Movie Trailers - July 1948

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Popular trailers for movies released in July 1948

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The Red Shoes Trailer (1948)

20 July 1948

A young ballet dancer is torn between the man she loves and her pursuit to become a prima ballerina.

Key Largo Trailer (1948)

31 July 1948

A hurricane swells outside, but it's nothing compared to the storm within the hotel at Key Largo. There, sadistic mobster Johnny Rocco holes up - and holds at gunpoint hotel owner Nora Temple, her invalid father-in-law and ex-GI Frank McCloud.

Easter Parade Trailer (1948)

08 July 1948

On the day before Easter in 1911, Don Hewes is crushed when his dancing partner (and object of affection) Nadine Hale refuses to start a new contract with him.

The Amazing Mr. X Trailer (1948)

29 July 1948

The Amazing Mr. X stars Turhan Bey as the title character, a mysterious mystic named Alexis. Making a comfortable living by fleecing the gullible wealthy, Alexis' latest target is grieving young widow Christine Faber (Lynn Bari).

The Velvet Touch Trailer (1948)

13 July 1948

After accidentally killing her lecherous producer, a famous actress tries to hide her guilt.

Blonde Ice Trailer (1948)

24 July 1948

A golddigging femme fatale leaves a trail of men behind her, rich and poor, alive and dead.

The Street with No Name Trailer (1948)

14 July 1948

After two gang-related killings in "Center City," a suspect (who was framed) is arrested, released on bail.

Return of the Bad Men Trailer (1948)

17 July 1948

The success of 1947's Badman's Territory prompted RKO Radio to assemble another "outlaw rally," Return of the Badmen.

The Truce Hurts Trailer (1948)

17 July 1948

Butch convinces Tom and Jerry that there's no reason to fight and they should all sign a peace treaty.

Corridor of Mirrors Trailer (1948)

24 July 1948

A man falls in love with a beautiful young woman and begins to suspect that he may have also loved her in a previous life.

The Trial of Donald Duck Trailer (1948)

30 July 1948

Donald is caught in the rain while eating his lunch. He ducks into a restaurant for a cup of coffee, but Chez Pierre is a very ritzy place, and by the time all is said and done, he's facing a bill for $35.

Superman Trailer (1948)

15 July 1948

Superman comes to Earth as a child and grows up to be his home's first superhero with his first major challenge being to oppose The Spider Lady.

Coroner Creek Trailer (1948)

01 July 1948

A man is bent on taking revenge on those responsible for his fiancée's death.

Haredevil Hare Trailer (1948)

24 July 1948

Bugs is the test rabbit shot to the moon. There, he meets Commander X-2, who is intent on destroying the Earth with his Aludium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator.

A Date with Judy Trailer (1948)

29 July 1948

Developed from a radio program which began in 1941, hyperactive teenager Judy challenges and is challeged by her overly proper parents, pest of a brother Randolph and boyfriend Oogie.

Deep Waters Trailer (1948)

22 July 1948

A state welfare agent (Jean Peters) persuades a Maine lobsterman (Dana Andrews) to take a troubled orphan boy (Dean Stockwell) aboard.

The Shell Shocked Egg Trailer (1948)

09 July 1948

A mother turtle, naming her four eggs Tom, Dick, Harry, and Clem, buries the eggs while she obtains a sunlamp to heat her offspring into hatching, and Clem hatches prematurely and only partially while his mother is away.

Marshal of Amarillo Trailer (1948)

15 July 1948

Nugget, Underwood and Short walk to the Half-Way House after the driver purposely wrecks the stage. They arrive late at night and it is so spooky that Nugget leaves for Amarillo.

The Vicious Circle Trailer (1948)

21 July 1948

In Hungary, a rich baron discovers that there are extensive oil deposits underneath nearby properties owned by villagers.

Cowboy Cavalier Trailer (1948)

11 July 1948

Jimmy Wakely and "Cannonball" Taylor protect shipments along a stage and freight line from villainous bandits.

The Hot Scots Trailer (1948)

08 July 1948

The stooges apply for job as 'Yard Men' at Scotland Yard, thinking they'll become detectives, but instead wind up as gardeners.

Up in Central Park Trailer (1948)

09 July 1948

A newspaper reporter and the daughter of an immigrant maintenance man help expose political corruption in New York City.

Texas, Brooklyn & Heaven Trailer (1948)

16 July 1948

Eddie Tayloe's grandfather leaves him six thousand dollars and the money belt it came in, freeing Tayloe to leave his dull newspaper job in Texas and move to New York to become a playwright.

