Movie Trailers - April 1950

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Popular trailers for movies released in April 1950

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The Capture Trailer (1950)

08 April 1950

A badly injured fugitive explains to a priest how he came to be in his present predicament.

Scandal Trailer (1950)

30 April 1950

Akira Kurosawa directed this drama about a paparazzi photo that a tabloid magazine spins into a scandalous story and soon sparks a court case.

D.O.A. Trailer (1950)

30 April 1950

Frank Bigelow, told he's been poisoned and has only a few days to live, tries to find out who killed him and why.

Wagon Master Trailer (1950)

19 April 1950

Two young drifters guide a Mormon wagon train to the San Juan Valley and encounter cutthroats, Indians, geography, and moral challenges on the journey.

Night and the City Trailer (1950)

01 April 1950

A small-time grifter and nightclub tout takes advantage of some fortuitous circumstances and tries to become a big-time player as a wrestling promoter.

Trailer Horn Trailer (1950)

28 April 1950

Chip and Dale come across Donald's house trailer. They amuse themselves by jumping on his car horn, which wakes up Donald, who chases them off.

Kill The Umpire Trailer (1950)

27 April 1950

Ex-baseball player Bill Johnson (William Bendix'), failing at many jobs when his ball-playing days are over, reluctantly takes the advice of his father-in-law, Jonah Evans (Ray Collins), a retired umpire, and enters an umpire-training school.

Riding High Trailer (1950)

12 April 1950

A horse trainer who has fallen on hard times looks to his horse, Broadway Bill, to finally win the big race.

One Way Street Trailer (1950)

01 April 1950

After stealing a gangster's money and his girlfriend, a doctor heads for a small village in Mexico to hide out.

Three Feet in a Bed Trailer (1950)

19 April 1950

In spite of his failures as a peddler, Casimir guaranteed his fiance that this time the vacuum cleaners will work for good.

Beware of Blondie Trailer (1950)

13 April 1950

After 12 years and 28 films, Columbia's Blondie series came to a close with 1950's Beware of Blondie.

No Sad Songs for Me Trailer (1950)

27 April 1950

Mary Scott learns she only has ten months to live before dying of an incurable disease. She manages to keep the news from her husband, Brad and daughter, Polly.

Cargo to Capetown Trailer (1950)

01 April 1950

A sailor and his captain fight over a beautiful girl.

Guilty Bystander Trailer (1950)

21 April 1950

An drunken ex-cop gets a shot at redemption when his young son is kidnapped after a smuggling deal goes belly up.

Wonder Dog Trailer (1950)

07 April 1950

Pluto is infatuated by a pretty lady dog, but she sighs for Prince, a circus wonder dog she sees on a poster.

The Yellow Cab Man Trailer (1950)

07 April 1950

Pirdy is accident prone. He has been denied insurance from every company in town because he is always getting hit or hurt in some way.

Double Confession Trailer (1950)

01 April 1950

The hero discovers his estranged wife dead and tries to frame her lover for the murder. He becomes involved with the criminals who make various unsuccessful attempts on his life while the police clear up the mystery.

Black Jack Trailer (1950)

01 April 1950

A man who lost everything in the war now smuggles contraband into and out of Spain, but the law's closing in.

Nur eine Nacht Trailer (1950)

20 April 1950

Storm Over Wyoming Trailer (1950)

22 April 1950

Dave Saunders and his sidekick Chito, cowhands looking for work, arrive in Sundown Valley, Wyoming just in time to stop sheep ranch foreman Jess Rawlins from lynching cattleman Tug Caldwell.

The Hypo-Chondri-Cat Trailer (1950)

15 April 1950

Those crazy mice Hubie & Bertie are at it again with Claude. This time the mice see that Claude is seriously ill, so they give him an operation.

Jerry and the Lion Trailer (1950)

08 April 1950

Jerry agrees to help an escaped circus lion, whose first need is food. But first they'll have to evade Tom, who heard the news bulletin and is armed with a shotgun.

Preußische Liebesgeschichte Trailer (1950)

11 April 1950

Western Pacific Agent Trailer (1950)

10 April 1950

An agent searches for a psychopath guilty of robbery and murder, and falls in love with a murder victim's sister.

They Were Not Divided Trailer (1950)

24 April 1950

The film begins in a WW II training depot of a British Guards armoured regiment where recruits from many walks of life learn to survive the strict discipline and training together before going into battle in tanks.

The Golden Twenties Trailer (1950)

07 April 1950

Feature-length compilation of 1920s newsreel footage, with commentary about news, sports, lifestyles, and historical figures.

Six Gun Mesa Trailer (1950)

29 April 1950

To get the herd on Six Gun Mesa, Carson has the owner and hands killed. But one hand, Dave Emmett was in town instead of with the cattle.

Strife with Father Trailer (1950)

01 April 1950

Foundling Beaky Buzzard is adopted by a couple of polite, English sparrows, named Monte and Gwendlyn.

