Smart Woman Trailer (1948)

30 April 1948

A crusading DA falls for a defense attorney with a criminal past.

My Dog Rusty Trailer (1948)

08 April 1948

A faithful dog helps his master's father win a mayoral race.

Broken Journey Trailer (1948)

14 April 1948

Passengers and crew struggle to survive after their plane crashes in the Alps.

Casbah Trailer (1948)

01 April 1948

Pepe Le Moko (Tony Martin) leads a gang of jewel thieves in the Casbah of Algiers, where he has exiled himself to escape imprisonment in his native France.

Rabbit Punch Trailer (1948)

10 April 1948

Heckling the Champ gets Bugs into the world championship fight as the challenger.

The Sainted Sisters Trailer (1948)

30 April 1948

Two female con artists from New York City, fleeing the law with loot from their latest scam, hide out in a small Maine town, near the Canadian border.

Under California Stars Trailer (1948)

30 April 1948

When Roy and Trigger arrive at his ranch he finds Cookie has hired his relatives. Caroline, the only relative that doesn't have a strong resemblance to Cookie, is the horse trainer.

Woman Trailer (1948)

02 April 1948

Like many women after the war, Toshiko works as a chorus girl; her boyfriend Tadashi wishes she'd join him more frequently, but she detests his criminal involvement.

Summer Holiday Trailer (1948)

15 April 1948

Danville, Connecticut at the turn of the century. Young Richard Miller lives in a middle-class neighborhood with his family.

The Bold Frontiersman Trailer (1948)

15 April 1948

Rocky Lane and his horse Black Jack must protect the gold which drought bedeviled ranchers have raised to build a dam from bad guy Smiling Jim.

Kiddie Koncert Trailer (1948)

23 April 1948

Wally Walrus is the conductor at a local schoolhouse who conducts the entire school band to the tune of "Morning, Noon, and Night in Vienna".

13 Lead Soldiers Trailer (1948)

30 April 1948

Captain Hugh "Bulldog" Drummond is called in to solve the murder of a man from whom two lead soldiers were stolen.

Good-Time Girl Trailer (1948)

28 April 1948

Good Time Girl stars Jean Kent as incipient juvenile delinquent Gwen Rawlings. Sent to a home for "problem" girls, Gwen receives a crash course in petty crime.

Hop, Look and Listen Trailer (1948)

16 April 1948

A baby kangaroo hops out of his zoo cage and roams into the surrounding city. The kangaroo stops at Sylvester Cat's home while Sylvester is hunting for mice with a fishing rod.

Embrujo Trailer (1948)

29 April 1948

Impossible Love singer Manolo for the dancer Lola. She leaves for America to forget and he turns to alcohol.

Ein Mann gehört ins Haus Trailer (1948)

21 April 1948

One Night with You Trailer (1948)

25 April 1948

Two strangers meet when they both miss their trains, and end up spending a penniless day and night together.

The Bored Cuckoo Trailer (1948)

08 April 1948

Cadmus Cuckoo, who inhabits a clock, gets fed up dashing between his bed and the door of the clock every hour on the hour 24/7.

Den drömda dalen - Soria Moria Trailer (1948)

01 April 1948

Ragnhild, a girl in the Norwegian mountains, is daydreaming when she should be fetching milk.

Test Tube Babies Trailer (1948)

09 April 1948

A happily married couple has been trying to have a baby with no luck. They discover that the husband is sterile.

Earl Carroll Vanities Trailer (1948)

04 April 1948

Broadway producer Earl Carroll was a Ziegfeld-like entrepreneur who staged lavish revues featuring attractive young ladies.

French Leave Trailer (1948)

10 April 1948

Merchant seaman Skitch Kilroy (Jackie Cooper) and "Pappy" Reagan (Jackie Coogan)arrive in Marseilles, eager to resume their combative rivalry for Mimi.

Temptation Trailer (1948)

01 April 1948

A young lawyer falls in love with the daughter of his former professor, whom he's hired to tutor his children.

B.F.'s Daughter Trailer (1948)

02 April 1948

Wealthy Polly Fulton marries a progressive scholar whose attitudes toward capitalism and acquired wealth puts their marriage in jeopardy.

The Hawk of Powder River Trailer (1948)

09 April 1948

B-western starring Eddie Dean as a singing lawman who comes to the aid of a pretty rancher (June Carlson) who's been targeted for murder by a notorious bandit known as "The Hawk".

Si Adelita se fuera con otro Trailer (1948)

29 April 1948

Young couple run off to join the Mexican Revolution, in part because she has a crush on Francisco Villa.

Señora Tentación Trailer (1948)

29 April 1948

Famous singer hires a pianist/songwriter on the strength of his compositions, then seduces him away from his fiancee and from the paths of righteousness in general.

Pages of Life Trailer (1948)

01 April 1948

The story of a young woman who, after her years at university in the city, returns to her hometown an engineer and begins work on a huge new power plant.

Taming the Cat Trailer (1948)

13 April 1948

We see a house cat next to an unoccupied birdcage as he pulls a canary feather out of his mouth. Hmm, I wonder what happened? Now he hangs up a sign: 'Songbirds Wanted'.

Rocambole Trailer (1948)

08 April 1948

California Firebrand Trailer (1948)

01 April 1948

Directed by Philip Ford in 1948. When cowboy Monte Hale (Monte Hale) returns home to investigate his uncle's murder, he's mistaken for a fierce outlaw and is hired by the town's corrupt mayor, Lance Dawson (Douglas Evans), as the new sheriff.

The Third Blow Trailer (1948)

26 April 1948

On April 1944, Joseph Stalin orders the Red Army to liberate the Crimea from the German occupiers. The Wehrmacht's local commanders beg Hitler to allow them to retreat from the vulnerable position, but he refuses.

Tex Granger: Midnight Rider of the Plains Trailer (1948)

01 April 1948

Columbia's 36th sound-era serial (following "Brick Bradford" and preceding "Superman") was based on the character featured in "Calling All Boys Magazine" (comic book) and finds Tex Granger (Robert Kellard) heading toward Three Buttes, when he comes across a young boy, Timmy (Buzz Henry), guarding a gold shipment which he has just rescued from a stagecoach that had been held up by Blaze Talbot (Smith Ballew) and Reno (Jack Ingram.

Les condamnés Trailer (1948)

13 April 1948

The Loves of Colette Trailer (1948)

13 April 1948

François, a young student at a provincial college, likes Colette, the daughter of the headmaster. Turlot his colleague, who commits suicide, left a diary where he writes of his relationship with Colette.

Street Acquaintances Trailer (1948)

12 April 1948

The film centres around the young woman Erika, desperately seeking for love and escape from the depression of the times, drifting, and in the end becoming involved with a circle of rich people who sell goods for sexual favours.

Ves v pohraničí Trailer (1948)

12 April 1948

Wege im Zwielicht Trailer (1948)

08 April 1948

Dos de la vida airada Trailer (1948)

08 April 1948

Comical misadventures of two goofballs looking for work.

There's Good Boos To-Night Trailer (1948)

22 April 1948

Casper makes friends with a fox cub. But the new friendship is threatened when a fox hunter and his two hounds come on the scene.