Borrowed Trouble Trailer (1948)

23 July 1948

Finishing a trail drive, Hoppy and the boys head to town and immediately get caught up in the conflict between school teacher Miss Abott and next door saloon owner Mawson.

Dream Girl Trailer (1948)

27 July 1948

A young woman spends much of her time fantasizing about what might be, but a realistic admirer tries to convince her to live the life she has.

Fighting Back Trailer (1948)

30 July 1948

An ex-convict, freed to fight in World War II, gets a factory job and is accused when a bracelet is missing.

Uneasy Terms Trailer (1948)

06 July 1948

Private eye Slim Callaghan is summoned to the country home of a Colonel Stenhurst, but the latter is murdered before he can talk to the detective.

Pluto's Purchase Trailer (1948)

09 July 1948

Mickey sends Pluto to the butcher store. Butch sees this and contrives to take Pluto's sausage, ultimately using some of his fleas to distract Pluto long enough.

The Up-Standing Sitter Trailer (1948)

02 July 1948

Daffy is working as a baby-sitter for the Acme Baby Sitting Agency; while he's sitting on a chicken egg, it hatches.

Northwest Stampede Trailer (1948)

28 July 1948

Thunderhoof Trailer (1948)

08 July 1948

Two men, one woman and one horse get into trouble.

The Checkered Coat Trailer (1948)

16 July 1948

A psychiatrist tries to help a patient who loses consciousness after he kills someone. When the doctor provides the patient with a letter that explains his problem, he inadvertently implicates himself in the crimes.

The Shanghai Chest Trailer (1948)

11 July 1948

Charlie attempts to solve a triple murder in which a dead man's finger prints show up at all three murder sites.

Holidays with Pay Trailer (1948)

20 July 1948

The Rogers family head off by car to Blackpool where, after a musical interlude and fun on the prom, they have an adventure in a haunted house.

Der Herr vom andern Stern Trailer (1948)

13 July 1948

Butterscotch and Soda Trailer (1948)

06 July 1948

The housekeeper does her best to get nourishing food into Little Audrey, but the only thing Audrey wants is candy.

Camptown Races Trailer (1948)

29 July 1948

Join the Minstrel Show on the farm where animals show their talents. The audience asks for something from the seller.

The Wooden Indian Trailer (1948)

25 July 1948

A Terrytoons cartoon released 31 December 1948.

Le Diable boiteux Trailer (1948)

11 July 1948

Chicago, the Beautiful Trailer (1948)

31 July 1948

A visit to Chicago, featuring the city's architecture and well-known landmarks.

Blazing Across the Pecos Trailer (1948)

01 July 1948

This time the Durango Kid confronts an expert gambler.

Stroheim in Vienna Trailer (1948)

16 July 1948

Issue No. 162 (date: July 16, 1948) of the Austrian newsreel "Welt im Film" shows Erich von Stroheim's arrival in Vienna as part of the cast of Ernst Neubach's French feature film "Le signal rouge" (1949).

A Wolf in Sheik's Clothing Trailer (1948)

29 July 1948

Popeye and Olive are riding a camel in Arabia. They stop to fill the camel with water and freshen up a bit; Olive muses aloud that she'd like to kiss a sheik.

16 Fathoms Deep Trailer (1948)

25 July 1948

In this classic black-and-white actioner, Lon Chaney Jr. -- star of The Wolf Man and son of legendary master of disguise Lon Chaney -- plays a bitterly jealous sponge fisherman who tries to sabotage a fellow diver (Lloyd Bridges).

Wacky-Bye Baby Trailer (1948)

15 July 1948

After Woody is thrown out of a city park for being a vagrant, Woody deems himself "an outcast" and decides he needs to advance his living conditions.

Embraceable You Trailer (1948)

01 July 1948

A small-time hoodlum (Dane Clark) falls in love with a girl (Geraldine Brooks) he accidentally hits with his car.

The Calendar Trailer (1948)

05 July 1948

The favourite for the big race is nobbled and suspicion falls on the owner. His secret admirer proves it wasn't him.

Una aventura en la noche Trailer (1948)

09 July 1948

Film version of the 'hitchhiking ghost' urban legend.

1939 and All That! Trailer (1948)

01 July 1948

Amateur filmmaker, James Poppleton, delivers an account of WWII from the home front in Melbourne, Australia.

Grube Morgenrot Trailer (1948)

09 July 1948