Das vierte Gebot Trailer (1950)

06 April 1950

The Arizona Cowboy Trailer (1950)

01 April 1950

A singing cowboy (Rex Allen) proves his father is not a thief.

Chance of a Lifetime Trailer (1950)

24 April 1950

The workers in a small plough factory take over the firm, but when a large order falls through, the old management come back to help out.

Devotion Trailer (1950)

01 April 1950

In Sardinia, at the beginning of the twentieth century, the once powerful aristocratic Decherchi family is going through difficult times and is threatened with eviction.

Der Seelenbräu Trailer (1950)

13 April 1950

The Crime of Oribe Trailer (1950)

12 April 1950

The story of two men and a mysterious family, who repeat the same day forever in order to save the life of one of its daughters.

Brave People Trailer (1950)

01 April 1950

A boy breeds horses on the plains between Belorussia and the Caucasus. When the German invasion comes he joins the partisans as a horseman.

Big House Bunny Trailer (1950)

23 April 1950

Bugs Bunny escapes hunters by leaping into his rabbit hole and tunneling to safety. Unhappily he tunnels into the Sing Song prison where a sadistic prison guard named Sam Schultz refuses to accept that he's anything but one of the prisoners.

Die Kreuzlschreiber Trailer (1950)

06 April 1950

Marudhanaattu Ilavarasi Trailer (1950)

02 April 1950

What the movie has in store for you, wait and watch this space for more updates.

Miquette et sa mère Trailer (1950)

14 April 1950

A provincial ingenue leaves her mother’s tobacco shop with dreams of a life in the Parisian theater, only to become entangled in relationships with a lecherous aristocrat, his starry-eyed nephew, and an old ham actor.

Outcasts of Black Mesa Trailer (1950)

12 April 1950

Our Hero is accused of a crime he didn't commit. Once again, he breaks jail to find the real culprits.

Julie de Carneilhan Trailer (1950)

21 April 1950

A penniless aristocrat is fooled by her ex-husband, a crook.

48 Hours Trailer (1950)

06 April 1950

A man who has 48 hours to find the men who wronged him, before a bullet in his chest reaches his heart.

The Big Lift Trailer (1950)

26 April 1950

The Berlin Air Lift from the point of view of two NCOs.

So You Think You're Not Guilty Trailer (1950)

15 April 1950

Joe McDoakes (George O'Hanlon) pleads "not guilty" to a traffic violation but is convicted anyway. Handling this setback in his usual manner, the two-dollar fine quickly pyramids to a 10-year jail sentence.

Gabriela Trailer (1950)

05 April 1950

The Yellow Stork Trailer (1950)

08 April 1950

The film is based on an ancient Chinese fairy tale about the simple people of China who despite of hm

Marshal of Heldorado Trailer (1950)

20 April 1950

Shamrock and Lucky team up to drive the Tulliver Brothers out of Heldorado.

Export in Blond Trailer (1950)

09 April 1950

The Beauty Shop Trailer (1950)

27 April 1950

An old buzzard who has aspirations of having a chicken-dinner converts his trailer into a beauty shop in order to lure the hens from the barnyard hen-house.

La Belle que Voilà Trailer (1950)

21 April 1950

Jiggs and Maggie Out West Trailer (1950)

22 April 1950

Monogram's Bringing Up Father series, based on the popular comic strip by George McManus, hit a high point of sorts with 1950's Jiggs and Maggie Out West.

Cuatro contra el mundo Trailer (1950)

06 April 1950

This dazed Mexican-melodrama-cum-boozer-heist-noir cuts a dark swath over a border nominally dominated by the hardboiled likes of Chandler and Hammett.

Den opvakte jomfru Trailer (1950)

15 April 1950

It's Forever Springtime Trailer (1950)

01 April 1950

The second of Castellani's trilogy dealing with the less-than-smooth course of young love in postwar Italy (it was filmed just after Sotto il sole di Roma and just before Two Cents Worth of Hope).

Otra primavera Trailer (1950)

27 April 1950

His wife dies and now he's free to marry his mistress and adopt their children officially. How will this play out?

Strandhugg Trailer (1950)

01 April 1950

A documentary about the fishing industry on the west coast of Sweden.

Amor salvaje Trailer (1950)

05 April 1950

Alma leaves Panama to go live with her aunt Antonia and with Manuel, her husband. There she meets Julio, who tries to woo her.

Shaavukaru Trailer (1950)

06 April 1950

Film starring Showkar Janaki and Govindrajulu Subba Rao

Katka Trailer (1950)

21 April 1950

Strong-willed peasant girl Katka disobeys her father and heads to the city to work in a factory, where no one knows quite what to make of her.

Win, Place and Showboat Trailer (1950)

27 April 1950

Featuring some entertainment on a showboat and a huge elephant that causes the ship to list. And, of course, a singalong with the Robert E.